Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Year in Review, Pt. I

'Tis the week of goals here at ol' PWS! I put off doing my year in review nonsense fabulousness and next year's goals until I could combine them with January's monthly goals. That way they're all together and my organizationally obsessed mind will be super happy.

So brace yourselves. Four whole posts on nothing but recaps and ever-elusive goals. Let the madness begin.

there's always madness when this mule face shows up.

The year started off with Bobby doping around not doing much more than general fitness stuff as he started back into full work after several months of doing nothing thanks to his barefoot transition. I had the chiro out mid-January to do an adjustment on him and to work on any issues that might have come up while he adjusted to having new feet, and the new body that went with them.

By the time February rolled around, Bobby and I were not jiving. He was having serious attitude problems, and for most of the month I only did ground work with him. I set the standard that if he didn't get his shit together, and our show season didn't go like I wanted it to because he was once again throwing random, unnecessary tantrums, this year was going to be the last I tried to make our relationship work. He was going to be sold otherwise.

However, all the ground work did seem to help, and by March I was back to riding him regularly. I was able to participate in a jumping clinic with Samantha St Jacques. Nothing earth shattering happened, but overall it was a really great reminder of the basics, and of things I knew, but needed to be told again.

SSJ clinic

In April, with a dressage show first up on the horizon, we mostly worked on the flat. At the back of my mind though was this constant anxiety that the show schedule I had so thoroughly thought out for the season was too much pressure. So I scratched it in favor of picking shows month by month and only doing what I thought sounded fun. Bobby had a Lyme flare up at the end of the month, and he got a week off right before our first two shows of the season.

Our barn show was the first of four shows in May. We just competed in the gaming events and a trail class because the very next day we were going to our first dressage show of the year. The dressage show was the definition of a cluster fuck thanks to a complete lack of organization. It was our debut at First Level and Bobby got two 60%s and a 63% under a judge that literally was not even watching us for some of the tests. We ended up with two seconds and a first for Champion.

WRC dressage

At the end of the month we made our yearly eventing debut at Burgundy Hollow. Bobby had another week or so off thanks to an abscess, but in true Bobby form it didn't hamper us much. His dressage was so-so, scoring a 33 and putting us in second. He was his typical nut job self in stadium, and we picked up four faults when I circled him too close to a jump because I had no control. Out on cross country, he turned on the auto pilot and coasted around with zero issues until the very last fence on course--the second half of a combination that I didn't bother, you know, steering to and he calmly ran out. We ended up in fifth.

Three days later I learned of a gaming show an hour away and decided I really wanted to do it. Being spring, Hubby wouldn't be able to get off work to go with me, so I made my very first solo trailering trip and managed not to kill anyone. Yay, I'm a grown up! Despite his first time running the pattern, Bobby got a sixth in poles to start the evening. He followed that up with a fourth in keyhole and a sixth in barrels against some legit western ponies.

being pros at plantation

We kept the show train rolling into June and headed down to Plantation. Bobby picked up our lowest dressage score to date of 22.6. We had one of our most controlled, rideable stadium rounds ever, but still knocked a single rail--which wasn't bad since almost every other horse was pulling rails, too. The cross country looked terrifying, but Bobby cruised around without issue until he took random offense to a jump into the water and picked up two stops. Naughty pony. That pushed us out of second place into well out of the ribbons. But it didn't matter because afterwards we got to hang out with Alli and Niamh!

blogger meet up!

The next weekend we went to another last minute gaming show where we did the usual three events and added on handy horse. Bobby only picked up a sixth for handy horse, but he still ran his fastest keyhole to date. He was done with life by the time the packed show got around to barrels, and I was done with everything when we had to wait around for two more hours trying to get a horse onto the trailer.

western ponies also have to do ponying duty

The last show of the month was another dressage show. We were running super late due to road construction and traffic, and I had approximately ten minutes to tack up and warm up--which was made even better when there wasn't actually anywhere to warm up. Bobby was pretty much a mess for all the three tests, especially since we ended up doing all of them back to back, but his first, second, and third places earned us Reserve Champion, and his 66% for 1-2 was High Point for the show. Unfortunately Bobby also came home covered in bug bites that he had a massive allergic reaction to that earned him a vet visit, Dex, and several days off.

We were ready for a serious break from the non-stop showing at that point!


  1. Sounds like an amazing year! Excited to read part 2.

  2. You guys are pretty darn versatile! Looking forward to pt. 2 :)

  3. I wish I had the energy to do a recap like this one. Totally missed the plantation jump pic somehow!

  4. awesome recap! you guys had such a busy year - looking forward to seeing the rest :)

  5. I had no idea you weren't meshing with Bobby! I'll have to go back and read from February - I think I started reading your blog this Summer!


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