Monday, May 5, 2014

HHF Barn Show

I think it goes without saying that it was overly ambitious of me to think that I was going to be able to put out show posts the day of the show this past weekend. I was so spent by the time I got home each day, all I wanted to do was stuff my face with food and Advil and lay on the couch.

So I did.

On Saturday was my barn's fun show. There were ribbons, and little trophies for division champs, and it was judged my a real outside judge, but it was mostly just about getting out and making a fool of yourself with your fellow barnmates. I think everyone accomplished that. It was mayhem all day, but fun mayhem.

I got to the barn about an hour before the first division went off to find Bobby flat out in his stall snoring away. Nevermind the masses of ponies coming in and out, the horses in the crossties, and the people banging around all over the place. Bobby needed his morning nap. I watered and hayed for BM while I waited for him to wake up, scratched out of the jumping classes, and got my number.

BO's dog and bobby had the same game plan for the day.

Once Bobby was looking bright eyed, I tacked him up and took him down to the indoor to get him moving around and to see how he was feeling. Well. He was feeling quite naughty. We were in there by ourselves at first, and then joined by one other horse, and he was a nutter. I had literally no steering and no brakes. There weren't even any barrels set up down there! He had his rodeo outfit on and was ready to start his own rodeo.

Needless to say, he lost his snaffle privileges. I put him back in his stall to wait for the gaming to start and went up to do ribbon duty.

bathroom break!

After the advanced flat classes, we took a bathroom/food/jump set up break. S and I ran into town to get pizza, and by the time we got back, they had just started the jumping classes. We were supposed to do the gaming division right after the jumping, so I got Bobby tacked back up and headed up to the outdoor to wait.

With a schedule change to do more equitation classes, we waited for a long time. I hate just sitting on my horse doing nothing, so I pulled his bridle and gave him some alfalfa to snack on while we waited for our turn.

just chilling. 

We finally got to go in and warm up again quickly while the jumps were removed and the barrels set up. I grabbed T to video our runs and BO volunteered us to go first.

The first barrel is what usually happens to Bobby on the last barrel--he has to wait a beat for his back half to catch up with his front half and he stalls out for a moment. I love it. I think it's hilarious and sums up his giant, uncoordinated moose body perfectly. It wasn't our best run, but let's face it. Bobby is never going to be a champion barrel horse. He has fun, I have fun, neither of us cares how ridiculous we look.

We did keyhole next which is where you're supposed to run down through a set of cones or flags, turn around, and run back. BO was being cruel and set up a box for us to run into instead, and if we stepped out of the box we got eliminated. That was nearly our undoing because Bobby has no problems jumping poles (and has often eyed the fence like he wouldn't mind taking a stab at jumping that as well, which is extremely disconcerting), and he does have a problem stopping.

We made it, but barely!

We did the magazine race next. You get a number, run down, dismount, tear out the page you were assigned, get back on, and run back. I didn't think to take my gloves off so I could barely turn the pages, then Bobby was being a little wild to get back on. We had a helper down there to hold horses, and he was doing a good job, but climbing onto your 17hh dancing horse in a western saddle while wearing skinny jeans is no easy trick. No video of that as T got on her mare to do the trail/obstacle class right after us.

I ended up adding the obstacle class last minute just because it looked fun and chill. We opened and closed the gate to let ourselves in, trotted down to the bridge to cross that, put a flag in one can to another, walked through a zig zag and backed up through it (the backing was tricky), down to the mailbox that we had to open and close, through a very narrow chute of flower boxes (that Bobby took a peak at, but walked through when I gave him a squeeze), and down into a box where we did a turn on the forehand and walked back out.

I don't know how we did in the trail class, but we got a second in barrels and keyhole and a fourth in the magazine race (out of...four?). I only got two ribbons back because I was trying to get out of there to let my poor puppies out of the house, but I'll take any satin I can get!

Overall a really fun time. Not conducive to preparing for a dressage show the next day, but when you have a pro pony like Bobby Magee, it ain't no thang.


  1. Awesome! I love watching gaming shows. Good luck with the dressage tomorrow :)

  2. Bobby is adorable in his western get up!

  3. So fun you get to play speed games at your farm show!

  4. looks like a blast, i miss that stuff!!!

  5. Bobby is so versatile. Seriously come to California and do shenanigans with my dinosaur.

  6. Oh, Bobby! You're kind of my hero... :)

  7. Love that Bobby is up for all things!! :)

  8. Bahahaha. Cracking up at that stall out at the barrel!

  9. What a super fun play day and you got ribbons to boot! LOVE the barrels vid. BTW it looks like that port-a-potty is on a cliff?!

  10. That turn in the keyhole was just epic!!


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