Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vet Visit

AKA, "Ew, you're lumpy!"

Bobby had Sunday off after our show, and I had every intention of giving him Monday off as well. I wasn't even planning on going out until today, but apparently Bobby was feeling neglected and came in Monday morning looking a hot mess.

BM saw his front legs before noticing anything else and immediately checked him out when he got into his stall. She thought he'd bowed on both legs before she noticed the lumps on his chest...and then she also saw weeping lumpy wounds on his left shoulder. Um, ew. She tried like crazy to get hold of me, but the allergy medicine I'm on has made me a literal zombie. Combine the construction going on right in front of my house with serious sleepy meds and I heard nothing from my phone until three in the afternoon.

I went out to the barn right away and saw this:



from behind

super swollen, hot, and weeping pus

I didn't get any pictures of his chest, but that was covered in lumps as well. I'm not one to call the vet over every little thing, but this was nasty and my vet was able to head right over.

She agreed with BO and I that it didn't look like hives but instead bug bites. Having a ridiculously swollen and painful arm myself from a bite, I was definitely feeling for the dude. Vet gave him IV Dex and left me with more for the week. She said if any of the other lumps start erupting (gross) then he's going to have to go on antibiotics, too.

This morning he looked maybe a little less swollen in his legs, but his chest was the same and his shoulder had opened up and drained more. Which I guess is good that the fluid is leaving, but it still looks pretty nasty.

legs today

shoulder today after getting cleaned.

I did notice a couple of really tiny spots on his legs that were leaking fluid, but I'm going to hold off to see what they do until tomorrow. He's still got two days of Dex to go through, and I'm hoping tonight and tomorrow morning's doses will take care of this.

In the meantime, since he was pissed he had to stay in last night per the vet, I covered his lumpies in hot pink SWAT and took him for a walk and graze.

We're going to try putting him out tonight since it's supposed to be pretty cool out. Hopefully he evens out soon. I wouldn't want to be covered in that nastiness.


  1. Ew :( That doesn't look like any fun. I hope it all calms down soon!

  2. Wow that is a crazy reaction! Poor Bobby.

  3. Oh, Bobby!! You poor dude! I'm feeling for ya, too. Ticks do that to me...

  4. Red came in covered in lumps too the other day, but his were on his shoulders and chest. Something out there is eating our poor ponies!

  5. Aye poor Bobby!! Hope he feels better stat!

  6. Whoa! That looks crazy! Hope that clears up soon!

  7. Poor guy :( Hope he's on the mend soon!

  8. Poor Bobby!! Those look nasty :/

  9. Poor kiddo. Hopefully those clear up soon.

  10. Yik, those do not look fun. Poor guy.

  11. Sad! Poor dude! I hope he gets better soon.

  12. Poor Bubs! OUCH--bugs are the worst for the tenderonie ponyfaces

  13. I have a horse that is bred similarly to Bobby (I emailed you once about this, actually!). Mine is super prone to lumps and bumps from bug bites and such. This morning, I arrived to find his eyelid massively swollen. Some banamine and a vet visit later, and he seems okay now. Vet thinks it was a bug bite near his eye. Also, massive hives covering his entire rump! Good luck with Lumpy Bobby!


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