Friday, December 12, 2014

Pony Express Blog Hop: Christmas List

Two blog hops in one week? Yes, please. This is a super fun one from Alanna about what our Christmas list is this year.

I actually have a really small, totally doable pony wish list this year, and I was feeling totally confident I was going to get all of it.

First up is a cheap pair of brushing boots. They had to be cheap because I pretty much never, ever jump in boots. I know that makes all of you gasp and cover your face in horror, especially since I have an event horse, but I'm just not down. However, what I am down with is matching fucking outfits and the boots were an integral part...because what else am I supposed to wrap my Baltimore Ravens duct tape around? Am I right, Emma? Back me up here.

I actually got a full set in the mail today from my Mutti, so yay! One item checked off!

I also one hundred percent need new tall boots to show in next year. I finally retired my old show boots to jump school-only boots, and they're feeling the extra work. They can never show their faces again at fancy schmancy shows. Mutti agreed to get these for me for Christmas as well because she is the best Mutti ever. I have realistic price point expectations for my Christmas list, so these were cheap. No bigs because that doesn't bother me in the slightest.

However, these things suck. At least for me. The foot bed is too narrow and small, the length of the boot is too short, and the calf is too wide and lumpy looking. So they're getting returned and I'm just going to order a pair of what I had before--even cheaper boots! Don't judge. Po' people need tall boots, too.

Of course to go with the matching outfit look for next season, I'm going to need a custom saddle pad. I love showing off my OTTB pride with my current cross country pad, but the billet straps were way too short to reach my billets so I cut them off and now it slides back. Plus I'm going for a more pulled together color scheme. I've already got my black vest and breeches, purple medical arm band, and white (or purple if it's cold) show shirt. This pad is going to be white with black trim and purple piping. I really fucking love purple, okay?

And finally a new show coat because my dressage coat is a touch too long and a touch ugly. I'm also going to be doing a few hunter and/or jumper shows next year, so this bad boy will be multi-purpose for any discipline crossing over.

With Mutti being two of the items on the list, I was thinking I'd easily be able to buy the other two with Christmas money. But sadly real life bills don't take a time out for Christmas and I'll have to shelf my grabby hands until I have money for them later.


  1. I hope you can get your grabby hands on that coat soon!

  2. I have a custom baby pad and matching bonnet, black trim with purple piping. Great minds think alike. And I just sold that exact coat!

  3. purple all of the things!!! isabel's owner just thinks it's just a nice color, but we know better: gotta rep those ravens!! :) (and now i may or may not need to go find some ravens duct tape lol)

  4. You are gonna LOVE that SP technical coat! I'm still in love with it, even though my linebacker shoulders don't fit :( But it's a really nice, fancy-looking coat at a great price! And the French blue is a beautiful color

  5. I hope you're able to finish off your list early in the new year!

  6. Tall boots are such a pain! Thanks for joining in on the blog hop. :)

  7. I second that, wanting some Woof's something serious.

  8. You'll be getting a pair of gloves for Christmas too. The ones SSG sent haven't showed up and so I'm just going to order them myself for the winners. Sorry about that. I really like the show coat!

  9. Real life bills can shove off.

    Or you know, we can just have no $$ pony fun as per usual. Sigh. This year.

  10. I've never paid more than $95 for tall boots, so I'm with you! Also that jacket looks awesome. I still ride in and old wool dry-clean-only thing that seems to not be stylish for any discipline...


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