Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Year in Review, Pt. II

Round two of the 2014 year wrap up. This is the first year blogging that I had to split the year into two parts. We kind of did a lot shows. We kind of are awesome. (Syntax? What's that?)

July was our scheduled break month, but I still planned on going to the local rodeo for their fun night with the barn. The rodeo grounds are maybe three miles from the barn, so this was about as low stress a "show" as it gets. We worked most of the month on barrels and some keyhole, and despite torrential rain the whole morning leading up to the show, the footing was perfect by the time we went in. Bobby ran his fastest keyhole time ever and just missed the top six out of masses of people. He was his typical lopey, dopey self going in for barrels though, and sine I'd taken my spurs off we weren't competitive in the slightest. I finished off the month by going on vacation with the in-laws which is never a good time. When I came back, Bobby was lame.

hanging out at the gate waiting to go in for keyhole

The start of August had me dealing with Bobby's stifle wanting to lock up. A lot of walking trail rides and walking rides period kept him limber enough, but I finally hauled him up to the chiro for a serious fix. We determined that all the barrel work and a possible pasture incident combined for one very, very roughed up hind end. Fortunately she was able to get him all sorted out and we were back in business for the next show. We also celebrated one whole year of Bobby being barefoot!

At the end of the month we went down to Delaware for the DVCTA HT. The terrain for dressage warm up was a little ridiculous and we had to deal with slippery early morning grass, but Bobby still put in a respectable dressage test. Then we ran into my nemesis: mother fucking stadium. I bombed it, and decided to retire after crashing into the fourth fence. We still ran cross country though, and finally put in a clear, easy round.

slip sliding away

Two weeks later we were back in Williamsport for the first show of September and our third dressage show of the year. Bobby was perhaps not on his best behavior, and pretty much refused to leg yield, but we still managed to win the first two tests and place second in the third which got us another Champion for First Level. Yay for local schooling shows? Yes, yay. I love ribbons.

The last show of the year was back at Burgundy Hollow. Bobby was a hot mess for dressage. With cross country running literally right beside the dressage rings, he had zero attention span for the flat work. We scored our third worst score ever at 37.4 and started the day off down in fifth place. Stadium was my patented cluster fuck, but Bobby doesn't like touching poles no matter how much he's hopping around in place and we were clear. Cross country was a breeze, and we finished the day by moving all the way up to second.

clearing the horse-eating hay

Want to check out the full list of this year's show achievements in one consolidated post? Then click here.

October was our designated vacation month where Bobby still actually got ridden. We did tons of walking and trotting around our cross country field's hills to keep Bobby's hind end engaged, but no real work happened. 
November somehow turned into jump month, and we spent most of our rides doing crazy jumper courses at low height, and normal courses with some bigger heights. It was good for the jumping, but not so good for the dressaging.

So in December I kick started the dressage work in earnest, and Bobby decided that a low, loose neck was something he could offer for the first time in his life. Aside from that, we dealt with the usual end of year dressage one day, jump the next, be bored all the time.

all the ribbons

So overall a waaaaaay better year than last year. Having a sound horse was obviously key, but letting go of the pressure of moving up to Training on such a structured schedule was also a big help. One of these days years I'll get out of my head and ride a respectable stadium round. Then we'll be able to do really fun things. 


  1. go bobbaaaaay go. Maybe jumper shows next year to cure the stadium-itis?

  2. You guys had a great year! Love the ribbon shot. I'm determined to run at at least 1 HT with you guys next year!

  3. Ooh pretty ribbons! I loved reading about your rodeo-ing adventures especially :)

  4. Where was I for all of these shows??

  5. woo hoo - that ribbon pic is epic!! and i agree with $900FBP: start going to jumpers shows!! ;) in any case, awesome year!

  6. Y'all have had an awesome year! Yay sound horses and shows and ribbons!

  7. That last photo pretty much sums it up... #bosslife... congrats on the amazing year!

  8. He looks great in his ribbon necklace! Can't wait to hear about 2015

  9. Ya'll are legends - that is all *clap*


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