Friday, November 30, 2012

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful.

we're covergirls!
(new sweater convienently matches old pad.)
One more step crossed off to making Bobby rejoin the equine species: I pulled his mane and trimmed his bridle path. He's still a hairy yak, but I have to find my clippers in Hubby's man cave so I can figure out what blades I need to buy for them. Hopefully that will get done this weekend because it's supposed to warm up in the next few days and I can wrap myself in the shaggy beast's coat right now.

Robert had the cutest spook today. We were walking down to the indoor and he saw a giant snow ball in the driveway. He was all "SNOOOORRRRTTTTT SNOWBALLOFDEATH SNOOORRRTTTT PRANCEPRANCEPRANCE".

snow ball spotted.
face off.
"why are you laughing. it could have eaten me!"
Aw, giant muley. You're so cute.

You may have noticed lack of dressage tack. Yay! I love me a good dressage ride, but my number one goal for this year is to make sure Bobby does not get mentally burnt out. Stellar dressage ride one day? Fab. Move on to something else the next day. So I threw on his jump tack, including trying a new rein set up after reading SB's bit post.

I am not at all opposed to a single rein on an elevator bit. I don't think it makes you Satan. I especially don't mind with my bit since it's only a two ring. But I'm down with trying new things, I have no issues riding with two reins, and it looks fancy. I loved it. Bobby seemed indifferent, but I like having my hands full. It keeps my fingers closed, and I'm far less prone to being overly busy with my fingers.

I set up a couple of jumps:

9' poles on either side of X, 2'3 oxer.
He's a tubbers and I don't really like jumping in the indoor, but I know how much he likes jumping (now) and these were hardly taxing efforts. After reading the Sinead Halpin clinic report on EN about taking a hold of your horse's mouth while jumping, I really made an effort to do so. I'm too handsy on the flat, and not handsy enough jumping. Fail. As always.

Bobby was a monster--in a Lady Gaga Little Monsters way, that is. He was all, "Bitch, I'm a dressage horse. Take ahold of my mouth and I'm going to go fucking fancy pants of your ass." (I'm not sure where Bobby picked up such foul, snotty language. Punk.) He was packaged, he was forward, and he was listening.

We went over the X three times each way. He wasn't very impressed. He basically just put in three big canter strides. Much better than last winter where a teeny tiny vertical was cause for a panic attack:

"i cannot jump this giant jump!"
Then we came around to the oxer. Oh my gosh, so fabulous. Easy, easy, easy. We did it four times and nailed a beautiful distance each time without snatching or rushing before or after the jump. It was only a twenty minute ride, but it was so killer. I think he appreciated the change up and all the praise he was getting for being such a good pony.

And he even managed to show the snow ball who was boss when we were done.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Things to work on.

Bobby's last show was October 28th, exactly one month ago. In that time, he's had one fifteen minute walk-only ride, a twenty minute w/t ride, and a twenty five minute w/t ride with two canter circles. The last time he was ridden was ten days ago. For a seven year old OTTB, I could have reasonably expected a nutcase when I went to the barn today. Instead:

There is nothing Bobby does better than nap. He didn't even mind my dogs sniffing around him, or me scritching him. The only thing that could get him up was a peppermint wrapper. The only thing better than napping? Food.

So now that vacation time is officially over, here's what I'm starting with:

where is your butt, bobby??
Today was a twenty five minute ride. We had a really nice walk warm up, working on stretching down and then collecting back up, keeping a strong forward pace the whole time. We moved on to the trot where I got so excited about Bobby's insta-response to bending left at the trot that I could have bounced up and down. Yayyyy!!! I've literally never been able to just ask for an inside bend to the left and get it, no questions asked. Yayayayay!

Ok, end silly horse girl glee.

After working through several trot/walk transistions focusing on not letting him die as soon as I asked for the walk, we picked up the sitting trot to work on that elusive uphill frame. ZOMG, he did that without question, too! I only asked him to hold it for two and a half laps each way, but it was fabulous. I would have been proud to prance into a dressage ring with that.

I let him have a stretch around the arena both ways, and then asked for the same thing at the posting trot. Not surprisingly, he wasn't as good as I'm not as effective when posting. Hrm. That's fine. We tried for a leg yield at the trot and he gave it to me the first time right away. I was like, "Wow! Somehow you magically learned to do those!" And then I asked again and he wouldn't even give me a step. Phew. Back to normal. Bobby's trot leg yields range between possibly passable and completely nonexistent.

watching the dogs rumble.

So, things to work on:
  • Leg yields at the trot, which are required in First 2.
  • Keeping the forward momentum in downward transistions.
  • Overall strength to keep a more advanced frame longer.
  • Half halts from a posting trot so that I don't have to fall on sitting trot....
  • ...But I might as well work on the sitting trot, too, since my abs could use the work!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Home from the holiday.

Ah, yes. Nothing like returning home to three inches of snow and finding out that your heating unit has shit the bed. With my "vacation" history, I'm really not sure how people keep tricking me into leaving the house for more than a few hours. One of these days we're going to come back and find the whole house in flames and my only response will be, "I told you so."

Hubby and I left for my mom's house Wednesday morning. This trip started out with a miracle: Hubby had packed his bag the night before instead of as I was sitting in the car honking.

stripey kitten helped me pack.
I ambitiously stupidly took the first shift, driving us four hours out of Pennsylvania. You'd think a major road like I-80 would be an easy peasy cruise, right? Well, I'm pretty sure 80 is the only interstate in the country that has ninety degree turns around the tops of hills (I know better than to call them mountains, west coasters!) with no signs of warning. Something like, "Slow down--your dumb ass is about to go careening off a guard rail-free cliff side" would have been helpful. Just throwing that out there, PA.

Hubby jetted across Ohio in well under the four hours it usually takes me by doing an admirable ninety miles an hour the entire way. I'm pretty sure the front tires of my poor Saturn weren't on the road most of the time. Loaded with duffel bags, dog food, people food, books, and various other random shit I feel the need to bring with me (overpacking doesn't even begin to describe it), I think there was more weight in the trunk of the car than ever before. The Saturn was like one of those poor donkeys you see in some third world country that are so loaded down, they're hanging from their carts.

Indiana and the short jag of Illinois before we got home were uneventful and we pulled into my mom's driveway to loose the puppies upon her. My mom has two dogs as well--a black German Shepherd/Lab mix and a yellow Border Collie/Lab mix whose body parts don't match each other.

gary (named after the snail in sponge bob) and thor.
My mom had promised us Red Lobster for dinner that night as it was right next to our hotel, so we reloaded our dogs and headed over. After a relatively awkward dinner in which the waiter seemed to think that my mom and I were the only people on the planet that ate crab legs and thought we might like crab for desert as well (??), and a lack of.... lobster of all things for Hubby, we checked into our room and prepared to pass out.

Now, I feel as though I can safely say that every one of you readers lives with or has lived with a male at some point. Right? Whether it's a brother, father, boyfriend, or husband, there has been a male presence in your bathroom. How many of you know where this is leading?

I jumped into bed and snuggled in with my puppies as Hubby shut the door to the way-too-close bathroom. I was kind of sort of watching t.v. when I heard the most incredible noise from the bathroom. It was a like a dying trumpet. A jet engine taking off. The exhaust on a souped-up diesel truck. Perhaps a small atomic bomb had just exploded.

I don't know how security wasn't called.

I'm pretty sure this fart had made Hubby levitate off the toilet. I have never heard such a thing in my life. There was a brief pause before I tentatively called, "Are you okay?" There was an affirmative and he emerged shortly after, completely blase. I made sure to keep a pillow between us for the night. That sound was not human.

 Thanksgiving morning, Hubby and I took Emily, Darcy, and Thor for a two mile loop at the Kane County Forest Preserve. (Gary is afraid of life and wasn't invited.) Thor was totally gung-ho for the first half mile, pulling my arm out to pee on every blade of prairie grass and completely ignoring my "HEEL!" command. Ninety seven pounds of fat, naughty dog is not a fun walk and we finely had to have a reminder session on why he can do as he pleases with my mom and brother, but I trained his beastly ass and he damn well better remember every single command I ever muttered to him. He was quite pleasant after that tune up.

By the first mile, he was starting to care less about peeing on things and care more about where the road back to the car was. By a mile and a half, his leash was dragging on the ground as he plodded along beside me. By the second mile, he was weaving around like a drunkard. We let him have a little break while Darcy and Emily, who weren't even panting, ran around off leash for awhile. I hate people who don't exercise their animals. Why do you have a large, active breed dog when you don't want to do anything with him? He's not a piece of furniture!

another of my mom's obese animals: bear, a brother
to my cat, oscar. bear weighs 22lbs. oscar weighs 10.
Ok, end animal obesity rant. Yuck.

Friday, Hubby and I joined my mom for some shopping. Here's something you need to understand about my mother: she's an upper-middle class single mom who has an amazing job that brings home an amazing pay check and she has no one to spend it on the majority of the time but herself and my 20yo brother who still lives at home. She's also the type of person that feels important/wanted when she's able to buy people things. I've certainly "taken advantage" of this in the past as she's lent me some serious money before, but I've been living on my own since I was 18 and I try to maintain some semblance of responsible, independent adult at all times.

So when she emailed me to ask what I wanted for Christmas (I get a $200 allowance from both her and my dad every Christmas--helmet cam from my dad this year!), I told her it was a toss up between real people clothes (as opposed to holey t-shirts that double as barn clothes and mingling with civilization clothes) and Bobby's ulcer meds. I had penciled in Bobby's meds for the end of December, but that would be $175 less I would have to pay myself. And who really needs real clothes anyway? She replied that we'd do some clothes shopping anyway while I was home, and wrote out a check for the meds. Merry Christmas!

Um, no. The crazy woman is also buying me a Kindle. I have no desire for a Kindle. I love me a good old fashioned paperback that I can abuse. Where she got the idea, I have no clue. She wouldn't listen to me saying that I don't want/need/desire the thing either. "You'll love it! I love my Kindle!" Does that give you some perspective on the type of person she is?

Because most people would be blown away when Hubby jokingly picked up a long sought-after $300 chainsaw at Blaine's Farm and Fleet and thirty minutes we walked out of the store with it for Hubby's Christmas present.

bling's favorite holiday is christmas.

We attempted clothes shopping next. First was JCP where I frowned upon the neon colored skinny jeans and oddly shaped sweaters. I complained that I couldn't wear any of the shirts there because the straps of my sports bra would show. My mom gave a sideways look and suggested that, since I'm 25, perhaps I'd like to invest in a couple of real bras? Psh. What a silly idea. Especially when she asked me what size we were looking for and I was like, "..........." You know, sports bra size!

Perhaps I am not the hippest person on the planet.

We tried Kohl's next where I zeroed in on a replacement pair of moccasins for my "one last gasp from death" pair. See? We're clothes shopping! My mom made me pick up a bunch of shirts that I dragged into the fitting room and returned every single one.

Here's why, aside from the basic neccissites of underwear, socks, and the occasional "strap your boobs flat against your chest with an elastic band" type bra, I never buy clothes. I have a massive ass, birthing woman hips, porn star boobs, and Olympic swimmer shoulders that somehow have to work with a Victorian lady's waist. Clothes do no fit me. I sympathy cry with the women on What Not to Wear. You're damn right that shirt doesn't fit you, lady! When you're shaped like part gazelle, part hippo, nothing fits you!

I did manage to snag two new pairs of jeans that will undoubtably be washed thirty shades lighter by spring and permanately smell of horse within a month, a nondescript brown sweater, and a purple fleece. Not what I would call success and I was feeling pretty depressed about the state of clothes. And can I just say that if teenagers actually wear the shit that was on sale, they're all little whores? Whores!

 Saturday, Hubby and I spent the day in the Field Museum--my favorite. I had a minor melt down when I felt as if we were lost in the Hall of Birds and I'd never see natural light again, but we miraculously segwayed into Africa and navigated out of a slave ship and back into the main hall.

here's how i feel about getting my picture taken.
We studied Bobby's long ago relative, the apatosaurus. We went through the Extreme Mammals exhibit and Hubby and I both had little-girl squeals when we found out that dire wolves had been real. (!!!) Then we had a little-girl giggle about the statue holding his giant penis in Egypt:

hee hee hee.

Finally, on Sunday, we spent an hour in a half priced bookstore where I restocked my tape collection (Saturns don't even give a fuck about twentyth century technology) with such classics as Elvis Christmas, The Sound of Music soundtrack, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. My taste in music is about as superb as my taste in clothes.

We then attempted one last attack on "Clothe Carly" by invading Old Navy. Do you know what Old Navy has? A women's tall line! For tall, funnily-shaped people! Which means that now I have fancy clothes that people won't mind being seen with me in. Victory is mine. Take that 6'6" tall and abnormaly thin Dad and 5'11" tall and square-shaped Mom. Your genetics can be defeated by a mint green sweater.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Poor Robert.

I got a text from Sarah about Robert:

Your horse is snoring louder than I've ever heard anything snore. Thought you might be proud! It sounds like a bear dying -- I checked to make sure his lungs weren't falling out or something.

Who knew vacation could be so rough?

2yo. Bobby.
Napping King from birth.
Also, for those of you looking to do your own end of the year Photo Book, I got a $10 off code for sharing it on the blog. I figured I'd post the code on here and let first come first serve take it.

$10 off your next purchase at Shutterfly, good until 12/31:

They're $29.99 originally, and they're so worth it. I want to see the finished project if you guys decide to make one!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Outside Riding.

Yesterday was Robert's last ride before Hubby and I take off on our ten hour road trip to Suburbia, IL (Naperville, for you midwesterners that are curious). Hubby's family invited themselves out for their own Thanksgiving Saturday since I was taking their precious child away from them for the first holiday ever. Boo-frickin-hoo is all I have to say about that. For those of you that like your in-laws, three cheers for you. You can have mine, too.

So Pony Face. We went up to the outdoor since it was fifty-ish outside and sunny, and how long is that going to last? We warmed up with plenty of walk, and then moved on to the trot. We started with a lot of this:

Because Bobby's focus and level of cooperation for dressage is about negative zero in the outdoor. Eventually we worked our way into this:

 After a lot of over-bending at the walk--my best friend in getting Bobby's crooked head out of the clouds.

I tried to work on a more uphill carriage, but Bobby said, "The out of doors is for running and jumping, not dressaging." A.K.A. "Fuck you." Every now and then we got some fancy "indoor moments":

But we finished the trot with a soft, quiet albeit more working hunter looking trot:

nagging with my leg. nag, nag, nag.
must stop that. again.

I finished with a canter circle to the left to see if he would change behind since he's always worse outside. Nope! Nothing! Picked up the canter to the right to check as well, went to turn between the oxer and a pole on the ground (the route for a circle we'd done multiple times already). He saw that pole as we turned in and BAM--locked on ala earlier obnoxiousness. Fortunately we were already on a circle so I was able to pull his head around as he tried to take a flying leap over the standard. Dude. Stop obsessing over jumping! Sometimes you have to be a dressage horse!

I made him walk through twice. The first time, we turned in and he jumped into the canter. Oh hell no. Halt, back, stand. Ass. He walked through fine the second time and we were able to make a quiet canter circle with no swapping behind or trying to jump innocent poles.

seperated at birth: sunny and bobby like to think up similar issues
for sue and i to work on. today was a lack of steering. 
After half an hour of standing in a cooler and getting curried (cannot wait to clip him again!), I turned the beastie out and fed him an entire bag of carrots for his own early Thanksgiving.

"i stands nice fer you. i gets more cookies now?"
Ranger got in on the action, too:

Friday, November 16, 2012


trying to poop out his door into the aisleway:
bobby's secret stable vice.
Bobby's work got ramped up today--it even warranted putting polos on those silly cow hocked legs. I wanted to do lateral work at the walk and some trot work. He's such a chubber, he's going into boot camp at a slightly more accelerated rate than originally planned. I even left a note to have his grain cut back a little more because he looks pregnant. Poor Mr Tubbers.

"this iz my excited face."
(note the barely buckled girth. faaatttyyyy...)
We did another fifteen minutes of walk, marching around the arena with his tiny butt following along for once. We did a million and a half exercises all over: leg yields both way; leg yield away from the wall from F to B, then leg yield back from B to M; across the short diagnol from K to B and B to H; down the centerline, halt at X, back three steps, walk on; yada yada yada.

Then I asked for the trot and he bounced into it with floppy happy ears. Mr Magee, are you finally showing some legendary Thoroughbred work ethic?!

His trot work was fucking fabulous. We started off big and bouncy and loose with our usual training level-ish head carriage, had a walk break, then came back up and I started asking for a more uphill, legit dressage frame. He started rushing a bit, so I gave him a half halt and BAM--insta-collection.

He was so responsive to everything. I focused on keeping my leg on, hands up, and my reins super short (which translates to normal for the rest of you). He responded by giving me exactly what I wanted the second I wanted it. I literally could not have asked for anything else--especially not for his first real ride back after nearly three weeks off. He totally got what I was asking. "Bobby, do this." BAM. "Yes, ma'am!"

foamy mc frotherson. that's what's up.

Dudes. Riding a semi-fancy horse (that I know he is in there somewhere!) that's willing to work with you makes the inherently boring sport of dressage a little bit... fun. There, I said it. Dressage can be fun. He got a million and half cookies and a good head rub back at his stall. He was quite pleased with himself.

Then I came back home and patched a hole in his sheet. Stripes helped:

"i eat your thread and steal your needle."

Thursday, November 15, 2012

They're gooone!!

The beasts from Hell are gone. I don't think I've ever been so happy to see two dogs get in someone else's car before in my life. I am so happy, happy, happy. (That Duck Dynasty reference was just for you, K.K)

hairy, dirty beast.

I deviated from my original plan today. After taking Bobby's blanket off and standing back to observe his rather large belly, I decided to start him riding again. He's only been off for three weeks and it's not like he's recovering from a physically strenuous season, but I want to bring him back slowly anyway. So I threw my dressage tack on after dropping the girth a hole (fatty!) and we did fifteen minutes of walking. Look out, right?

The first ten minutes were long and low and forward, and the last five minutes I worked on putting him in more of a dressage frame. He was kind of bleh about the whole thing, but I'm not too bothered. It will come as he starts doing real work.

just about time for new boots.
Sarah pulled in as we were finishing, so I grabbed Spyder to ride with her. He had a total freak out on the crossties when I reached out to unbuckle his blanket. Not sure what that was all about, but I stuck him back in his stall to tack him up and fed him some cookies and he remembered that we're friends.

Spyder is such a slow, drunken sailor warming up. He's has that total green bean wiggle worm to him, but it's all in slow motion. I grabbed a whip and we went to work on forward, forward, forward. Once he was loosened up at the walk and trot, I did some sitting trot with him to straighten him out. I'm much better getting things across when sitting. I'm just not as effective with my tush when posting.

We got sorted out pretty quickly once I did that, and when I moved into the posting trot, he finally stepped out a bit more. We moved on to the canter, getting the correct lead both times. Every time I watch people ride him in lessons, they have an awful time getting him to pick up his leads. Maybe I'm not such a bad rider after all! Yay!

He did have a bit of a boot scootin' boogy to the right, getting a little unbalanced making a circle and exiting stage left. I asked him to pick the canter back up at the wall and he boot scootin' boogied forward, so we came back to the trot to regroup and finished with a really nice canter circle to the trot to a halt.

I got off and my legs were like, "What were you thinking? We hate you!" Weakling. I need to get back on some horses again!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back to work.

The easing back into being a domesticed riding horse instead of a wild, furry nut bag has begun. He probably won't get ridden again until I get back from IL after Thanksgiving, so for now he's on the longe.
i left him alone for two seconds and he upended
my grooming box in the search for cookies.
The poor neglected beast acted like he'd been abandoned by all human contact for months. He wouldn't stay out of my pockets, and he nearly pinned me against the wall leaning into the curry comb. Poor, poor thing. I don't know how he's even still alive. No cookies and no currying? Someone call the SPCA on me.

"someone parked a trailer in the driveway! AGAIN!!"

After the obligitory spook at the trailer, I put a surcingle and side reins on him and we went to work. He was fine w/t/c to the left. No changing leads behind in the canter! And then we switched to the right and he was a hot mess behind at the canter. URGH! The footing in the indoor is semi-deep as it is and it got even more churned up on the longe circle. I don't know if that was the cause, or if it's something else. It's been ten days since he got adjusted and he hasn't done anything but get turned out since then.

I don't know if this is a result of a soundness issue, a footing issue, a strength issue, or just a plain old piss-poor conformation issue.

worst hind end known to horsey-dom.
(and look at that hay belly! someone has been getting STARVED!)
I took him off the longe and let him run around loose with side reins still attached and he was still swapping to the right. I finally took the surcingle and reins off and let him loose and he hauled ass around for a good five minutes before deciding he was done. We fooled around with a little join up, but he was much more interested in leaves and ponies than in me and cookies today.

I'll probably be out again Friday and Sunday, and maybe once more before we leave next Wednesday. AND these fucking dogs go home first thing Thursday morning! I can't wait!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I have terrible, awful news that really affects no one but myself. I have poisin ivy again. I must have looked at some while Hubby and I were cleaning up the fallen trees last weekend even though I was wearing gloves and even though it's almost winter so this shit really should be gone by now, right?! It's all over my right hand and left forearm, but it's remained contained to those two areas for the past few days. I'm hoping I'll be able to get away with cortisone and benadryl alone this time, both of which I've been sleeping with. I hate you, poisin ivy. I hate you more than these two stupid dogs that have invaded my house.

I was not made to be a pet sitter. My doggies have had manners drilled into them from day one and we get along just fine. These two are just dumb. You know how people always joke about their animals being stupid?

baby bobby looking dumb, but he's actually a smart horse.
Well, these dogs are genuinely stupid. No brain cells fire inside their giant curly heads. The vacancy light is on up there, folks.

I did go out to the barn yesterday to drop off Bobby's supplements and switch his medium weight to his sheet for the next several days. He was just getting ready to go out, so I only gave him a handful of cookies. No torturous grooming this time--which was fine because he was totally clean!

"feed me cookies or get out of my way."

heading up to his field with spyder.
At some point I'm going to write a Bobby and Carly post ala Red and Carly since not much else is going on and I think we all need some more Robert in our lives, no? First I'm going to bother my friends to see if anyone has any foal and weanling pictures of him. I joined facebook way late and with the demise of my college laptop, I lost a ton of pony pictures. I thought for sure I had uploaded a bunch of his weanling pictures my friend Nicole and I took on a snow day to a webshots album, but if I did, they're gone now too. Balls.

Speaking of Nicole, more pony good wishes are needed. Her pony (No, it really is a pony this time!) Plato is recovering from emergency colic surgery. He went in Wednesday to have six feet of small intestine removed from sand impaction in the colon and a blockage in the large intestine. His recovery is going slowly. He's still not allowed any food or water, but he seems to be taking it in stride. You better get well soon, Plato Puss! It seems like this year has been especially rough to friends' horses, hasn't it?

plato. i nicknamed him spatula head in college
because his stripe looks like a spatula.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pet Sitting.

For some reason I agreed to pet sit a friend's two Springer Spaniels for a week.

Sassy is a four year old female whose nickname is the Clydesdale for her giant feet:

Gunner is a six year old male:

It didn't sound like too bad of a deal. My dogs like other dogs, these two like other dogs, and we have a giant yard for them to roam around in. Our giant yard does not have a fence, but no worries, said their owner. They're totally fine off the leash!

Well, I let Sassy/Clydesdale/Fatty/Clod Hopper off and she sniffed around with Gunner for awhile. I turned to talk to Hubby for a second and away she went down the road. It wasn't even a "I don't know my boundaries, I'm going to wander over here." It was a "Down the road I go for a journey to someplace that isn't here!" She crossed the main road (which really only sees grain trucks and the occasional school bus so it's not too busy) and went to visit the town hall where everyone was voting. Someone grabbed her and back on the leash she went.

It's only been one day so far and I'm already exhausted. The two of them spent all night last night pacing around the house, scratching on the bedroom door, and whining. They follow the cats around to the point where I'm ready to hiss and claw at them.

hell cat says, "you are not part of my family unit, dogs. begone!"
Next time someone tries to take advantage of my disability to say no and my love of animals, remind me that this is a bad idea! Is next Wednesday here yet?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Breeders Cup wrap up and our own awards

I think I made personal Breeders' Cup history Saturday. I am notorious for my win picks coming in second or third. Without fail, no one ever actually wins when I pick them. But I was picking winners left and right!

Juvie Turf: I honestly only knew the name of one horse in this race. This is one of the stupid add on races I give the thumbs down to. Brown Almighty did not win. Stupid, fake BC race, I'm not counting you anyway.

F&M Sprint: Groupie Doll won, and was my pick. But again--no reason fillies and mares can't run in the Sprint sprint. Boo.

Dirt Mile: Had Tapizar. Another stupid additional race.

Turf Sprint: Had Reneesgotzip who came in third. Phew, back to my old tricks. Another stupid additional race.

Juvie: Shanghai Bobby! All of you better have been rooting for him with that name!

Turf: Little Mike was my long shot pick, but I didn't think he'd actually win.

Sprint: Not going to lie, I had Amazombie. I think Trinniberg's little pom pom is silly. Fail on this one.

Mile: Hubby was trying to win me over to Animal Kingdom's side, but I stuck with Wise Dan. I can't wait to see him next year!

Classic: Mucho Macho Man was my pick through the Triple Crown trail. Awesome to see the giant beast come in second, especially to such a gritty winner as Fort Larned.

These results will never happen again. Don't listen to me when I pick who I want to win. That's fair warning!

So on to another Bobby. Hubby and I went out yesterday to check on the wild beast (not that he needs checking on, but for $400 a month, I'd like to drop in and see him every now and then). We brought along his season winnings for a photo op for a photo book I'm making of Robert's first full year as an event poneh.

contemplating a move to hunters to acquire more ribbons.
you guys bring in this haul in one show! and a tricolor to boot!

It was tricky and a bit miserable. It was freezing, Bobby was distracted by the crinkling wrapper in my pockets (hence the awkward hand positioning), the crappy camera was being a priss about the crappy weather, and it was cold. Oh, did I already say that? Whatevs.

I guess I probably ought to throw a thank you to Hubby out there. He is, after all, my driver, groom, cheering squad, photographer, emergency medical contact, and carrier of heavy water buckets. He deserves his own year end tricolor. Poor dude only half knew what he was getting into when he signed on to date a horse girl. Here's to many more years of slavery partnership, Hubby!

bobby looks like a midget mugging for treats.
I jumped on Mr Magee for about ten minutes to see how he was feeling after his bum adjustment. BM said he'd hadn't walked out noticably lame like last time, so that was a good sign. He was willing to jump right back into where we left off dressage-wise, but halfway through cantering to the right, he swapped behind. Argh. The footing in the outdoor was deep (is deep year-round) and wet, so maybe he just doesn't like it. He definitely only switches when he's out there.

we're going to get that head and neck up into a proper dressage
frame next year! showing first level is on the list.
He then, of course, gave me some really solid circle work with the hind end at the trot. He's still very much on vacation for a few more weeks, but even with driving training still on the books, I can't wait to do some more dressage work with him.


Isn't it amazing how I can still find things to post about and help you procrastinate doing real things even when I have literally nothing going on right now?