Monday, January 6, 2014

Cracked and Poked

Robert finally got his chiro appointment today. (As did Adorable Pony who was, of course, adorable through it all.) I talked with her a bit before she started about the issues I had with his feet over the summer, what I was doing with them now, and how that probably kicked off the start of the body soreness issues. Couple that with how weak his gets in the hind end when I'm not able to do conditioning work with him, and he was guaranteed to be tight in a lot of places.

She started with the acupuncture, focusing mainly on his lower back. She also put a needle in his right hind fetlock and left it in there for good until he sheds it himself.

Her comments were that he had a sore back, especially on the right side which is usually the case with him. He was really stuck behind his withers, and she said that was probably from overloading the front end to try to take weight off of his sore hind end. His hips, stifles, and hind fetlocks were also sore which is where I expected him to be the worst.

She also made a comment about how much of his topline he's lost, but she understood it was from just not being in work for so long. She felt totally confident he'd get it back in no time once he was able to start working more regularly again.

She adjusted his poll, lower neck, behind his left withers, and his lower back on the right. She also fed him copious amounts of cookies, much to his delight. The chiro is up there with the vet for Bobby--people you should always be on your best behavior for because they always bring cookies.

Her end comments were that he was a very good boy as always, and if we need to take a month off of cantering until his topline is stronger, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. He got put back in his stall when she was done because we got a deluge of rain last night and this morning with a high almost near 50*.

However, with the amount of snow we've had that's been driven over and packed down, and the temperature quickly dropping to 1* by tonight, all the melted snow made every inch of the barn property solid ice, and Bobby and the other fields at the top of the hill were stranded there for the day while J worked like a crazy man laying gravel. BM finally led him down right when I pulled in at one so he's going to spend the night inside. It's only going to get up to 5* tomorrow, which I know is ridiculously warm compared to a lot of you (My mom, in IL, emailed me an hour ago to say that it was currently -19* for the actual temperature and they'd just lost power, so I'm not going to complain about any sort of positive degrees out here!), and being in will give him a little break from the elements.

I might be able to ride by the end of the week--I think it's supposed to be 35* by then!


  1. Hopefully he feels a lot better after the prodding!

  2. So hard to keep them fit with the weather y'all have. :/

  3. That's interesting about leaving the needle in until it falls out.. I've spent about 15 minutes hunting through shavings for a lost needle because the vet I was shadowing was very strict about finding each needle.

  4. Your mom must live by me, I'm on the very western edge of Indiana. Is it ever god-forsaken-cold here.

  5. I am kind of dreading our first bodywork session this year. I won't do it until we're back to a place that he can work regularly and build some muscle, but the little dude is just tight everywhere from spending all his time tiptoeing over ice. :-/

  6. We are in the sore back camp together. Also, we have ice everywhere. FYI manure is your friend for walkways.

    Feel better soon Bobby!

    PS its -41 windchill here. BRRRRRRRRR

  7. Interesting how one end affects the other. I mean, it makes total sense, I've just never thought about it before. Love that first picture, he looks like he wants to say something.

  8. Great how she's completely honest with you and explains everything. It's so funny how things fit, same thing with Brantley. You guys will get back on track in no time! Love his face.


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