Vaguely Interesting Links

The story of me and my Bobby Magee:

Bobby Magee: A History
What happened to Bobby

Bobby's race history:

Part One
Part Two


Part One
Part Two

A Year in Review:

2014 Pt. I
2014 Pt. II
2018 Pt. I
2018 Pt. II

Useful How To's:

How to properly prepare for a horse show
How to travel with your horse
How to have proper warm up ring etiquette
How to not be an idiot about your OTTB
How to take the perfect conformation picture
How to not be a bitch in the horse world
How to ride flying changes

Horse people love to spend money:

Lesson Fees: What are you paying?
Board Fees: What are you paying?
Blanketing Fees: What are you paying?

Tag, you're it!

Wordless Wednesday
Dressage Conversations
Product Reviews
Off Topic
Heard Around the Barn

Costume Creations:

1. RuPaul, drag horse. 
2. Moving skeleton. 
3. Frontiers-horse. 
4. "If you're a bird, I'm a bird." 
5. R Patz as a vampire. 
6. Easter lamb.
7. Katy Perry and Shark. 
8. Pretty, pretty princess. 
9. Quarterback. 
10. Native American war pony.

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  1. Just wondering, how do you get pictures and videos onto your blog? You use blogger right? I use Blogger and can't figure out a good way to add pictures and videos. Thanks!


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