Thursday, May 29, 2014

WRC Gaming Show

A summation right off the bat:

We came. We saw. We conquered.

Or, in horse show terms....

I got the trailer turned around without taking down any important buildings. Bobby finally got in touch with his ex-racehorse side. We took home all the ribbons.

"you finally tied me loose enough to graze, and now you want me to pose?
there better actually be a peppermint in that wrapper you're crinkling."

I'm so glad I ended up going last night. I was kind of bumming myself out that nobody would go with me, and was like, "Meh, maybe I just won't go either." But then I was like, "Fuck all you bitches, I want to go play fun games and this is only costing me $50 between gas and entry fees." So I got the trailer hooked up, Bobby once more dragged me to the trailer and walked right on (Is there anything better than a horse that self loads? No. There isn't.), and I made the hour trip up to Williamsport all by my lonesome--while silently applauding myself for not dying on my first solo trailering  adventure. Eventually the novelty will wear off, I'm sure, but it still makes me do a little grown up horse girl dance.

I got there with about forty five minutes before the show started, and once I got my number, I took Bobby for a brief spin around the arena to stretch his legs. He couldn't have cared less, and ambled around on a loose rein until we got back to the trailer where he spotted two riders racing their horses back and forth in the parking area.

"what are they doing?!"

He watched them with a lot of interest while alternately eating his hay and seeing if he could mooch as much trail mix off of me as the dogs were. Does any of this rambling have a point? Psh, just trying to brag about how I have the best show horse ever. Haters gonna hate.

"cookies for me too?"

Okay, enough bullshit. Let's get some recaps going on here.

Pole Bending

Bobby ended up getting no poles practice. Surprise! I'd done poles before with Red so it wasn't like we were both going in blind, but I wasn't expecting much. There were only 3-5 people in the youth divisions, so I figured we'd be coming home with a ribbon regardless of how poorly we did. Then the announcer called for riders from the Adult division to get to the gate, and this herd of horses started pouring in. I ended up with about 15 riders in my division which quickly put a damper on ribbon hopes.

However, Bobby apparently has this hidden gaming side to him where he picked up on the technique right away. Every time I shifted my body to swing in and out of the poles, he'd swap up front to keep himself balanced. He hugged the turns at both ends, and while he did his customary hind end stall out while it got caught up, he set right off again once he was straight.

Total rock star. It doesn't look like much from the helmet cam perspective, and I really wish I'd had someone there to video, but at least it's something. And, though the speed doesn't carry over either, we were good enough for sixth out of some legit gymkhana horses. His great big body might not be the best for tight turns, but his great big stride can lay it out when asked.


This was the one event out of the three we did where I was confident we'd sneak into the ribbons. All I had to do was actually ask Bobby to go as fast as he's capable of in such a short stretch and we'd match the speed of the other horses. I flubbed the turn a bit, getting a little cocky and not slowing him down enough just before the cones, but he went fast enough to get a fourth.


This was the biggest class of the night with people coming in just to run the barrels. If Bobby can keep his back end up to pace with his front end, he's capable of being really competitive, but he's not there yet. I also miscalculated how far out we were at the start--as you can see by the other horses tracks in the video--and my path to the first barrel was out wider than everyone else's. Between that and the extra second for Bobby's other half playing catch up around the turns, I didn't think we'd get into the top six.

I took him back to the trailer after he got pets from his fan club who recognized him from the dressage show earlier this month, got him untacked, loaded up my stuff, and went up to the office to hand my number back. Just as I was about to go in, they announced the results. One Bobby Magee snagged another ribbon! I was so proud of the dude. He was a total boss in the ring, then calmly stood there with a hind leg cocked watching the other horses go the rest of the time.

Srsly. Best pony ever. Where's the next gaming show?

Also, while picking his feet out this morning, I found an abscess hole in his RF! That explains the occasional ouchiness he'd had last week, and why he suddenly felt sound again with all the soaking and wrapping. I didn't even notice it pop. He'll get the next few days off to let it close and toughen back up again, then he's in event horse boot camp for Plantation next weekend.

Bobby Magee. Doing all the things.


  1. Great job!!! Legit gymkhana horses (not that Bobby isnt) are super competitive so you basically have my eternal respect for getting a ribbon in every class.

    1. They were super everything! Super competitive, super good at rearing skyward at the gate, super good at spinning in circles instead of standing still...

  2. Woohoo! Go Bobby go! That's so awesome that you ribboned in all of your classes, Bobs is the best at all the things :)

  3. Yay, great job!! Bobby is such a pro!

  4. Yay Bobby and grown up Carly driving the trailer alone like a boss! So nice to come away from a show with so many ribbons. The only flaw with eventing - just one ribbon for a whole weekend of showing.

  5. That is awesome, congrats! That looks like so much fun.

  6. I've always wanted to do pole bending and barrel racing! Looks like so much fun.
    Maybe you guys should just always do this stuff... he's good at it! :D

  7. Is there anything Bobby can't do?! Congrats!

  8. I love that he can just do this. :-)

  9. Solo trailering adventures always make me feel grown up too!

  10. That's so cool that he can do games and eventing and all that general badassery! Makes me a little jealous ;)

  11. I love a good all-around sort of horse! Totally awesome!

  12. Not just doing all the things, ROCKING all the things! Way to go Bobby!

  13. ..I'm jealous of your pony that stands calmly by the trailer and then does all the things, sanely.

  14. What a boss! Congrats to you both!


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