Thursday, December 4, 2014

Short and Boring.

Ugh, so sick. So dying. So feel like I should be excused from my hundred sit ups today. So don't want to make those up another day. So regret making goals every month.

But I did ride my pony today. I couldn't breathe and accomplished two jumping efforts in a row before having to take a walk break and catch my breath, but hot damn it got done.

bobby loves exploring snow banks

I dragged my ass out of bed super late this morning because I was feeling so shitty. After getting some things done around the house, I saw I had a message from S saying she was heading to the barn. Since I haven't seen her in forever, and I was originally planning on going to the barn anyway, I loaded up the hounds and headed out.

I got there late, and S was feeling sick too, so she finished riding while I tacked up and meandered around the ring. There were two jumps set up at B and E from an earlier rider so I made one a 2'6" vertical and the other a 3' vertical.

poor burton got locked in the hay stall with mags while horses got turned out.
he wanted to be freed from the demon dog.

demon dog scales the hay bales in pursuit of burt.

Bobby once again warmed up really nicely long and the left. He's still very sticky to the right, but I think he's coming up on needing an adjustment. Merry Christmas to you, Bobby. Just take all my money.

LOL, what money?!


We chipped every single time on the first approach to both fences from both directions. I thought we had a good canter, but it might have been a little strong for the confines of the indoor. The second time through was always good though, until we came back to the 3' vertical. Then Bobby was all "Charge!!!!" and we were really fucking up.

Usually our problems stem from a lack of pace, but that was not the case today. So I made a proactive decision (I know, I know. Everyone just settle the fuck down.) and held to the fence. There was much verbal "whoa"-ing and half halting, and I didn't let him trick me into giving him more rein when he flung his head up. I'm surprised happy to say that it totes worked, and by me being an active rider and over-riding my sassy horse's choices we prevailed in dominating the distances.

sassy horse is sassy in warm weather. 

I finished up with having him angle both fences off the rail several times which he was much better about than taking them head-on. Whatevski, Robert.

Since I actually ended up going to the barn yesterday (I was in town buying Christmas lights, so why not.) and working him on the line for awhile, I don't know if I'll put in a dressage school tomorrow. It will probably hinge on whether or not my bitch body wants to stop being sick.


  1. Good for you being sick and still finding motivation to go ride. Makes me feel like a weenie for not being sick and still lacking motivation. Bah humbug.

  2. aww boo to being sick - but yay for jumps already being set up and just needed readjustment! feel better!

  3. Being sick sucks. Feel better soon!


  5. Hope you are feeling better by now!


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