Friday, April 29, 2011

It's here!

My breastplate finally came! And it's lovely! It doesn't match either one of my saddles currently, but I'm hopeful I'll be able to get a really nice saddle at the end of the year that I can match my million pieces of tack to. Unfortunately, it didn't come until after I went to the barn so no pictures of it adorning the stallions until tomorrow.

I gave Bobby's mystery sores a more thorough looksie today. There is no way my saddle could have caused them. I put it in all different positions that it could have slid to while I was riding, but unless he dropped his head to the ground and it slid four to six inches UP his neck, it just can't be from that. However, once I put the saddle pad on, it looks like the saddle pad could have been on too high up and that either caused the rubbing by itself, or his mane far back on his withers got stuck under the pad and rubbed it. I put Tri-care on it today, and I'll keep using that. It's like Neosporin on steroids.

I lunged both boys for about ten minutes w/t/c each way, then put them both out in the paddock to graze while I cleaned tack and reorganized my tack box yet again.

I decided not to take the boys to the hunter show Sunday. It would have been great experience for Bobby to show in for greenies, but I had a long talk with myself and my ultimate goal is to event this year. That is what I want to do more than hunter/jumper shows. So I'm taking both boys to Round the Bend Farm in Pottstown Sunday instead. Bobby will get a lesson in tying to the trailer in a nice, quiet setting, and Red will get to school. I'm happy with my choice. I like ribbons, but I really want to event!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Saddle sores

I went to the barn to give both boys a crash course in hunter riding--canter to walk, counter canter, etc. I gave Bobby a killer grooming, and as I was currying him, I saw a monster sore on his withers on the left side. I don't think it was from CL's dressage saddle from Tuesday, but I didn't notice anything after I groomed him from our trail ride yesterday either. It has to be from the saddle sliding around. I've never had a horse with a saddle sore before; I'm going to have to do some research. I put some silver sulfadiazione (haha, I have no idea how to spell that) on it and I'll give him off as long as he needs to get it healed. I'll still take him to the show Sunday to walk him around and see how he does, but he's off the roster.

I went straight to torturing Red. I did lots of walk to halt transitions, then trot to walk. I also made him go in and out and around and diagnol and everything else around all the poles set together on the ground. It was a good bendy exercise and a good control exercies in the egg butt I switched him to.

Then, I worked at the canter. His canter was AMAZING....for a pukey hunter. He just poked along at an even, slow pace. Then I had to start the canter to walk transitions. We did dozens of them in each direction with pretty good success towards the end, then moved on to counter canter. I tried to start him on the right lead, then switch him across the arena and get him to keep the right lead going to the left, but as soon as he got to the corner, he switched back over...which of course is what I've been telling him to do. I didn't fight with him too much since we'd had a loooong work with canter-walk. Then we stood in the center like a line up and backed up a few steps. He's a pro at that.

Some of the problems: After we did a few short canter to walk transitions in a row, he would anticipate going back up in the canter. So I would do a small circle on the rail until he was walking nicely again. Going to the right, he was bending the wrong way so I did a small circle over and over again until he got his bend back. The counter canter only worked once for one long side of the arena. Hopefully we're not asked to do it to the left.

After, I gave him a nice scrub down, rubbed his legs down really, really good with linament and wrapped them, and while rubbing down his top line with the linament, I saw a tiny saddle sore starting to form on the right side!! What. The. Fuck. So I'm going to the tack store tomorrow and spending Bobby's entry fees on a good half pad to hopefully boost up and pad down the saddles enough to make them usuable until I can afford a nice, obviously better fitting saddle.

I hope everyone is safe with these storms ripping through! We got a tornado in Scranton--about 45 minutes away, and horrible thunderstorms here in Danville early this morning. But it cleared out to a gorgeous day, and the wind dried the arena out to the best it's been yet!

Ohhh, Victory Canter....

So I get an email from UPS yesterday saying that my breastplate is due to ship. Obviously, I'm assuming that it's the Kincade breastplate that I switched my order over to since VC was having such issues with the Camelot breastplate. Then, today, I get and email from VC themselves saying that my Camelot breastplate has shipped. Uh....what? Now I know these are both cheap-o pieces of tack, and at least they're finally coming, but how unprofessional. Hopefully I'll see one or the other within a week...or two. After all, it's been FOUR AND A HALF WEEKS since I first ordered the stupid thing!

I was going to show Bobby at a little local show here in Danville, but when CL's trainer came for CL's daughter's lesson on Bobby on Tuesday, we were talking about hunter shows around here and she told me about the Williamsport Riding Club. So I'm going to take both Bobby and Red there Sunday instead. It's a hunter schooling show. Bobby will do the two Easy Does It Hunter Over Fences classes. They're max height of 2' so he shouldn't have any problems. I didn't want to enter him in the flat since it's cantering, and I'd rather not waste $15 when he won't get a ribbon.

Red will do the Schooling Hunter classes (2 over fences, one flat) and the Adult Medal Eq class. I'd show him in the Pre-Hunter division, too, but I don't have the money for it. I think 2'6 will be a good height to bring him back into showing at. It's something we're both confident over.

Gahh, I'm kind of nervous. I haven't shown in a few years! I'll be fine once I get in the arena, and it's just a schooling local show so I seriously doubt the course will be anything crazy to remember.

Now for riding catch-up. Tuesday, I gave Red a really killer flat work. I kicked his ass on leg yields and bending. He tends to lose impulsion when he bends and I kind of let him get away with it. But I really got after him and he was finally resigning himself to it at the end. Then, I was making him leg yield over to a ground pole, then straightening out to go over it. He was great at the walk, though I kind of had to catch him with my outside leg because he wanted to go all the way over. He wasn't quite as bendy to the right at the trot, but he knew the exercise so he got over well enough. Then, we did spiraling circles at the canter each way. He was kind of sticky to the right, but he started bending great quickly. It was 82 by the time I got to the barn at 10, so needless to say he was one hot pony.

I lunged Bobby at w/t with side reins on and he went along like a pokey hunter pony. Which I guess should bode him well on Sunday. Soooo long, eventing dreams! No, I'm still holding out hope. I also ponied CL's friend's naughty Arab mare that is always ridden in draw reins per the request of the friend. She was surprisingly well behaved. We walked and trotted each direction for about ten minutes each.

I came back later for CL's daughter, Emily, to have her lesson with CL's friend's daughter, Madison. Madison went out to lunge the crazy Arab, Eve, while Emily groomed and tacked up Bobby. She hadn't done any riding since last fall, and didn't know how to put the bridle on or anything. So the trainer showed her how to do it, and Bobby stood there with his head on the ground while they took it on and off.

They did alot of walking and trotting, and finished off the lesson trotting some ground poles. Bobby was a super star. He poked along doing whatever Emily asked, and never once even thought about being naughty or misbehaving. I'm hoping by the end of this year, I'll have him cantering great, showing 2'3" - 2'6" hunters, and having done one or two BN events. I think I'll be able to sell him for around $8,000 if I can get him doing all of that reliably, especially since I'll be able to market him as an advanced beginner "packer".

Yesterday, the road to the barn  was even more flooded than ever so I decided to take the boys for a "swim". I ponied Red out there, trotting the whole way out through the gamelands (ohh, my aching knees!) then walked them down the road to the lake.

Bobby wasn't so sure he wanted to go in, but Red practially dragged us in after him. Red LOVES water when a) he isn't being ridden, and b) when he he's got another pony to splash around in it with him. He kept sticking his nose under water and blowing bubbles and splashing with his legs. Bobby stuck his nose in a couple times, but he mostly just stood there watching Red play.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Stocked up stallions

85, sunny, and MUGGY out today, and the bugs were out in full force. I have this crazy urge/desire to event Red, too. He's so much more athletic, and strong, and naturally talented than Bobby, but he's also a worrier.

I got to the barn, threw both of them some hay, then got my tack for Red. When I was grooming him, I noticed his RH was HUGE. Usually he stocks up a little in both hinds when he's been in his stall for too long, but this one was monstrous. No heat, no real fluid, and he didn't mind me poking it, so I took him out to the arena to lunge him to see if I noticed anything. Nope. He was just fine, and the swellling went down after he trotted some. So I took him out on a trail ride, and for once he actually didn't put up a fight going out there. However, I kept him trotting out to the gamelands because he seems to do better the faster he goes. I think he brain works overtime when he's going slow--he's got less to focus on, so he can focus on being a worried.

Once out there, I alternated between trotting and a forward walk. He went along on a loose rein without being too "looky", and didn't once try to spin around to go home or take advantage of me--which is an improvement. However, he did neigh like a looney twice at the walk. I let him go for a nice swinging, relaxed canter for a little bit, then did a long walk down a trail we hadn't been down before. He splashed through lots of good sized puddles with zero hesitiation, which is also an enormous improvement because I think that and ditches are going to be his biggest problems to overcome cross-country.

I cut the ride shorter than I originally planned because it was so muggy and buggy and we were both hot. I let him go at a good clip halfway back, then walked the rest of the way so he was pretty much cool by the time I got back to the barn. I hosed him off, walked him some, then gave him a bath and took him out to graze.

I went to go groom Bobby and lunge him a little, and the first thing I noticed was that both his hind legs were enormous!! I've never seen him stocked up before, and I have no idea why they both did so today. So I took him out to just chase him around the arena, but he just stood there. I jumped on him bareback and bridleless (which sounds more badass than it it since I think a three year old could, too) and walked him around for about ten minutes. He just doped along down the rail with no problems, so I asked him to pick up his western pleasure jog and he went around twice. I then decided to ask him to stop....and he kept on trotting. "Waaaaalk, Bobby! Waaaaalk!" Nope. So, since he was poking along so slowly, I started to swing my leg off to jump down and he stopped and looked back at me when I landed like, "If you wanted to get off, all you had to do was tell me to stop." His legs did go back to normal though.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Ride

Saturday, Hubby and I went on a trail ride in the afternoon when he got home from work. Of course, I had to get off once to adjust my saddle since it had slid back. Four and a half weeks later after ordering my breastplate, I finally fucking caved in and told Victory Canter to send me a different one. Definitely not using them again. Excuse after fucking excuse, yet still no product.

We went all the way out to the little fallen tree where I took Bobby about a month ago. Bobby cantered over it really strongly, but it wasn't high enough for him to jump. I think it's about the level of the elementary level for starter trials....which is where I want to start him, so it's comforting to know he shouldn't have any problem with that.

Hubby built us a little fence in the middle of the trail using some of the fallen trees. I gave him lots of leg the first time over it, and he jumped it really nicely.

After that, though, I fell into my HORRIBLE habit of not riding him enough. Oh my gosh, it's so frustrating is seriously makes me want to cry. I think it's just that I can't focus enough to make myself give him leg and find his spot for him every single fence. I'll do it once, then the next three times, I won't and he jumps right at the jump, and it's the enormous leap that's no good. I just HAVE to tell myself to do it.

I wrapped Bobby's front legs with linament after the ride as a precaution, and the next morning they were off, completely shredded. I don't think he rips them off because they're uncomfortable, because he's left them on plenty of times before. I think he takes them off when he thinks he doesn't need them. Like, "My legs are fine. I don't need them wrapped." Dick.

Today, we were going to trailer the horses to different gamelands about half an hour away, but it started to pour as soon as we got to the barn. We decided to give it a dry run anyway, and took them on a ten minute cruise. Both ponies got on perfect (such an awesome quality). Red kicked the door right as I was swinging it closed, but it was almost there, so all it did was kickback against my hand a little.

Getting them off the trailer, Bobby backed off like a good boy, but Red went crazy town. He'd put one foot on the ground, the spaz and lunge forward again. He kept trying to turn around, but there wasn't enough room. I finally tied the lead rope around the neck and let him figure it out himself. He finally half turned, half fell out. No injuries, luckily, but he's obviously going to need some work.

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Weds and Thurs

Wednesday, I jumped Red again after an awesome w/t/c warm up with a million and a half circles. I went along the long side next to the jump, turned off the rail three strides out, and jumped it. He did super awesome, of course.

I noticed Fran had a roping dummy in her backseat, so I was talking to her about it and she said she used to rope some and team pen. So we let Red cool off, then tacked him back up in western tack and took him out again. Easy, PETA, Red is an ex-show horse (and hopefully will return to being a show horse), well used to being ridden multiple times. He could have cared less. Fran threw off him a few times at the walk, then I got on to show her how it was done. See video to witness my dummy roping expertise.

I gave him a really good walk out and hose down after that, since it was 75 and really muggy out and he was warm, then took him out to graze.

Fran showed me some massage things on Bobby for the future, and there are definiteley some I'll use around his back, neck, and stifles. Hopefully that will help him in the long run.

Thursday, (yesterday) I almost didn't get to go to the barn, even though it was sunny and in the mid-fifties. I had zero gas, and we weren't sure if an auto-withdrawl had gone through on the twentieth or the twenty second. But fortunately, it went through today and Hubby was able to get twenty out for me for gas to go out. Of course, this was after I had mowed our one acre yard with our push mower, walked the dogs around the "block" (about a mile), and had been cleaning like a crazy woman. I was exhausted. But I went out anyway because I didn't want to waste a sunny day that I could use the arena to work with Bobby.

Just before I headed out, Fran texted me that Pick was going to get put down that afternoon. He was putting all his weight on his good leg which was making it not good, and he kept going down. So she got some sense and put him down at the barn and had him hauled away. Sad, but at least he's not suffering anymore.

I lunged Bobby with side reins on pretty loose, then loosened them up some more and got on with them still on. GASP!! I know, I know. Let me finish my ride before I explain. We did a really nice w/t with alot of energy, and of course a decent headset. His canter to the R was good, as almost always. We went one full lap around the entire arena, then did one twenty meter circle. I loosened up the right side so he had no excuse not to bend to the left, then picked up the canter. Yuck. Still horrible. Falling over, cutting corners, swapping leads, fighting the bit, the whole nine yards. I even made sure I kept my hands really still. I think I need to shortern my stirrups some because my legs were getting so tired trying to hold him up. It didn't finish on a good note, but I made sure I wasn't fighting him.

Then, I got ambitious and took him over the 2'6 oxer I have been jumping Red over. He went over....and took both rails with him. But I gave him a huge pat and told him what a good boy he was for trying. I put the poles up again, and he jumped....about two feet OVER the jump. I landed with no right stirrup and my right leg over the cantle of the saddle. Yes, I stayed on, and yes I told him good boy since he did go over, but oooouuuuccchhh! My poor thigh! We went over again, and I pulled a fistful of mane out because he jumped crazy again. After that, for self-preservation, I took the back rail down and used it as a ground rail, left one side up at 2'3, dropped the other to the last hole, and took him over that. Fran came out then and was able tog ive me some feed back. She said he was waiting to jump until he was practically on top of the jump, which is why he was going so big and crazy. Back to...what? A month ago? "Carly, make sure you RIDE Bobby over jumps! He's not Red!" So I picked his distance for him and he jumped GREAT! Duh. I went once more, then let it go at that.

I'll get to my hunter v. eventer vent blog later.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nothing too exciting

CL's daughter was supposed to have a lesson on Bobby today, but since it was pouring out yet again, she had to cancel. I went out to the barn anyway for lack of anything better to do, and to drop off the rest of the grain. I groomed both ponies till they were glowing, then I took Bobby outside to lunge.

I put the side reins on him again and he instantly tucked his head in; not to his chest, or in an ugly way--just like he knew what was coming. Once he got trotting, he loosened up and stretched out a little more and started to relax his poll and start swinging his stride better. Again, he went better to the right, but I was happy with both ways this time. (We only did w/t since the arena was sloppy.)

I loosened the side reins up even more so they were barely wiggling the bit with his head and neck totally relaxed and stretched out, then went w/t each way again. You could see him trying to figure that one out; he'd feel his bit get tugged on when he put his nose out, so he'd bring his head into a really nice frame like he does when they're shorter. Then he wouldn't feel anything and he'd test it again, then bring it back in again. By the end, he was just trotting around in his shorter-rein-frame completely relaxed.

Now, I know after only doing this for three days he's not insta-fixed, but you can tell he 's totally figuring out what he's supposed to do. Now he just needs his muscle to start building up so he can do it with me on his back.

I did some spring cleaning in the tack room today. I emptied my tack box, made a pile of what to wash at home, scrubbed all my boots and bits, cleaned tack, and rearranged everything to make it more accessible.

I helped Fran wrap Pick's leg since he was obviously hurting still and he didn't want it touched. Yes, he is still alive. She was going to take him out to be put down this weekend, but her boyfriend's cousin's backhoe broke down so they wouldn't be able to bury him. Then she's talking about having to go buy more bute and linament for him since she's almost out. Um, why waste the money if you know you're going to put him down?! Whatever. I guess it's not my money so it doesn't matter. His leg has started swelling again, and the vet said his kidney's are shutting down which is why he's not peeing. All the hair is also falling off around it.

I played with Red and Robert for awhile, just wandering around the barn amusing myself while I waited for the rain to die down some.

May I please have some cookies?

What're yah doing?

Playing with the crossties.
The road to the barn was flooded and closed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The boys were ON today.

Ahhhh-mazing rides on both boys today. I don't know if it's the grain, or that they got the weekened off because of the horrible weather, or if it's finally just clicking for both of them, but DANG was I feeling so good after riding today.

I lunged Bobby in side reins first, much much looser than they were on Friday. He was having trouble picking up and keeping his left lead at the canter; probably because of the R stifle throwing him off balance. He had a pretty nice frame and you could see the wheels churning as he tried to figure out how to do what he was being asked the best way. He went better to the right, so I didn't lunge him that direction for as long. He also carried his head in the cutest hunter frame the whole time around. Once he figures out cantering under saddle, he might be able to double duty--or just do hunters if he can't hold up to eventing.

I warmed him up at the walk and trot on the buckle, and all I had to do was give a little squeaze and he bounced off into a really great, animated trot. I asked for a little collection at the trot after warming him up some more. He was going so much straighter than usual, and while he was still a little crooked, he wasn't wandering or drifting, or shaped like an S. I asked him for a leg yield each direction, and he's doing better at those, too.

On to the canter. I started him off to the right since I know that's his stronger side and I didn't want to get into a fight with him and tire him out. I started off in hunter princess light seat, and he was a little quick, but I got him pretty well balanced out for a green bean. I sat down for two giant circles, and you could tell he was trying sooo hard to give me some collection and doing exactly what I asked of him. To the left, I was over-riding him way too much by trying to get him straight and slower and bending all at the same time, and he kept swapping leads around the corner because he thought that's what I was asking him to do, and just generally going all over the place. I finally brought him back to a walk and regrouped. We did two big loops with me sitting and just totally staying out of his way and he did sooooo much better. Not great by any means, but tons better than before. I definitely need to work on over-riding for both boys, though I've gotten better with Red. I gave him great big pats and left him at that.

I got Red tacked up after I set up a swedish oxer for him. It was 2'6" in the middle. I warmed him up on the buckle at walk/trot, gave him one lap of the canter collected, then took him right over it. He jumped it with zero hesitation at a totally calm canter. I took him around it to the left once more, then to the right twice. He was like, "Really? This is it? Why don't you give me something that takes effort?" I was on him for maybe fifteen-twenty minutes before I put him away. It was such a perfect jump every time, I didn't want to ruin it. I need Hubby to make me some more jumps so I can set up a mini course.

I clipped Red's face and rubbed his fronts down with linament, then gave both him and Bobby more cookies and hay.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Poor Bobby

I turned Red and Bobby out with Pick Off and Knotty first thing. Red and Pick had to have a squeal/striking/"whose balls were bigger before they were cut off?" game. Red won, and later double barreled Pick right in the ass when he came to close behind him when Red was trying to eat his one blade of grass growing in the arena. Bobby wanted nothing to do with any of the ponies, since ponies usually beat the crap out of him and he has no sense of fighting back. They all got good rollies in and some crazy running around.

I picked up all the jumps and poles and put them in one pile. Hopefully BO will get the hint and drag the arena. CL said he has a drag for his ATV (one of his 3), so he seriously has no excuse. I think Fran may finally put Pick down this weekend. She wants to trailer him to her boyfriend's cousin farm to do it so she can bury him there--even though she's neither met the cousin, nor knows where the farm is located. Her boyfriend works on the gas line and was gone all week, and since he's the only one with a truck, she had to wait for him to come back. The hole has doubled in size and is leaking pus and blood nonstop. He's also stopped peeing and is loosing hair, and his flanks have completely caved in. It's kind of cruel at this point for him to still be alive.

I was cruel to Robert today. I used my "side reins" on him to lunge, set much shorter than a greenie should have had them. They weren't making him overflex, and his head wasn't stuck in a frame, but it was really making his ass (or his topline) work like hades. To the left, he was having a hard to keeping his canter with the slope on that end of the arena. He really tips over onto his side at the canter that way and can't hold himself upright, side reins or not. I took him over to the other end to go the right, and he was able to balance alot better. I really worked his ass off at the canter, and by the end he was figuring out how to use his entire body to keep himself balanced. I really have to just make myself lunge him every time before I ride to get him stronger.

I took both ponies out to graze afterward for about ten minutes. It was starting to get cold and windy in a prelude of what's hitting today, which means more rain and another weekend I won't be able to go cross country schooling.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh Em Gee, Did I just use the arena?!

The back half of the arena is still a little wet and slippery, and there were a couple of wet spots off the rail on the good side, but it was ride-able. It was also 75 and sunny out today, so there was no way I was going to miss an opportunity to use it. I took Red out first since I hadn't ridden him in almost two weeks. He gave me a long, sideways look when I put his saddle on, like, "Wow, you're actually going to ride me? I thought you'd taken up donkey riding exclusively." Oh, Red. You're still the best pony. You just don't like going trail riding by yourself.

I gave him a nice long and low warm up with lots of cirlces since we couldn't go all the way around the wet rail, then I took him over the barrels twice. He jumped them with as little effort as possible; after all, they're what? -- two feet tall? Pathetic. So I put a pole above them to make them a solid 2'9" and he decided that was high enough for him to actually put for some effort....about three times. Then he was tired and didn't want to play anymore. However, Fran was blabbing away in the arena while I was riding, so I made her take some pictures which means Red had to jump three more times. The first time was perfect, second time was really good, and the third time he took off at a long spot and touched the rail with his front foot--no knock down, but a good clip. I left it at that since he was tired, but guaranteed if I had took him over it again, he would have lifted his legs to his eyes; he hates touching rails.

Jump one.

Jump three. Notice the rub with the RF.
I gave him a good cool down and hose off since it was so warm, then took him out to graze. I talked to CL for awhile about her daughter's lesson next Tuesday with Bobby, so Red decided to help himself to the hay cart while he was waiting.

I let him graze for about twenty minutes while he dried off, then wrapped his legs with linament. I threw Bobby out in the arena to get some crazies out, but he was sooo sleepy he just wandered around a little then came over to me.

I switched his bit to the new full cheek, though, now that I'm looking at pictures, I put the bit keepers on wrong (I've never used one before). Not enough to make a huge difference, but I'll fix them today. I put draw reins on between his front legs, which I pretty much never do, but I really want him to use his topline. He was incredibly lazy, but I got some good w/t bending circles out of him. I spent a TON of time at canter, trying to get him to bend on a circle, then go straight on the long, but I had to avoid so many mud spots, it wasn't going great. His canter has gone back to square one since I haven't been able to school him in the arena in so long. Arghhghgh, I need canter help!

I took the draw reins off and jumped him a few times. The first two times, he was incredible lazy and did the wonderful "throw up" over the first jump, then took a barrel with him over the second. I set the spurs into his ass after that and he finally woke up and jumped nicely.

Puke. Literally.

I hosed Bobby down too when I was done, even though he absolutely detests it. Fran grabbed him to go out to graze while I got Red out again. Once he was dry, we put them both away and by the time I cleaned up all my crap, it was dinner time for them.

The hounds got to go for a swim on the way home, even though I hosed them off at the barn between rides to keep them cool. It wasn't that hot out, but they're still really fuzzy and I felt bad for them. They felt bad for themselves after being dragged to the washstall.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's raining, it's pouring.....wait, that's not new.

It's poured all morning long. We've gotten an inch of rain in the past 24 hours. UGH. ENOUGH. I want to go cross country schooling!! I'd like Bobby's first time to be on some decent footing, not sloppy, muddy, slippery grass.

I went down to the barn today to drop off  more grain because I wasn't sure I had enough for today and tomorrow morning (I did). I signed up for the Purina 60 Day Challenge when I switched the boys's feed over to Omolene 200. It's been two and a half weeks and Bobby is already looking much, much less ribby and both of their coats and glowing. When I took Bobby out Monday, he was striding out soooo nice and he had so much more energy than before. I am a believer.

I shed out another thirty pounds of Red's hair after his bath helped loosen even more.I groomed Robert, too, and trimmed his muzzle and his legs. He stands so nice for clippers. I didn't take a picture of either because Fran was due to arrive and I wanted to get out of there before I had to listen to her talktalktalktalktalk.

She said the vet told her that if the leg hadn't stopped draining and was still swollen by Friday, the horse is basically done-for. I think she just wants to get rid of him anyway now that it's nice riding out and everyone else is working their horses. She told me she wants a horse she can work cows with and maybe do some barrels. Makes you wonder why she bought a starved, lame Thoroughbred in the first place.

Seven Stages of Aging on Horseback

I saw this in this month's Horse Illustrated. I was going to type it out and post it, but someone on COTH typed it for me, so I copied and pasted.

The Seven Stages of Aging on Horseback
Stage I: Fall off pony. Bounce. Laugh. Climb back on. Repeat.

Stage 2: Fall off horse. Run after horse, cussing. Climb back on by shimmying up horse’s neck. Ride.until sundown.

Stage 3: Fall off horse. Use sleeve of shirt to stanch bleeding. Have friend help you get back on horse. Take two Advil and apply ice packs when you get home. Ride next day.

State 4: Fall off horse. Refuse advice to call ambulance; drive self to urgent care clinic. Entertain nursing staff with tales of previous daredevil stunts on horseback. Back to riding before cast comes off.

Stage 5: Fall off horse. Temporarily forget name of horse and name of husband. Flirt shamelessly with paramedics when they arrive. Spend week in hospital while titanium pins are screwed in place. Start riding again before doctor gives official okay.

Stage 6: Fall off horse. Fail to see any humor when hunky paramedic says, “You again?” Gain firsthand knowledge of advances in medical technology thanks to stint in ICU. Convince self that permanent limp isn’t that noticeable. Promise husband you’ll give up riding. One week later purchase older, slower, shorter horse.

Stage 7: Slip off horse. Relieved when artificial joints and implanted medical devices seem unaffected. Tell husband that scrapes and bruises are due to gardening accident. Pretend you don’t see husband roll his eyes and mutter as he walks away. Give apple to horse.
By: De Mondo Cavallio

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No barn, but pony work

I finished the second and final coat of blue on the trailer. It's really windy out, so I'm hoping it dries fast enough. I came inside when I felt a few raindrops, but the sun's already trying to come back out. I put some more yellow on the middle panel. That yellow is a pain in the giant ass. It runs like crazy, but you have to keep going over it again and again to cover up the blue underneath it. I'll just have to be patient and persistent I guess, which I'm not very good at. Hubby needs to finish grinding off the rust on the middle panel and the roof so I can paint while he's at work. I want this thing finished by this weekend so it can move from my backyard.

I didn't go out to the barn today because I'm kind of Fran burned out. Ok, I'm really Fran burned out. She kept texting me today and I just wanted to chuck my phone across the room. Leave me alone! It's your horse, your decision. It's like she wants someone to come up to her and offer to take Pick off her hands and keep paying his vet bills. The horse isn't necessarily miserable and tired of life, but she can't afford to keep putting money into him, and he's never going to be able to get ridden again. No one is going to want to take him, and it's not fair to dump a horse like that on a rescue--especially when he's downright mean. Put the horse down. He's had a great four months after a horrible year. Let him go on a good note.

I emailed a woman in Millville about a barn. It's Frosty Oaks Stables. She said she should have openings in May or early summer. The info on equinenow said board was $200. I emailed her back to see if we could come out to look at the place. I hope it actually is $200 and it's nice. I want a barn with jumps and a dragged arena!!

I've been a lazy blogger.

I've been lazy blogging, but only because I've been busy with everything else. This is going to be a picture-heavy blog, because I'm still too lazy to type.

Hubby had to work Saturday morning, so I went down to the barn to amuse myself before we could go pick up the trailer. Fran was there, and yikes, was Pick's leg worse. It had bowed and was leaking orange-ish fluid. New vet came out to xray (which were clean) and thought he might have bowed the tendon due to an old injury. He said he's be back Monday to ultra sound.

Hubby and I went out to grab the trailer. One tail light was burned out, and one tire probably needs to be replaced before we do any crazy hauling, but besides beauty work, it's actually pretty ready to roll.

We replaced the two outside boards on the floor since the rest were solid. We put in a new light, grinded off all the rust, and put the first coat of blue paint on the bottom half. We also got some yellow on the previously blue panel, but it needs Bondo on the rusted through parts. We also replaced the latch on the back door and bought a new light for the license plate.

Sunday, Fran texted me that the lump on Pick's leg had exploded and was pouring fluid. The vet said he would be ok until he got out there Monday. Yesterday, the leg wasn't leaking anymore, but there was a huge hole in his leg. I haven't heard the full story on the diagnosis, but she texted me that he wasn't going to recover from it, and she was most likly putting him down this week.

To get further into her being a bit of an idiot.....or maybe not just thinking before acting?......I had Red out grazing in the hayfield after his bath. She took the lead rope OFF OF Pick while he was grazing! She put it back on to lead him over closer TO THE ROAD (where admittably Red was standing, but he was on the friggin lead rope!). A motorcycle went by and Pick started squealing and bucking. Fran was laughing at him, then TOOK HIM OFF THE LEAD AGAIN. But it doesn't end there! "Hahahaaha, soooo funny that my injured horse is being retarded and isn't even supposed to be walked, so let me charge him so he TAKES OFF ACROSS THE FIELD." Hilarious. Not.

Anyway. I took Bobby out to the usual since, though it was 80 and semi-sunny at times, it keeps raining and raining and raining and nothing can dry out. Ugh. I trotted the entire way out and fast cantered/slow galloped the whole way back. I had my vest on and, dang was I sweaty. Bobby and I could have had a competition on who was dripping more. Yuck. I downed a Powerade and Bobby got a loooong cool off and a bath.