Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Goals

Usually I smush my goal wrap up into the year in review wrap up, but since Robert and I did so much shit this year I'm smushing it into the new year's goals.

And fuck you, blogger. "Smush" is a fucking word.

So let's revisit 2014's goals.

Performance Goals

1. Diversify! Cross that bad boy off. We went to more gaming shows than we did dressage shows, and we did horse trials while were at it. Plus I broke out the cart a couple times this year just for funsies.

2. Dressage it. Two championships, one reserve champion, and one high point award at First Level in three dressage shows this year. Done and done.

3. The Big T. Noooo, we failed at this one again. I just couldn't get my shit together for stadium, and my amigo wasn't much of a help. We would have aced the dressage though, and Novice cross country fences looked like a snooze all year, so that at least is a win.

Personal Goals

1. Monthly Goals. Nailed it. Every month like scheduled clock work. Not only are these great filler for when I'm feeling lazy and have nothing to write at the beginning of the month, but they're also fun, and force me to pick things to work on that month instead of just aimlessly doing whatever.

2. Barefoot Education. Yeah, my horse is kind of a walking advertisement for barefoot trimming by yours truly. No bigs, no bigs.

barefoot hops like a boss.

I was dreading looking back on this year's goals because I knew I hadn't met that Training goal, and so I assumed I'd failed at everything else as well. But that was the only thing we didn't do, and I'm not even upset about it. I just wish, you know, that we didn't suck so very fucking badly at stadium is all.

On to 2015, bitches!

Performance Goal

1. Year of the jumping. Dudes, it's got to be done. No diversifying this time around. 2015 is going to be about getting around as many jump courses away from home as humanly check bookingly possible. We're going to have to dabble in hunters. We're probably going to get lost in jumpers. But if it pays off for eventing, it will be worth it.

Personal Goal

1. Zen and the Art of KEEP CALM AND LEG ON. (Bonus if you got that reference.) My only goal for myself is to not feed the crazies in my head. I want calm, cool, and collected jumping rounds. Focus, Carly. Focus.


  1. 1.) Yes, I did get the Zen reference
    2.) I think that "check bookingly" is also a word (well, it's 2 words technically, but whatevs)
    3.) YAY for Robert becoming the posterchild for barefoot
    4.) You guys kicked complete and total ass in 2014, can't wait to follow along for next year!
    4.5) I give you extra props for wanting to briefly return to Hunter Land. YAY for dabbling in the jumpers!

  2. You and Bobbert KICKED ASS this year. Can't wait to see you at some events in 2015! CAN WE MAKE SHIRTS?! Like "Team Bobby And His Midget Friends"?

    1. Hmm, Bobby and Memphis are Team Rob and Big so maybe Bobby and Dino can be Team Rob and Smalls?

  3. That's an awesome year! Can't wait to see what the next one will bring :)
    PS Alli- I think t shirts would be awesome.

  4. Yes! Come play in H/J land! You and Bobby will eat up those courses.
    I'll give you a hint. It's probably a variety of:
    outside line, diagonal, outside line, diagonal line. Done.

    We're wild, let me tell ya.

    Best of luck in 2015-Jump all the jumps :)

  5. Boo-ya. Well done!

  6. Jumpers - invest in an excellent jumper coach....changed the game entirely for me! Best of luck in 2015

  7. "check-bookingly" is DEFINITELY a word

  8. Dabble in hunters!!! Dabble dabble!!!! You have a lot to be proud of - I couldn't do all that different stuff with my horse.

  9. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
    Bring on 2015 - you guys are gonna kick major ass!

  10. yessss- you guys can totally do it!!! awesome 2014 and looking forward to 2015 :)

  11. You just fucking rock. That is all.


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