Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Too Cute Tuesday: "I brought Christmas!"

Which is exactly what I said when I walked into the barn with all my left over Christmas decorating shit. And I also said, "It's been too long since you've been dressed up in fucking awesome outfits, Bobby!" He walked over to the stall door and gave me his half-assed filly nicker in greeting, so I added, "This will be a million times better than the Think Pink photos! You don't even know how much fun this will be!"

Also, I know "TCT" is not a thing (yet), and that there is nothing too cute about my horse, but I'll include a picture of Memphis to make it legit.

christmas hippo!

After sorting through my sad pile of scraps, BM pointed out the massive wreath of BO's that they had yet to hang above the barn and went to go get it. It's built around a metal frame that we obviously didn't want to hang from a pony's neck, so we dug out a collar and settled it on that instead. 

Then it was time for the decorating to begin.

sarah has been feeling left out of the blog lately. so here she is "fixing" my fucked
up christmas tree. clearly she failed. way to let the team down, sarah!

BM helped me drape the wrapping paper and tuck in an old tree skirt as a butt doily. Sarah affixed a bow on Robert's nose, I tucked the Santa hat into his bridle, and away we went.

"durh, how do i look?"

fucking awesome is how you look, bobby!

We tried everything we could to get Bobby to put his ears up and pose. But we all know my horse is broken, and his posing is pretty much the biggest FAIL ever. 

the puppies were more than happy to pose for the rattling sugar cube box.
bobby not so much.

We finally decided it was more Bobby-esque anyway with his ears flopped over sideways.

pretty much sums him up on a daily basis. 

But we did manage to get a couple with sort of forward ears and a sort of less than vacant expression. 

i envy you all your pretty horses. 
but i win at having the most tolerant creature on the planet.

Then we posed for a family picture.

note memphy checking us out in the background, waiting his turn. 

And one more of Memph because he needs some props for also putting up with us:

daww, that tongue. i can't even. 

I'd shoved Bobby off to the side while we decked out Memphis, and he kept himself busy by eating the corn stalks BO had put up for fall decorations. He was not pleased when Sarah tried to get him to stop eating them so he could carry the collar back up.

after a hearty game of tug of war.
and right back at it.

We have the best ponies ever.


  1. Hahaha these are loads better than my Christmas photos. I love them!

  2. These pictures are freaking adorable. Bobby is the most tolerant creature ever!

  3. SO FREAKIN' FESTIVE! I love Bobbert.

  4. What an angel. I nominate Bobby for sainthood!!

    That gave me some Xmas spirit, TY! :)

  5. Hahaha good for you! I wish more people would do this.

  6. Bobby looks very sad about his life lol

  7. Cute pics! If Bobby had a blog he might be venting about this... :P

  8. I'm impressed with the mighty wreath.

  9. Loooooooooove these. Bobby wins the father Christmas award!

  10. BAHA! He looks full of holiday spirit here.

  11. You have the best pony ever. He should dress up for Christmas everyday

  12. hahaha i'm dying - this is too much lol. he's got such a great derp face and that little bow on his face!

  13. BWAHAHAHAHA! Bobby looks so... so...

    Words fail me.

  14. Too Cute Tuesday is my new favorite Tuesday!

  15. This legit wins any cute Christmas photo contest ever.

  16. I saw those on Facebook yesterday and they literally made my week. That ribbon on his nose is priceless

  17. Bobby is adorable, stop kidding yourself. Horses with big sideways ears have extra personality. So much personality that italea their ears too heavy to hold up. I know because I have a horse of this sort also...

  18. Ahhh so cute!! I saw these the other day and totally wanted to subject Rico to such torture too. Amazing.

  19. Omg. Too cute indeed. I'm super impressed with both your creativity in pony decorating AND your pony's tolerance!

  20. Awesome photos, the puppy sugar cube box one & the last one are my favs - however the other are all absolutely legendary in their own right *clap*


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