Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oops, I did it again!

Disappeared, that is.

I woke up Monday half dead -- literally. Okay, maybe not literally but it felt like it. Freezing cold despite three blankets and a heating pad, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, yada yada. I managed to crawl into the car to drop it off that evening for its doctor's appointment the next day, but that was about all I did the whole week.

hubby's brother's dog lucy.
Friday, Hubby and I went up to NY for a wedding and stayed the night and most of the rest of Saturday at his parents' house. That's always a cluster fuck and it was no different this time. At least the wedding was fun. In general I'm not a fan of weddings nor of children and this wedding had lots of babies floating around. Fortunately, the baby at our table was the dopest baby that ever has lived. He didn't make a single sound the whole night, choosing instead to gaze around like a good fat-cheeked stoner. You're my type of baby, kid.

the pig dog.
Basically what I'm saying is that I haven't seen the hoss in an entire week. What. A. Travesty. So despite still feeling a little under the weather, Hubby and I trooped out to the barn this morning and I got in a so-so ride on Robert.

Fortunately for me, Bobby wasn't feeling half as fresh as he was last weekend and I was able to huff and puff around the arena for a good warm up on his part. My heavy breathing and constant sniffing was far from attractive though.

can't breathe...
We did some jumping.

Jumping over the xrail:


Some jumping over the gate:

such an outstanding rider.
Vertical to gate line:

Green vertical:

And then we were left with the oxer. It was 3'3 behind and 3' in front. In typical Carly fashion, I blew right by the ideal turning spot coming to a jump flush with the long side. Bobby blew through my hands, continued on our poorly planned left handed course, and rocketed over the jump. I took a peak as we shot forward and realized we were headed directly for the standards. Bobby was down with jumping anyways, but I was not down with a collision. I attempted a mid-air reroute and we didn't touch a thing, but holy bat shit crazy picture:

hey, george morris. how do you like them skillz?
After that EPICNESS, I gritted my teeth (or would have, had I been able to close my mouth and still breathe) and drilled that fucking oxer until we got it done. I found a good spot to turn in, found a good pace to come in at, and spent a half-dozen approaches trying to figure out my seat. Sit down? Yes, yes, all good. I'm not jumping ahead, but I am gripping with my knee and my lower leg in turn swings like a pendulum.

goood byeee, lower leg....
After one more mid-air yeehaw:

I was like, "Cancel this fucking plan." So I did this crazy half seat thing where I (prepare to be blown away) sat up and back a bit more and we went over no bigs:

It's a learning curve, folks. Although for me it seems more like a learning plunge through dangerous white water rapids where the only uphill peaks are when I go shooting out of the water for a split second before crashing back down and nearly drowning again.


So deep.

Anyways, the pony got stuffed with peppermints and had another arm-numbing curry (he preferred the cookies) before getting tucked back into his stall to wait for dinner.

Tomorrow, I'm going to hopefully pick up my car. I may or may not be arrested for assualt. We'll have to see how willing the garage is to work with me on the $300 extra they charged me for fixing something without my authorization. Oh, hellz no. Prepare to see the crazy blonde bitch emerge, Hawkins.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

High as a kite

I'm baack! How many of you missed me? How many of you even noticed I was gone? Answer: None. The downside of owning a Saturn (as if there was only one) is that Saturn is no longer in business so there are very few garages around that will deal with fixing the stupid thing. My car is still sitting in the driveway, waiting for its doctor's appointment on Tuesday. The good news is that Hubby pinpointed the problem as a hole in one of the brake lines so it should be a pretty easy, cheap fix. The bad news is that I haven't had a car for the past week. So what have I been doing with all my free time? A lot of this:

reading blogs and turning into a crazy cat lady.
Because I didn't have a life before....

Hubby took me up to the barn Monday and I did a dressage school. Nothing exciting to report there. I have some video, but it's not even exciting enough to take the time to upload.

No pony for four days, but I finally got back up on Saturday. I knew Bobby would be feeling fresh-to-death after the time off so another dressage school was a no-go. BO was teaching in the outdoor and I didn't really feel like jumping up there, so we headed up to the xcounty field to blow off some steam.

apparently we cross-cantered around a bit, too.

We trotted and cantered around a bit at the top of the field before hopping over a couple of the little jumps downhill. It was a good exercise for me, especially with shortened stirrups, because I am so scared of going downhill. But Bobby was being careful, though trying to take advantage every time I loosened his reins for a second, and we jumped around up there easily. Hubby was on the phone with a customer (Yes, on a Saturday! Punk.) so no pictures of those.

pretty much like this.
Since there's not much at the top of the field that interests us anymore (!), we trotted down to the lower half where the bigger jumps are. Bobby was being a little rude, but it was just pent up energy from time off. We cantered up to the picket fence which we haven't jumped yet. Bobby was locked on, but a hind leg slipped a stride out so he jumped it a little squirrely.

i, of course, didn't help matters.
He slipped again cantering off so I pulled him away from the fenceline and tried the trakhener further into the field. He was pulling really hard coming up to it until about three strides out where he really back off. I kept my leg on and gave him a tap with my whip, but he still launched it and totally jumped me right out of the tack.

really, how i don't fall off more often...
I told Hubby we were done there. Fresh or not, Bobby is an easy, easy horse to rate and he was blowing right through me. I remembered from the spring that he gets really worked up when the footing isn't prefect and I think he was just starting to get too anxious. I gave him a pat and let him walk down to the bottom of the field where I turned him around and let him rip up the hill.

He seemed happy with that and stopped stepping into the trot or canter as soon as I picked up my reins. I sponged him off and stuffed him full of cookies before Hubby and I went to the Bloomsburg Fair for the first time. The highlight? Seeing this JRT diving for his Frisbee!

Today I took Hubby's truck up to the barn by myself as Hubby worked on some of his stuff at home. I took Robert up to the outdoor for a jump school. But before jumping, I flatted him (of course) and since he was feeling pretty fab, I went for the flying change. I let him roll across the diagnol, and as we got to the corner and I felt him start to decide what to do, I gave him a little half halt before asking for the change with a firm poke from my spur. He skipped right over and carried on like it was NBD. Helloooo, where has this been?! I gave him lots of pats and moved on to the jumps.

Someone had moved most of the jumps around so I had new jumps to play over. Bonus. Today's arena set up:

We warmed up over the X, gate, and 3' green vertical. Bobby was super springy and flowy and I had a really nice time just cantering up to the jumps and enjoying the ride for once. I had walked and trotted him over the striped ground poles during warm up, but something about the stripes is rather offensive according to Bobby, so when I cantered him over them he leapt over them with his head between his knees to make sure they weren't going to jump up and eat him. He then landed about four feet further to the left than we came in, so I cantered off as if we had been doing a circle.

After a couple times through, he seemed satisfied he was safe to just canter over and we carried on to the low, wide oxer. Bobby gave a little grunt taking off the first time as he got a look at how wide it was, but he was still calm and forward to it without any wild take-off spots.

We finished with the 2'6 to 3' line. He was super good through that, only tapping the rail of the 3'. I looked behind me as we landed and it was still up, but as we rounded the corner I heard the thunk as it rolled to the ground. I set it back up and we ran through it again to finish there.

He really only had a problem with the gate once or twice. Other than that, he was a beasting pony face. I wish I could reproduce these rides at shows! I'm so relaxed and thinking and enjoying myself instead of having an inner spaz attack and letting Bobby get faster and faster and more and more strung out as I hold on for dear life and try to remember the course without puking.

lean, mean eventing machine.
i'm actually pretty pleased with how he's looking. nothing is ever
going to help his skinny brontosaurus neck.
 Since he was still trying to see what he could get away with--though today he responded instantly and politely to my half-halts--I took him out for a trail ride to do a little galloping when we were done jumping.

We were strolling along on the buckle until we got to the woods that led us to our galloping hill. Bobby set off into a trot as soon as we got into the trees. I picked up my reins to bring him back and he went right into the canter. I told him no, but he continued to alternate between a trot and canter. He probably would have walked if I'd made a big deal over it, but it was a gorgeous day out and my pony was ready for a run. He started literally bouncing up and down in place as we came around the bend and the hill was in front of us. I tried to point out that vertical motion was not getting us forward, but he was too excited. Galllopingggggggg!!!!

headed into the trees.
I let him gallop up the hill, then we walked past the food plot and into the next field where we cantered down and then galloped back up a different track. He was Sir Prance-a-lot even heading home. Pony Face is too fit for so many days off. Hopefully my car will be fixed Tuesday and I can get back out on a regular schedule again!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday Jumping

I had written an entire post yesterday only to have Blogger send it into a black hole. Thanks, Blogger. Thanks for nothing!

Yesterday Hubby and I set a new jump course up in the outdoor. Two sets of lines--2'6 vertical four strides to a 2'9 oxer, and 3' tires four strides to a 2'6 vertical--a big X, a 2'6 vertical on a diagnol, and the gate at 2'6.

I warmed him up over the X and the gate first. It became instantly apparent what I was going to have to work on the whole ride: me! Because that's something new, right? Bobby jumped the X the first several times from right on top of of it, as per usual. "I must not be going forward enough," I think. "I have the solution: run Bobby really fast at the jump!" Obviously that failed. So I exchanged my Dunce Cap for my Critical Thinking Cap and, you know, actually rode actively. Sure he needs to go more forward, but he also needs to be balanced. I half halted before the turn and he hopped right over. Amazing how that works.

The gate was another instance where the quick fix was simply riding actively and thinking about how Bobby needed to be set up. The first time over he got suprised by the turn and did the above twisty leap where I clearly did a really good jump helping him (coughnotcough). I did it twice more with normal results, neither of which Hubby got a picture of because he was trying to wrangle the naughty dogs.

We did the green vertical a couple times with no issues as there was a longer approach to it so I had a few more strides to get my shiz together. For the final single warm up fence I cut inside the tire line and did just the tires. Another long approach so another smooth couple of jumping efforts. I feel a little ridiculous getting him to land on the correct lead over a jump, but he is landing on the lead I want so I don't mind looking like a moron for now. Also, 3' is really starting to feel like nothing, especially when I ride...not like a complete fool.

I moved on to the tire line, trying it first from the right and coming up to the tires to the vertical. It was a tight, tight turn to get to the tires and while Bobby did go over I didn't feel like it was a fair turn for him so I came down to the vertical to the tires instead from there on out.

Well, that game plan didn't go very smoothly. I couldn't find my line to save my friggin' life which wasn't a bad thing because Bobby landed from the vertical and yanked the reins out of my hands repeatedly. I don't know what got up his fanny, but he was all, "We're jumpingggg! YANK." I finally sat him right down on his rumpus on landing. That woke him up and he was quite polite from there on out.

The next monster to tackle was the vertical to oxer line. As proven by every grid I've jumped, I suck at finding my spot when coming into a jump off a short distance from the rail. Again, once I balanced him before I turned, he jumped better.

It was still not very good though. Lines are my big downfall right now. Probably because I suck at riding them:

But! That's just something to put on the list to work on, and I love having things to conquer and cross off. Riding a line will just be another one of them. The good part of the whole ride was that I'm starting to feel like Bobby and I are becoming a team. I still kind of feel like I'm trying to pass off Red's goals onto him, but instead of it overwhelming him like I was this spring, he's stepping up to the plate. That's probably not a very good reason to "like" him more, but as he's getting better I'm starting to appreciate his own style and personality instead of comparing everything he does to Red.

We finished off with the tire line. Hubby raised the vertical to 3' as well and Bobby skipped right through it. He made the turn well (I had revised my turn-off spot by about three lengths so I was actually coming in from a good angle), landed lightly looking at the next jump, took me to the tires quickly but easily and went right over, landing on the left lead and cantering easily off. Good pony face.

His form might not look fabulous, but keep in mind he's only started jumping real jumps on a regular schedule this year. He's starting to feel like the bigger the jumps get, the easier they are for him. That is, once I ride like an attentive rider instead of a cracked out goldfish. Better put that one on the list of things to conquer, too....

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Look what I caught!

Hubby and I were driving past the mini farm down the road from his work on the way home from the barn when we saw this little lady running the fence line... on the wrong side of the fence! I made Hubby pull over and grabbed one of the dog's leashes to see if I could capture her. As soon as I stepped out of the truck, she came trotting right over to me and stopped with her head stuffed into my hands. "Help me! I'm not a wild pony!"

I made a halter out of the leash (Ahhh, tiny pony! You so cute!) and Hubby and I set off down the fence line to see if anyone was at the house. No one was there, so we stuck her in the arena where there was some grass for her to munch on until her owners got home. She happily started grazing, even with her (I assume) pasture mate screaming its head off in one of the adjoing pastures. I figured I was better off sticking her in the arena by herself than taking a chance on who she went out with.

The cutest part? This farm! Everything was in miniature--from the fences to the gates to the little trail obstacles in the arena. Gosh, I love tiny ponies.

so. cute.
Robert had a most excellent dressage school in the outdoor this afternoon. We worked on canter lengthenings again both directions. To the right, I started off asking him to lengthen with a poke from my spur. Wrong idea obviously. He instantly swapped behind and I had to bring him back to a trot and try again. After a few times I figured out how to ride and asked him with my calves and seat. He wasn't too keen on coming back, but to the left he was fabulous. I made a point not to ask with any hand and use just my seat. All I had to do was sit deeper coming to the corner and he came right back to me. Such a smart pony face.

He had one minor melt down after switching to the left from cantering to the right. I made him walk for fifteen minutes while he threw a subtle temper tantrum--curling behind the bit, giraffe impressions, drifting into the fence, and various other dramatics that were totally uncalled for. I made him do walk-halt transitions and he threw himself into them nearly yanking the reins out of my hands. I immediately made him back waaay up, and after two times of that he got the hint it was easier to just halt. He was finally going well enough that I asked him to trot, and from there on out he was super fancy. Who's your boss, Robert? Oh, that's right--me!

I do need to think up a game plan on how to make this switch to the left direction easier. At this point we have to restart from step one. Any suggestions?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Real Break Through, Real Break Down.

I made Robert do some real dressage work yesterday. True fancy prancing, my friends. He had a long walk warm up and by the time we started trotting Bobby was feeling ready to work. I put him through a regular warm up before asking him to start moving more uphill like a legit dressage pony instead of a slightly dressage-looking hunter horse. Bobby was all, "Whaaaa?!" until I gave up posting and started sitting.

I'm far more capable of getting results when I'm in sitting trot. Something about forcing myself to use my seat... What. A. Concept. I was all, "Faaaancy Praaaancing horsies go uphill, Mr Maaaaageeeee." (Yes, I do sing little songs to Bobby when I'm riding. Don't judge.) And he was all, "This is SO HARD, you wench!"

It was really hard. My abs were screaming, but Bobby was giving me what I asked for. It was inconsistent, but it is in there and it is pretty fancy. We pretty much looked like this:

For like, one stride. Ok, maybe not quite that fancy as Bobby is still Bobby, but we were holding it for longer than one stride--half the arena at a time, at least. I am super excited to keep working on this. My core? Not so much.

We also attempted a little canter lengthening as I've been looking over the Training A test. Novice A is basically the same as the BN tests and I can't stand just going into the arena and doing circles. We are not planning on moving up to training any time soon! The lengthenings were there. Not just going fast, but getting bigger. All that real dressage work at the trot helped us out. Coming back from the lengthenings? Uhh.... no comment. I can only ride well for so long.

It was such a gorgeous day outside that I decided to go out on a quick trail ride for a romp up our gallop hill. Here's the silly thing about me being so nervous on xcountry--I enjoy going fast. I used to be an exercise rider. Going fast does not scare me. So why do I choke Bobby back to a lope on course?!!!!???! Here's my game plan for next month's event: Go super fast between fences. Bobby adjusts and rates with a thought from me. I can slow him down to a pace I'm comfortable with before fences. In summary: Stop being such a wimp and start some critical thinking.

halfway down the gallop path, headed home.
Now for the real break down part. No, I did not break Bobby. Thankfully. I was driving home minding my own business and this crazy woman pulled out right in front of me talking on her phone. I laid on my horn and stood on my brakes to avoid ramming her. I burned rubber, but managed to not hit her. She gave a little wave out her window and kept on driving. So rude, right? But it doesn't end there.

I was coming into town and down a hill, so I pressed down on my brakes to slow down. And pressed down, and down, and down....and still no brakes. Fortunately, my little old Saturn is an automatic so I was able to shift down and pull off onto a side rode and park. Also fortunately, I have AAA that covers tows. However, AAA doesn't cover car repairs. Hubby started looking it over last night and didn't see any brake fluid anywhere and said the brake pads and drums looked fine. He thinks it's something to do with a vacuum or something? I don't know. Something to do with air pressure. Something that's going to cost money to fix!

remember the kittens we picked up off the road?
hubby fell in love with one and she's staying with us.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lack of Cohesion.

Basically, just a fancy not totally fitting way of saying this post is going to be a lot of random shit. Where shall we start? Hows about with our neighbor's new additions:

horse one.

horse two.
Our neighbors are clearly Mennonites, renting a house with a small barn and small pasture from another Mennonite family. Hubby and I had been hearing a horse neigh all day long, and as we were chilling out on the porch the other night the paint horse was led down the road and back, followed a few minutes later by this Thoroughbred looking horse. I have no clue what they're doing with them. Riding them eventually I assume.

my horse.
Bobby got Monday off. Yesterday I went out with armfuls of newly cleaned crap that had to go back in my locker and tack box and to check his legs. His front legs were a little poofier than usual--something that probably wouldn't even be noticed on another horse because his legs are naturally really tight. However, he does stock up pretty easily and he'd been in his stall for a few hours already. I gave him a good grooming, rubbed some alcohol on his ankles, pulled his bell boots back on in record time, and took him up to graze and walk around a bit.

donkey ears.
also looks like someone needs their neck massaged again.
I picked a spot on the bank and played with my phone while Bobby grazed. I glanced over at him as he wandered farther down and happened to see this fucking monster next to me:

It was spider with a mushroom cap on its back or something, only it was part of its giant spider body!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!! Naturally I got the fuck out of there and sat down elsewhere only to see this creepy thing next to me:

I hate catepillars. Grazing time is over, Bobby. Sue invited me out on a trail ride with her and BO and since Sue has a young, still kind of green, unfairly adorable horse, I agreed since I knew we wouldn't be doing anything crazy.

sunny: bobby's cute, cuddly, baby horsie counter part in barbie colors.
Sue and I went down to the indoor and did a little work while we waited for BO to get back. Bobby and I only walked, working on some lateral work. We headed out and did a really fun hour and a half ride. A little trotting and a little cantering, but mostly walking. BO showed me a new way to go--or really the rest of the trail that I wasn't sure we were allowed to ride on--and pointed out a few more spots we were allowed to ride. Awesome!

Bobby will have today off, probably an easy dressage ride tomorrow, and then Friday off too. Our next (and final) show isn't until the end of October so no rush. We're finishing off the year at Novice since Burgundy is such an easy course. I thought about also doing Plantation at Novice the next weekend, but between money restraints and confidence restraints (on my part), we're just going to finish there instead.

Monday, September 10, 2012


It was a looong day, but I was able to cross off the final goal on my 2012 goal list and compete in and complete our first recognized event! The courses were awesome, the volunteers were the best out of any of the shows I've been to, and the competitors were typical friendly and encouraging eventers. We pulled in, got Bobby off the trailer, and right away someone pulled over to comment on the location on the side of Hubby's truck. Turns out it was the dad of one of the competitors in our area that used to board with Sarah. He sells Point Two air vests and told us to be on the lookout for his daughter's hot pink vest on course.

Anyway, what you actually want to hear about....


I gave Bobby extra warm up time because of how tense he was here last month. We needed every single second and he was still distracted and pissy. There's just so much atmosphere going on around at Bucks--stadium was running on the grass next to the warm up ring, three dressage rings were going at once, and horses were walking to and from trailers and the xcountry course, both of which you could see from our dressage ring.

Dressage Test

In the video, Bobby actually looks pretty fancy. What you can't tell is that he was pulling like a freight train and I was seriously relieved we made it through the whole test without breaking into a canter. I told Hubby when we got out of the ring, "We can't be accused of not going forward this time!" He was also weaving around like a drunken sailor for every single long line. We racked up a lot of sixes with comments like "Right drift" and "Falling left" and "Not straight. Weaving." Yep. Not our best test by any means, but not our worst yet either. We squeaked out a 35.2 with several sevens and two eights to put us in fourth.


first fence-itis.

Stadium was running ahead and I was told I could wait until my ride time if I wanted, but people were starting to pour in and I didn't want Bobby or myself to get any more flustered than usual so I said I'd go. The awesome woman volunteer coordinating times gave me a war cry and a pep talk as I very nervously walked in. "You are so ready! Go get it, girl!" The volunteer in charge of the gate told me to take my time and have fun. I totally need stupid little things like that because I freak myself out something awful. I don't know why I get so nervous, but I can't focus for anything and everything we work on at home goes right out the window.

flying through the double.

We can't be accused of not going forward this time either. Bobby hauled ass around the course. With the exception of the first fence, he didn't get a single short spot. In fact, he took out a whole stride in the two stride double. Good thing it wasn't a hunter round! But again, I was super anxious the whole round and the whole releasing thing went out the window and it was all I could do to focus long enough to remember the next jump. Grrrrr. I think I need to find some jumper shows next year to sprinkle in because this is just turning out to be a hot mess. If Bobby wasn't such a superstar who jumps from wherever whenever without touching the rails, we'd be in more trouble than we already are.

serious superstar.

Cross Country

Course Walk. Sorry about the cell phone quality pictures!

As we were walking over, I realized that I'd forgotten to grab my newly bought watch to make sure I wasn't going too slow. I shrugged it off. It was a long course, but even if we didn't hit the six-ish minutes for optimum time, I felt pretty confident I could at least make it in under the twelve minute max time. I mean, really. I may be the worst judge of pace on the planet, but I can at least tell the difference between a trot and a canter.

robert loves the water.

The BN Horse division was out on course as I was walking around warm up and there were run outs and sliding stops left and right over the first three fences I could see. It was not confidence inspiring and I was literally shaking by the time I got the one minue notice. The fence I fell at last month was fourth on course and that was freaking me out on top of my already ridiculous nerves. What if he stops? What if I miss a jump? What if I fall again? The woman going after me--who ended up winning our division--must have taken pity on me and came up to tell me, "You know the nerves will go away once you get out there. Just take a deep breath and have fun." I have no idea who she was and I didn't say anything out loud about the fact that I felt like puking, so I must have looked just as terrified as I felt. But that put a smile on my face and I gritted my teeth and sent Bobby off.

i didn't fall off!!
There are long runs between most of the jumps and as I was headed to the third fence, I was literally near tears and about to pull Bobby up and retire just because I was freaking myself out so badly. What. The. Hell. I decided that if I made it over the dreaded fourth fence, I would start counting down how many jumps I had to go and focus only on that. We came up to the fourth, I sat deep, put my leg on, and gave Bobby a solid smack on the shoulder when I saw my spot. I let out the loudest "GOOD BOY!!!" and gave him a huge pat.

a little wiggly to fence 12.

The next two went well, and then it was a sharp right turn around a big bush to the seventh fence. Bobby locked onto the fence in front of us (unflagged) and I had to give him a pretty sharp tug to get him over. He was way too far to the right and I then I had to give him a big opening left rein. Having to actively ride started to get my head in the game and instead of being super nervous, I was starting to--dare I say it?--have fun.

fatso watching the novice riders while cooling off
in the water jump.
The rest of the course was a breeze. As he kept going, I was getting more confident. Once he launched himself into the water, I had a smile plastered on my face for the rest of the ride. A lot of people said they had issues at the chevron. You came out of the woods to the parking area. There was a rope to keep trucks and trailers away from the jump which made it a tight turn to get to the fence. Riders said their horses wanted to go back to the trailers, but Bobby didn't even notice them. We came out of the woods and he was looking for the jump. This horse loves his xcountry. He stopped grazing to watch the riders go by us when training xcountry started, and once I started tacking him up he stood like a statue staring at the course. One more reason my nerves are so ridiculous. All I really have to do is stay on and I'm set. Bobby is going to jump the jumps, no questions asked.

finishing like a boss.
We were slow. I let him pick up the pace for the second half, but I was such a weirdo about the first half that we ended up picking up a whopping twenty time penalties. Part of me knew I was going slow. We weren't at cruising speed by any means, and I was nervous. Buuut another part of me didn't realize how slow we were going. Stupid watch chilling back at the trailer. However, this is clearly something else to work on and now that I have a watch, I can wheel out distances in the xcountry field and teach myself how to go faster than a lope. Durh.

but still! WE FINISHED!!!
I am SO PROUD of Mr Magee. What a change this dude has been through. Not to mention, how frickin' lucky am I to have a horse that puts up with me being a hot mess of nerves and only asks that I show him which jump I want him to go over? We both need more mileage to finess my riding, but we ended up moving up one spot even with the time faults and finished our first recognized event in third.

ribbon ho is satisfied.

our adorable neighbor pongo brought home a 7th in bn h.