Monday, December 8, 2014

Equestrian Journey Blog Hop: What will you NOT do?

You know I love me a good blog hop for filler, so I'm definitely jumping on board for this one from Equestrian JourneyWe all like to share on our blogs what we do with our horses and what we would like to do, but I want to know what you will NOT do.

none of this, thanks.

I'm a surprisingly non-judgemental person (and I say surprisingly because I'm also a total bitch), so there isn't much that I look at and think "That is so totally wrong. I would never do that." I tend to leave things alone and let people go their own ways as long as they let me do the same. Use your gadgets, longe your horse for an hour before getting on it, tell Fu Fu it's okay that he can walk on top of you because he's "scared of the barn cat", yada yada. Whatever.

The one thing I won't tolerate is paying for a service that doesn't get delivered. As the name of this blog implies, money doesn't flow freely in Carly Land. I pick and choose what I spend it on carefully, and I can't just stand there and watch it disappear without getting something back.

I've moved my horse(s) two times since we moved down here to PA, and both moves were because I wasn't getting what I signed a contract for.

I went through three farriers before being done with the whole thing, pulling my horse's shoes, and doing the work myself because no one would do what I was asking them to, and they weren't willing to take any suggestions on their work.

I paid for four lessons with my BO, and while the first was worth it, the quality of instruction that I was asking for wasn't there following that one, and I won't use her again.

Those are a few semi-recent, relevant examples, but the theory applies to everything in the horse world--and really the rest of my life, too. If you're not delivering good hay, you're not getting my money. If your product doesn't last like it should, I won't buy from you again. If you won't return my calls, you don't get my business.

Don't mess with bitchy me, basically.


  1. Most excellent! I love this hop and I should totally do it, except I'm the WORST at actually following through on these things.

  2. love this - it's an excellent philosophy, and one i'm so guilty of going against (i can rationalize away almost anything - including my own hard-earned funds...)

  3. Ha! I think this is something everyone should do!

  4. This is so true!!!!! I work too hard for my money to be throwing it away!

  5. Love it, and completely agree. It's not even being bitchy, it's being practical.


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