Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Bobby post

I'm baaack! Yay! Though if I look at page views and comments, I think you guys like me more when I just schedule shit.

Whatever. I hate all of you, too.

No, just kidding! Although I do hate that all of you look like you continued to do fun things last week and posted about them. I now have have ten million bajillion blog posts to catch up on, and I am determined to read every last one of them. Couldn't the blogosphere have gone into hibernation for the holiday? Does the world not revolve around the fact that I don't have a laptop anymore to read posts while I'm away? WHAT IS THIS INJUSTICE?!

My short-lived vacation was pretty fabulous. I ate way too much food, bought way too many Christmas presents on Black Friday, and convinced my mom to get me new tall boots for Christmas. Winning! Plus we missed all the bad weather out here in PA.

hubby's boss sent us this on wednesday. that's our house under 8" of snow.
there was nothing left when we got home sunday. also winning.

I went out to the barn for the first time yesterday morning. Bobby was none the worse for wear, aside from looking like he'd just sat around for a full week. I had to trim his raggedy ass front feet, undo the janky ass braids from his mane, re-mow his bridle path, pick a week's worth of shavings from his tail, and trim around his face to erase all signs of a goat beard.

i went to the carriage house to get the hoof stand and walked out to find bobby
waiting for me. he thought since the puppies and i got to leave, he should too.
btw, check out that forelock comb-over look. wtf, bro?

After he looked like he could be shown to the public with nothing more than the usual "My horse is so ugly and awkward errday", I got him tacked up and stuck him on the longe in the indoor. He looked very stiff and even a little lame as soon as he picked up the trot. But I learned last year that this type of wet, chilly weather really affects his Lyme and that's just the way he comes out. After ten minutes on the line, he was looking a thousand times more comfortable and was cruising along without issue.

Once I got on, he was feeling like a young, fit, naked Thoroughbred on a cold day that hadn't been ridden in a week. I threw in some quick transitions, but that quickly went out the window as that type of work just makes Bobby super fired up. Off my leg? More like about to be launched into outer space if I think about moving back up to the canter. Sometimes you've just gotta trot it out, yo. In two point. With a bridge in your reins. And some Disney songs going through your head to relieve your boredom as your horse powers around in endless laps at mach ten.

Eventually he sort of settled down enough, and I quit after only fifteen minutes or so. He was really stretching down at the trot and canter to the left, and he wasn't too horrendous to the right so I called it a win for the first ride back.

first ride back foamy face. i'll allow it.

Today was slightly more intensive. A baby horse was getting longed when we got to the indoor so instead of also longeing Bobby I just doubled our walk warm up. It wasn't nearly as damp outside today--although it was significantly colder--and I think that made him feel a little better.

We did a lot of stretchy trot to warm up which I am so in love with. Bobby has always been the worst at stretching, but he's decided he's now the best at it. I much prefer this new Bobby. He was still a bit of a monster as far as needing to get some crazies out, so I channeled the forward energy over a teeny tiny little oxer someone had left out. We jumped it on a circle a few times each way, and he felt more settled after that.

We finished up by running through Training A and doing a bit more stretchy trot because it's so fun.

stretching makes bobby happy.

He'll get tomorrow off because I said so, and then a ride in the dressage saddle (which I was too lazy to pull out the past two days), and probably an easy jump school Friday.

puppies and pony frolicking!


  1. Holy crap snow. Welcome back to real life!

  2. You're funnier when you're actually here. Welcome home, this week's weather is going to be craptastic!

  3. Disney songs make anything better. Glad you missed the crazy snow!

  4. Definite score for missing the snow. :-) Welcome back.

  5. Way to miss out on the snow! Good timing fo sho.

  6. welcome home!! sounds like bobby is happy to be back in work too - yay for stretching!!

  7. Wow - balls of steel to get on him at all that first day back? I'd have turned out, longed, and said "see ya tomorrow pal."

  8. I can't even imagine what eight feet of snow looks like...

  9. Haha I missed the snow too over thanksgiving! When I got to the barn Sunday everything was almost all melted and I was like, NAILED IT.

  10. Welcome back! Missed your posts!

  11. Welcome back & way to moss the snow.
    Sounds like we're not the only ones to miss you, Bobby stretchin like a boss is his way of saying 'mama don't leave me again - i can be stretchy'

  12. I laugh everytime I see "naked" horse.
    He's looking sexual. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a fresh horse, I was beginning to wonder haha.
    Sidenote, had no idea he had Lyme

  13. "F*@# IT AALLLL! F*@# IT AALLLL! DON'T GIVE A SH*T ANYMORE!" *power strides* Welcome back girly.

    1. **if you didn't get it... "Frozen" lyrics gone awry**

  14. Awwww... but I rock the combed over forelock, too!

  15. Im catching up on posts while you are posting about catching up. I better get back to posting!!


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