Sunday, December 22, 2013

2014 Goals

Alright. Let's set some fucking achievable goals this year. I don't want to come back at this time in 2014 and get another big, fat F- on achievements.

Performance Goals:

1. Diversify! I had the most fun this year dabbling outside of the eventing world. Best of all, it doesn't involve hours long road trips to get anywhere. I want to go to at least one gymkhana, and I want to get Bobby more confirmed with driving.

2. Dressage it. We missed one dressage show this year due to lack of entries and another due to lameness. Not going to happen again. I'll make the goal First Level, but I'd like to be pretty confirmed in schooling the Second Level movements so.....maybe show that as well?

3. The Big T. We are moving up to Training this season. I am so over dicking around between BN and N. I'm feeling confident in Bobby's ability, and his soundness. Most of all, I feel like we're going into this winter with forward fucking momentum. We're going to jump a lot. The dressage is already there. Bring it.

Personal Goals:

1. Monthly Goals. Lamest monthly goal ever, but I really like the blogs that set out their monthly goals. Plus, damn do I love lists. I think this is going to be key to getting us to Training--a step-by-step process instead a wild scramble at the last second. Starting January, look for a monthly goal post.

2. Barefoot Education. Dang, having a barefoot horse saves me money! I want to further my education on trimming so that I don't accidentally cripple my horse. Also, if Bobby can stay barefoot and sound for an entire season? Um, I should win an award. Someone look into that.

Aaaaand that's all I've got. Obviously "win all the ribbons" goes without saying. And things like "not die" or "don't get eliminated".


  1. haha I too am going to do monthly goals next year :D ya for quantitative analysis!

  2. Lists are our friends!

  3. Love the goals! I'm hoping to set some soon.

  4. Great goals, shall have to think of some for my divas

  5. T. Oh man. You've got bigger balls than I do. I volunteer to send you a trophy if Bobby stays sound, you heard it here first!

  6. Love all of these goals. I am inspired to get some goals written down myself.


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