Thursday, January 1, 2015

December Review, January Goals

December Review

1. Keep jumping. Yes, I kept at it even though we were forced to do the majority of it in the indoor which I hate with a fiery fucking passion. I hate you, indoor jumping. I really fucking hate you.

2. Don't forget the dressage. Not sure where this new cooperative dressage horse came from, but I'm not giving him back if the old Bobby shows up.

3. 3100 sit up challenge. Yes ma'am. Not nearly as easy as when I did it the past year for some reason (like my fat roll was running interference this time around or something), but it got done.

4. Incorporate ground work. Holla! We did a lot of pre-ride longeing where I had Bobby do ten million super quick transitions, and I taught him to side pass over a pole in hand which then transferred over to doing it under saddle. Ground work with Bobby is fun because he's so good at it.

one year of bobby magee. 

January Goals

1. Gymnastics. Bobby. Relax yourself, fool. Otherwise you're going to crash through everything.

2. Move it, heifer. I hate working out. I hate pretending like getting fit is a priority for me. I like to sit. All the time. But, hey--lazy people can do fitness goals, too! Alternate yoga days with sit up days, and take the dogs on their forty five minute walk every day. That's about as much as I can reasonably muster.

3. Lengthenings. These mysteriously come and go with Bobby. When they're there, they're fabulous. When they're not, he's just running around like an asshole. So I'd like to get them more consistent. And I'd like to get them on video for you guys because they're pretty fucking awesome when he consents to doing them correctly.

4. First tests. I haven't really looked at these since I printed them off when they first came out. I'd like to at least start picking them apart and working on pieces.


  1. Bring it on!
    Thanks for the fitness reminder - i needs to do something about that too!

  2. Awesome goals! I might have to join in on the 3100 sit up challenge this month. Maybe :)

  3. 3100 sit up challenge? Need to google that...

  4. Just want to throw this out there because it is working wonders for me, but Fitness Blender has a great 8 week program for busy people that consists of 30 minute workouts per day (includes warmup and cool down stretching + yoga days) and all you need are some dumbbells. And these workouts will kick your ass, but at 30 minutes they go by so quickly! Only $10 too~ :)

  5. You did all those sit ups?! YOU ARE CRAZY.

  6. I am on the move it heifer plan myself this month!

  7. Yeah- count me in for the 'move it, heifer' goal. But... chocolate.
    Great goals! And love the 12 months of Bobby. Really interesting, actually.

  8. You can do it! (In crazy Mexican voice)

  9. LOL this lazy person also has fitness goals!

  10. congrats on a solid december!! would def love to see those lengthenings on video too!

  11. Pig also has notoriously mysterious lengthenings/mediums. What's helping us is developing a better and more nuanced half halt. Pig has the strength to do the medium, he would just prefer to do two steps of it, fall on his forehand, and forge away towards the corner. I really have to sit up and half halt him without losing the elasticity of my contact in my elbows.

    It's a bitch.


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