Monday, September 8, 2014

WRC Dressage Show

Yeah, yeah. I know I said I wouldn't go to this show again if they kept the same organizer from the last time I went, but the show just fit so perfectly into my schedule, and they'd already done another one in the meantime which would in theory give them more practice with things like time management and common sense, that I sent in my entry anyway.

And I was pleasantly surprised! My barn mate L was also showing that day, and she gave us a heads up that they were actually running early (She was showing Training so had earlier times than me.).

the giant fancy warmblood behind us beat us in 1-3.
oh. spoiler alert?

When we got there, I went up to the office to check in and get my number (that I forgot to put on the entire show) and was greeted by half a dozen people. Ahhhh....get more help and the show runs better! Magic! I was also given a Champion ribbon from the last show that I chose not to wait around for.

Bam. Didn't even have my horse unwrapped yet and I was already Champion. Celebrity status.

Or something.

I was the first rider to go after a thirty minute lunch break. I was counting on the judge and management keeping up with the efficiency L said they were showing and not backing up the break a full hour so I got on half an hour early for warm up. Bobby went right to work, and while slightly annoyed with Warmblood Rider meandering around the massive ring when we were the only two in it, I stuck to the back half and pretty much just ignored her. I wanted my own 20 meter circle for once, dammit!

just starting warm up.
slouchy shoulders ftw. 

Bobby warmed up pretty fabulously. A little derpy to start, but once I started in on the serpentines and transitions, he got to work. He was strong in the canter, and I probably should have not asked for a lengthening, but in the past his first lengthenings are pretty sleepy. Well this one was not. I barely brought him back from this one.

whoa, wild stallion. come back to me!

We finished up and stood around for a few minutes before the judge came down and we were called over. Efficiency! People on the ground! Organization! Marvelous!


We cross the waiting area over to the main ring and Bobby immediately sets off at the trot with no indication from me. Um, what's the rush, bro? I don't know why he was so pumped to get into the dressage ring, or if he was hoping he'd get to do the jumping when he was done and wanted it over with as fast as possible.

He was a monster in the test. My shoulders were literally shaking when we were done he was pulling so hard. I let my reins get too long so that obviously didn't help us any, and the test kind of spiraled out of control to sloppy, quick, and tense.

Free walk? Kind of. Medium walk? Try jig. Canter circle? Try Bobby moment (around 2:30 in the video if you want to watch only that). Fortunately, he kind of got it out of his system toward the end, and after his tantrum in the first circle, the only place he really made a mistake was breaking to the canter in his final trot lengthening.

The judge was very fair. I felt like she tried to give us every point she could, but she wasn't afraid to mark us down where it was deserved either. Her comment on the test was "Capable horse! Rider needs to adjust reins through test and help horse with balance and suppleness."

Well, yes, but my horse can also be a colossal asshole without any input from me. Not saying I wasn't contributing, but he's certainly capable of many things...

We scored a 61.724% which won the class--and also goes to show how stiff the local dressage competition is around here.


I ditched the whip straight away and headed back over to the warm up ring where I put Bobby back on a circle and spent the next ten minutes doing nothing but getting him listening to half halts. Welcome back, control!

Only problem was that I hadn't asked for any sideways movement, and since Bobby mysteriously forgets he's ever done a leg yield before when he gets to a show--even though they are perfection at home--when we got to the first one he slammed on the breaks and threw up his head. Ah, Bobby.

He changed behind heading across the arena at the canter and got a 3 for that. Then he picked up a 7 for his medium walk, 6 for free walk, and 7.5 for working trot. Not to get cocky, he refused to stretch down at R and got a 5 there. So many different numbers! Thanks, Bobby!

Overall though, a lot more control. Just a hot mess in the leg yields. We won this class as well with a 64.730%. Just think what we could score if someone didn't express his opinion so violently at least once, and usually twice....three times....


I tried to school a few leg yields before heading back in for this test. It wasn't happening. Didn't happen in the test either. Dick. We somehow made it over to X for the figure eight which started out really well until I shortened my rein a touch halfway through it. Bobby was all, "Canter time!" And then it just spiraled out of control from there.

I gave him some scratchies to let him know that he didn't need to carry on with that nonsense for the rest of the test and he kept it together. We even got 7.5s for the 15m circles at A and C which have been hard for us in the past! However, my counter canter loops were too shallow (oops), and I changed lead through walk instead of trot (totally thought I was supposed to--double oops).

We scored a 61.774% and took second. Judges comments were "Athletic/fun horse! Just a couple of mistakes in this test. Otherwise, on the right track!"

The good news:

  • The judge liked Bobby.

good. you can have him.

  • Yay, we didn't fall on our faces for the canter at A and C!
  • The lengthenings came with us to the show!
work it. 

The bad:

  • Notice how my horse likes to check in with me at the first halt every. single. time? Isn't that so friendly? Just wondering why he has to halt right off the bat when he's an event horse, and event horses don't have to halt until the end. Such a curious dude. 
  • P.S. Way to be a tool. 

In the end, we came home with another Champion ribbon and a little bit of swag.

trying to pull the ribbons off his halter. so helpful. 

Three more weeks until Burgundy Hollow, and then we are donezo for the year.


  1. I always love your commentary and conversations with Roberto. Congrats on the satin! :)

  2. That lengthened trot! Well, at least you got some awesome ribbons even if he was a bit of a jerk, lol.

  3. Holy lengthening!!!! Wow!!! Color me impressed and congrats on the Champion(s).

  4. What a badass (ya both)! Congrats!

  5. Congrats on your swag! Lovely lengthenings too :)

  6. He doesn't look like a tool in the videos at all! He must be hiding it well cuz he looks pretty good to me. A few bobbles but he seems pretty willing in general and always gets right back to work.

  7. woo hoo congrats - and way to go bobby!!

  8. Yay for show management stepping it up AND two champion ribbons!

  9. Congrats on the champions & satin haul lady. Way to kick ass Roberto & Carl - you guys are rock *****

    1. Gargh stupid phone autocorrect, I honestly typed Carly NOT Carl

  10. Well done champions² !

    Love the family shot at the end. So much satin - almost covers Mr. Magee's handsome mug. ;D

  11. TWO champion ribbons in one show? WIN!

  12. Congrats!! Glad the show organizers did a better job this time!

  13. Nice! Congrats on the good results!

  14. Congratulations!! Those lengthenings are ridiculous, they need to stick around for the next show too!

  15. I love the video commentary! I'm not a dressage type but I thought you guys looked solid.

    1. Oh, gosh. I didn't even listen to them with the sound on until this morning. I like how Hubby just throws out any horse term he knows. Leg yields do not = cross cantering, Hubby.

  16. Oh, Bobby. Why iz u so opinionated? Although, to be fair... I think you'd be bored with a horse who had less personality <3

  17. So this might be super weird but I actually had a dream about you and Bobby last night. I was watching the 1-2 test and as you exited the arena someone called you over for the Grand Prix test and I was super confused so someone told me that you rode the 1st level tests instead of warming up and that made sense, apparently. After the grand prix (which you rode splendidly) I was trying to catch you to talk to you but you kept disappearing in the weird alleyways of this dusty barn we were in.

    So anyhow. That's what I get for reading blogs immediately before bedtime.

    1. The life of a baller is a hard one. Sorry you weren't able to talk to me.

      Also, WHAT. Glad I at least rocked the Grand Prix?

  18. holy crap, love his trot lengthenings! That last shot is super!

    Also. Total high-fives all around - way to work him through it all.


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