Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Benton Rodeo

I have become a bit of a gaming snob. My fellow barn mates had to put me in my place last night by reminding me that I am riding a very large event horse. That fact that he's able to go as fast as he can while making such tight turns is pretty badass. Stop whining.

dressage canter.
fellow barn mates easy to spot by their helmets.

It rained all weekend, on and off Monday, and most of Tuesday morning. BO kept asking us if we were sure we wanted to go if it was raining, and we were all unanimous in telling her, "Well, duh, BO!" There was one final heavy shower right before we left, and then it was done for the night. The best part was that the threat of rain kept a lot of people away so it didn't look like we were going to be there til midnight this year.

classic robert face, hanging out after warm up.

The footing in the ring after getting dragged was pretty deep and sticky. Bobby wasn't too happy with it, so we walked for a long time before doing a single lap of canter each way. When we were done, I went back to change into my stupid required long sleeved shirt and grab Bobby's halter and pacifier lead shank to hang out ringside and eat dinner while we waited for the show to get started.

watching the rodeo chicks arrive.


Amazingly, all the lessons horses had their brains in their heads this year so we didn't have to pony anyone in. Bobby was happy to hang out next to the chute with his amigos and alternated napping and watching the nuttier of horses go in.

The only incident was when the only junior in from our barn not wearing a helmet (because she is "too western" to wear one, and she never does anything that would actually require one anyway--obviously her logic, not mine), fell off the horse she was riding during her keyhole run. Mm hmm. #HelmetKarma

pre-keyhole peptalk.

Bobby had been doing pretty well with his barrels leading up to the rodeo, but I wasn't feeling to great about keyhole. Since he always does worse at shows in keyhole than at home, the fact that he wasn't even doing that hot at home was a little discouraging. However, we spent Tuesday morning at the walk and trot going into the cones repeatedly, and his turns got sharper and sharper.

The footing in the ring was actually better with all the horses that had been over it, so we went for it for keyhole. Anticipating a crappy turn, I slowed him quite a bit approaching the cones, but he did the best turn he's ever done.

We ended up with a 10.61 second run. Two full seconds faster than last year's rodeo, and a second faster than our last gaming show. However, with best horses running a fast nine seconds, we just missed on the top six--the sixth placed pair was 10.4 seconds. Not too shabby though!


The adult division was the biggest of the night, so we had a long wait for keyhole to finish before barrels started. I commandeered a friend's step stool while she went to get food and parked it with Robert ringside to hang out.

caution: nutty ottb in the house.

Bobby spent a little too much time napping before barrels, and not being a particularly hot horse at shows anyway meant it took some time getting him "riled up" again. Plus, I'd accidentally poked him with a spur during keyhole (which I probably wouldn't even have noticed if I wasn't super paranoid about riding in these beastly things), so I'd taken the spurs off out of guilt.

sleepy horse says it's past his bedtime

Just like last year, he came running into the ring without really looking for the barrels. He was just pumped he was getting to run. That made the first barrel a bit of a mess, and the lack of spurs made the run to the next barrel super slow, but his second turn wasn't too shabby considering that's usually his worst.

Again, I felt like the whole run was in slow motion, but he still managed to pull in a 21-something run. Nothing mind blowing, but probably the best he's done yet.

Overall, way better runs than last year, and he does keep improving. Plus, yes, he is an event horse that is also doing pretty fucking fabulously in western gear.

AND! I hauled another horse with Bobby down to the rodeo grounds and killed no one. Really not too bad of a night.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! Congrats on the improvements and not killing anyone :)

    Oh, and no offense, but that girl's "helmet logic" might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard...just saying.

  2. I love Bobby :)
    I really like the pics of you two just standing around, hanging out waiting together.

  3. You two matched the barrels! Congrats on the new PR :)

  4. I got a vicarious adrenaline rush from that keyhole video! Yay!!

  5. I saw that first picture and was all like "People there wear helmets to rodeo in. Huh. That's cool!". I thought it might be an eastern thing or something until I read the caption :)

  6. These outings you go on look like so much fun! I want to go too :)

  7. I love that he can do all this and still chill out. Crazy thoroughbreds ftw.

  8. That keyhole turn looked really impressive!!

  9. You make me want to start gaming again! Pretty sure Jetta wouldn't handle it as well as Bobby though. Would probably blow her poor little mind.


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