Monday, October 20, 2014

Think Pink

Now before we get all ridiculous here, I first want to say that my mom dealt with breast cancer twice when I was growing up, so this is actually a cause I can truly get behind and an illness I'm at least semi-familiar with. Cancer of any kind is a serious issue and while prancing around is probably a far stretch from doing anything helpful, I think it's great that it's become such a recognizable symbol for breast cancer awareness.

bobby's thinking pink. and also how he got into this situation.

With that out there, when I saw Jodi's contest I was super excited to turn my horse into a drag queen symbol of strength. I own pretty much nothing pink for my horse (aside from a few grooming tools), but I asked my BM if she had anything laying around I could borrow. Then I went to Walmart and picked up boas, hair color, and markers.

BM delivered with a pink saddle pad and pink bit (!!) that unfortunately look a little too light to tell their full glory in pictures. But still. Awesome. I started pulling out the boas and rattling hair spray cans and Bobby looked over at me like, "You are not seriously bringing that over here, are you?" But, as always, he took the torture with good manners including getting a towel dropped over his head so the hair spray didn't drift into his eyes when I did his mane.

the tail boa makes my day

We went up to the cross country field for a few quick photos.

the face ribbon also makes me giggle

Bobby's getting pretty bored with the whole "meander around outside" for rides lately, and I actually had to really squeeze him forward to jumps. He was, however, totally happy to spin around and do baby rears while we waited for Hubby to turn the camera on so we could gallop past.

"let me gooo!"

Overall a fun day for a great cause.

" for who, lady?"

And, as a final note for anyone who stills wants to participate but hasn't done it yet, the cheap hair color in the Halloween section of Walmart works awesome and comes out with just water.

puppy in a tiara cannot be replicated to an acceptable level of cuteness though


  1. Bobby in pink just makes him more awesome! Thank you again for doing this :) Also, the fiance thought the boa and mane were totally awesome (I do too)!

  2. Love it! We had very similar vibes going on with the pink hair spray, although it works a lot better on light horses. Boa tail is my favorite :)

  3. I think you and Robert should win the contest, he looks great! :)

  4. Pink pony is super pony!

  5. haha this is awesome. bobby with a tail boa )and your accompanying grin) is a sight to behold

  6. I love it!! The tail boa is awesome.

  7. I L-O-V-E the pink hair.

  8. LOVE the boas!!!! Drag queen ftw!

  9. Best looking drag queen I've ever seen.

  10. I love Bobby's expression in the first pic! He can seriously rock the pink mane though - it looks awesome!

  11. The tail boa is my favorite part. Awesome.


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