Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Worst at Posing

As I was wandering out of the barn this morning, I stopped to snap a picture of Sunny and Brody who are stalled next to each other in the courtyard.

because they're like twinsies

Then I took a head shot of both and the lighting worked so well with them being in their dark stalls that I figured I'd stick Brody on the cross ties quickly (since he needs lots of cross tie time), and then put Bobby in Brody's stall to finally get a couple of good head shots of Bobby.

see? super cute with super lighting.

Well, Bobby proved once again how me he SUCKS at posing. It's like he's the head of the Anti-posing Brigade. I could barely get him to lift his head from Brody's hay (of course, Bobby had his own hay in his stall), and when he did, he didn't want to put his ears forward or look at me.

"not participating, thanks."

I finally got him to pay attention to the peppermint wrapper, but even then...

"lolz, no i won't stick my head out any more than this!"

It doesn't help that he has one of the most unattractive heads ever, a bleached out forelock, and a large brown mule nose. Things really have to be perfect to make him look like a noble Thoroughbred.

not noble at all. especially with the hay stuck to his nose.

I did ride today. Sarah and I went up to the outdoor and splashed around in the mud for nearly an hour jumping and flatting. Bobby was a jumping fool, and while not nailing every distance, he wasn't rushing the fences or flying backwards, so I'll take it. The fences were super low from where I had them set for Spyder forever ago and I didn't bother changing them.

I did attempt to do the blue barrel standing on-end with wings. He was game enough, but drifted left both times we did it, tapping the left wing with a hind foot and bringing it down. I don't think it helped that he wasn't forward enough, or that I just sat there and didn't steer or try to keep him straight.

But he didn't run out or stop, so I called it good for the day. His flat work after all the jumping (and we did a lot of it) was stellar. That is, it was stellar after I handed Sarah the whip back that she had borrowed from me. She gave it back when she started cooling out Memphis, and Bobby flipped shit though I did nothing with it. Once I gave it back, he was fine. Whatevs, drama queen.

Even though it was in the high fifties today and I was toweling Bobby dry, it's going to drop down to the low twenties tomorrow and for all of next week. Stupid weather, I hate you.

about as good as bobby gets at posing.


  1. That last picture of him is cute! And I need to try that barrel jump...

  2. That last picture is so cute of him! This outtakes crack me up!

  3. Ahh he is so cute!!! And nice job over the ridiculously skinny barrel jump, damn!

  4. That last picture isn't bad! He looks rather pensive.

  5. You have actual sunlight when at the barn. Jealous. Those palominos are so adorbs!

  6. This wasn't even a particularly funny post compared to some of your other ones, but I feel compelled to tell you right this second that I so admire your ability to make me laugh hysterically. No matter what I do I can do nothing but blog in a straightforward manner about my basically straightforward pony. I'm glad you're on the interweb!


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