Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bobby's Secret Santa

Robert received his Secret Santa gift last night, and I was excited to show him what he got this morning.

so good.

I had no idea what to ask for, and I see everyone else had way more original ideas than I did, but I figured you couldn't go wrong with horse treats. Molly from One Bud Wiser indulged us with an Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Ball. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

bobby says thank you, too!

Bobby has never grasped the concept of a Lik-It, but these babies are giant balls of pure sugary, caloric deliciousness, and he was mugging me as soon as I walked into his stall. It took Red about two hours to completely demolish his when I got them for him, even though the box says they should last from a week to a month, so hopefully Bobby shows a little more composure.

I took Bobby and Memphis down to the arena to see if the two of them together could perhaps be enticed by the jolly ball. Bobby completely ignored it again and wandered to the far end of the arena with Memphis right behind him. Memph did give it a good stare, but was quickly distracted by a marathon roll-fest with Bobby.

friends do everything together.

They had a good romp when I kicked it to them, and Memphis kept looking over at it like he considered giving it a sniff, but he chose to stay by Bobby. I finally put his halter back on and led him over to it. He sniffed it, mouthed it a little bit, and then tried to hide behind me when I moved it. He has too good of manners to ever invade my personal space, but he would give me the most concerned look and circle around to stand by my shoulder.

"not so sure this is a good idea."

I finally gave up on these two for now, but Sarah will hopefully be able to get out on Saturday and we can try again.

I got Bobby tacked up and did an abbreviated warm up with him since he'd already spent a fair amount of time romping around on his own. He was an absolute wild child at the canter, and he kept building and building while ignoring my half halts until he finally dropped all pretenses of steering or braking and I ran him head-first into the wall to get him to stop.

like this, but with a saddle on. 

After that little "episode", he settled down and went to work. I focused a lot on getting his poll up and his trot bigger at the same time to ensure he's putting that tush to work. It was an effort, but we're both out of shape, so it was a good effort for where we're at.

I had him pick up the canter and it was so dreamy I just floated around thinking, "I would jump an entire course in this canter." I didn't feel like getting off to set up jumps--and who does a full course two days back anyway?--but I dragged over one of those big orange traffic barrels and plopped it at X making it lay parallel to B and E.

We started off doing a 20m circle over it to the left, switched directions and did the same thing to the right, then figure eight-ed a few times. We ended with taking it at an angle, turning in at H and K. He jumped it like a pro the entire time--no run-outs, no refusals.

I decided to end with some counter canter which elicited another bout of "I'M ANTICIPATING EVERYTHING, AND IT'S NOT EVEN YOUR AIDES I'M ANTICIPATING, BUT THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Which is just uncalled for.

Got that sorted out, ended on some stretchy trot instead, and made our hike up the hill in the snow.

watched over by dollar.


  1. I love the white horse... He's like all-seeing pony. Wish our snow hadn't all melted today, damn New England. I want to get one of those Jolly Ball things, an old boarder had one we used to play with, FUN!

  2. Way to go, Bobby! Well, mostly, anyway. ;)
    He sounds like he's feeling much better than he had been.

  3. That is one fuzzy poof-ball in the snow. With earz and legz. Too cute!

    Too bad Bobby doesn't like the Jollyball. However I'm going to guess that the treat thingy will be gone in less than 24 hours. No idea which horse lets something that delicious hang around for an entire month!

  4. Bobbys face with the lick it is great!!! He is giving you the "back off it's mine" eye haha!

  5. The trick for my Hanging Ball is to make sure it is hanging free and doesn't hit anything. Otherwise my TWH can have it gone in a single night. If it is suspended, it can last 3 weeks. Good luck!


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