Monday, December 23, 2013

Random Awesome Picture

Bobby is backwards.

Horses, especially clipped horses, are supposed to feel more fresh when the weather gets colder. Bobby, however, waited until the weather crept into the mid-sixties to turn into a raging dick monster.

He wasn't awful on Saturday. At least, he wasn't as awful as he could have been. He had to deal with horses coming in and out of the arena, a barking dog, people walking in and out of the arena, and--the absolute worse--people pulling in and out of the barn driveway. Those that have followed this blog for any length of time know that this is unacceptable and the most offensive thing in Bobby's world.

He tried his very hardest to be a hot, tense mess, but I tried my very hardest to just trot forward. I made him do about ten million leg yields at every spot possible in the arena while going forward, forward, forward and he eventually settled into an uphill, bendy, soft-for-Bobby rhythm.

Sunday he had off.

my christmas present to myself.
bobby at gvrdc in june.

Today, he was a total nut bag. He took forever to warm up and then took offense to everything I asked him. I decided to play around with the parts of Training B and then put it together and do a run through.

Sweet Baby Jesus.

He was a disaster. We started out okay, but then from the free walk, to medium walk, to trot, I pretty much got nothing but an up and down rocking horse because he could not bring himself to go forward. All he wanted to do was "canter"--aka bolt forward and swap leads before spazzing that he had swapped leads and was no longer balanced. When I said no to cantering, he decided to do his favorite back up tactic. When that got shot down, he reverted to spinning around and taking off in the other direction.

Nothing new to see here, folks!

To be fair, his really needs his hips adjusted. I'm waiting for the chiro to get back to me to schedule an appointment. I also just clipped his face and I think the curb chain on his hackamore is irritating him a bit without six inches of fur to pad it. I'm going to look for a leather curb chain or some fleece to pad it with and see if that helps. Also, he's a sensitive princess and the movements in Training B come quickly, so it's the prefect excuse to get flustered.

On a positive note, he was a powering beast of awesomeness trotting up the conditioning hill after our ride.

The weather is supposed to drop back down to the thirties this week, so hopefully he'll chill back out on the flat. It's hard to build a lovely top line when all he wants to do is go cray-cray.


  1. Lol was not expecting that horrible ride given the awesome picture!

  2. Hope the chiro helps the princess!

  3. I love the chiro and Henry does too!

    Lovely picture!

  4. I love the combination of the awesome picture, and the play-by-play of your rides...Haha! I hope he finds his brains and gets back to awesome sometime soon.

  5. Checking in after another break from blogging. As always you two are full of fucking badassness. Can't wait to see what you get up to next


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