Thursday, December 19, 2013

Aoife's Christmas Contest!

Today is going to be a double post day because I want to make sure this contest gets seen.

Aoife over at Pampered Ponies is hosting an awesome contest where the prize is one of Niamh's amazing paper cuts. I already have one of Red, and it's amazing, but I think it's past time Bobby got one of his own.

We had friends over just before we left for our trip to Illinois and I was talking with N about Bobby. I have a ton of pictures of Red on the wall, and she asked if any of them were Bobby. Actually Bobby has zero pictures of him around the house because he's not the most photogenic of horses. However, I have faith that Niamh can make Bobby look, if not attractive, than at least like a Thoroughbred and not an inbred giraffe. One can always hope at least.

So the contest is for best Christmas photos of your horse. I'm going to pick this one from our Christmas shoot last weekend:

I'm still bummed you can't tell that his lights are lit up, but the effort counts, right? Plus, I get to give you this bonus picture with it:

He enjoyed his decorations so much that he kept dropping! So I did what any good horse girl would do and shoved a snow ball up his sheath.

Be sure to enter her contest!

bonus picture of Christmas Red licking the wall our first year together.


  1. Snowball up his sheath? OMG BAHAHHAHAHA

  2. Wow with lights and all! Talk about commitment to the Christmas cause!!
    Ouch poor pet with the snowball - mean mama!!!

    Red is adorbs too - fab Xmas pictures!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. bahahahaha shoved a show ball up there?! Poor guy!


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