Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Another Pony!

Have you ever had one of those days when you've woken up and known right away that your brain has crept out of your head overnight for a little vacay? Well I hope you enjoy your sombrero and margarita, Brain, because I didn't enjoy having to drive back to my house for my boots and half chaps, or slamming my knee into my car, or almost catching the microwave on fire by heating the spoon in my bowl of chili, or almost breaking the dog's foot by trampling over her. It has not been a good day so far, Brain!

On the plus side, this now resides in the barn:

not nearly as cute as AP, but still pretty cute. 

But first a Bobby ride recap.

I woke Bobby up from his morning nap when I got to the barn, and I had him pulled out of his stall, groomed, and feet trimmed (again) when I realized my boots and half chaps were still at my house. I dug through lockers for a spare pair, but in a barn full of wispy teenagers, none fit my size 11 foot. So Bobby got put back away while I ran home to grab them before getting dragged back out again and tacked up. He was not happy to be on the receiving end of such foul treatment, but half a bag of carrots mostly put him to rights.

He was dead lazy when I got on, but with copious amounts of leg, he started walking like he was alive and his trot and canter were loose and forward. I grabbed a whip to work on our lateral work, which was of course much cause for angst. I ignored him and the whip and carried on like it was a normal ride. He kind of, sort of got over me carrying it, but he had Much Sass for the first fifteen minutes.

The plus side of carrying the whip is that his lateral work really does improve and he's super sharp off the leg; I don't even ever actually use the stupid thing. His leg yields were like melty rubber (that's a good thing, by the way), and his trot--when not making snarky faces or tossing his head--was totes dreamy.

I finished him off with a beast of a canter. We didn't even go very long, but I really pushed him UP and made him SIT. Gosh, this horse can be so dreamy when going correctly. His canter has so much natural jump to it that when he's off his forehand and pushing from behind, you feel like you're getting air with every stride. Of course, I was gasping with the effort of using legs and seat and core and ignoring my reins (Hackamore, you are the best thing to ever happen to us.) and by the time we were done, I literally thought I was going to puke.

Then it was time for Palomino Pony, alias "Brody" (gag.). Brody is a baby pony from the same farm as Adorable Pony. BO keeps saying she needs to new lesson horses and then ends up with this green as grass tiny ponies. Brody is just under horse size, but still. He is GREEN. No clue how to pick his feet up. BM had to teach him to cross tie. Doesn't know how to longe. And, apparently, doesn't know how to ride.

BO said that the woman she got him from said he had been ridden "two or three times." Ridden translates into "sat on." I brought him to the indoor with a lesson so BO could watch him go and we spent about five minutes trying to go in a circle on the line before his dinosaur snorting got us kicked out for disturbing the other horses. I took him up to the round pen and let him loose.

I had to chase him to get him to move faster than a dead sloth, and even that was barely accomplished. After awhile, I decided he was so dead I would just get on him and walk him around. I bellied up on him a couple of times while he ignored me before swinging my leg over. He continued to ignore me.

boring enough to do an ear shot.

I bounced and shifted around on him for awhile, swinging my legs and picking up and dropping my stirrups. No reaction. I finally decided he was good to go and asked for a walk.


No amount of voice, leg, spur, butt smacking, or rein flapping could get him to shift a foot. Every now and then he'd turn an ear back to me or swing his head around to give my boot a sniff, but he had no interest in forward movement.

On the plus side, for probably only having someone sit on him once or twice, he was great for being alone in the round pen for the first time in his life with a rider on top of him flailing like a crazy person. BO said another girl at the barn wants a project, and he's clearly got a great temperament, so hopefully she'll have fun with him. It certainly makes me appreciate the fact that Bobby and I are way past the stage of breaking out.

"oh, hullo. i had to be chased with a longe whip to be made to go forward."


  1. Oh but he's soooooooo cute!!!! I am a sucker for palominos.

  2. ^ I also love palominos! I first horse was also a palomino QH until he didn't pass the vet check :(

  3. "It certainly makes me appreciate the fact that Bobby and I are way past the stage of breaking out." Word. Did it once with an equally unmotivated pony, not my thing.

  4. Awe... love palominos. Glad Bobby behaved :)

  5. Wait, are you riding Bobby in a racehorse exercise saddle???

    1. That's from when he was 18 months and getting broke for the track. Baby racehorse Bobby!

  6. So, what you're saying is... palomino pony is the one to put the kids on! :-P

  7. PONY. Wanna smush carrots in his little face. When there comes a day when my current horse needs to be retired (he's only 12 so...) I'm getting me a pony. A draft pony. Complete with fluffy hair, adorable ears and cuteness overload about the general face area.

  8. Pony is cute pony! Bobby looks so much tinier there! Cayute!


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