Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The return of live posting! Is that a thing?

I am back from my annual week-long sojourn into the wild world of suburban Illinois. What does this mean to you? It means that I'll be going back to riding posts instead of recap posts or random list posts. But thanks, everyone, for sticking in there last week.

Actually, that was probably more fun for you than rambling sideways riding posts where I hint at how fabulous my horse is while simultaneously mocking him and making him out to be a complete tool bag. Bobby doesn't mind. As long as Bobby gets cookies, he's okay with being portrayed as a miserable, sassy, pushy, teenage rebel with rare moments of cooperation that border on brilliance.

Mostly because that's really not that far off from the truth, the shit.

"excuse me, what? this is the face of a fucking WORLD BEATER."

The weather was miserable while I was gone--both in IL and back here in PA. We kept passing snow plows all the way through Indiana, and Hubby and I were foolishly like, "Silly snow plows! There's no snow anywhere to be found!" Then we got to the exit for Gary only to find that it had been blown to smithereens (which it really needed) and we had to follow a detour....a detour that randomly ended without actually detouring you anywhere.

No worries. We made it onto I-90 just as we entered Illinois and came face-to-face with a snow storm that lacked snow plows to keep up with it. It took us two hours to navigate the thirty miles between Chicago and Naperville. Fortunately, you wonderful midwesterners actually know how to drive in snow and we only passed one accident the entire way. It was just slow going. Really slow.

the hounds had a good time mauling my mom's dogs.

While I was in IL (Hubby was at a work thing at Purdue most of the week), the weather alternated between snowing and blowing, and it never got above 20* the entire time. I was all, "Good thing it never really snows where we live because shoveling snow sure does blow!"

We drove back through another snow storm in Indiana even though it was supposed to be gone by Sunday morning. We counted eight overturned semis along the side of the road while we drove through that state. Did you guys get ice the day before, or what? It was madness.

We finally made it home, turned on the 4WD, and blasted through the foot of snow in our driveway. FOR REAL?! It's not supposed to snow this much out here!! Since I had to do basic things the next day like, oh you know, buy groceries and dog food, I had to start shoveling. The Saturn does not handle a foot of snow like a pick up. Normally I wouldn't mind, but our driveway is shaped like a J and it goes on for.ev.er. on an incline. It was torture. My shoulders do not function today.

Regardless, I got it done, got the groceries, got the dog food, and snuck in a visit to the barn to show Bobby his Christmas present from my mom.

"it has a crinkly wrapper. is it cookies?"

"nope. definitely not cookies."

"but what is it?"

I've always wanted a mega Jolly Ball to play with. We found one on sale for $20 at the local farm store, and my mom was nice enough to gift it to us. It took a solid twenty minutes to blow up with the cheap plastic foot pump that came with it, and I was ready to kick it really hard at something by the time I got done. Bobby watched in interest as I blew it up in the aisle outside his stall, occasionally getting distracted by gnawing on his lead rope, some hay, and my gloves.

really?! that's not edible!
"you're right. you can have it back."

Once the ball was finally inflated, the three of us headed down to the indoor. The horses that were in snorted and cowered in their stalls as we left the barn as Bobby dutifully plodded behind me like, "Sorry, dudes. I can't be held responsible for the ball or the crazy bitch that owns me." He ignored the ball completely once we got into the indoor, choosing to roll and prance around for awhile first.

I finally called him over and made him acknowledge it. He looked at the ball, looked at me, and wandered off in the other direction.

"i really don't care."

He had a quick case of the sassies that I tried to incorporate the ball into, but that failed, too.

After multiple failed attempts to get him to play with it, I finally got on him. Ten days with no work with snow falling off the roof and the temperature hovering in the low-twenties, bareback in a halter and lead rope, my 8yo OTTB dutifully allowed me to kick the ball around the arena off his back, trotting around to keep up with it and letting it bounce off of his legs and stomach. I'm all for having such a level-headed horse, but it does get a little boring sometimes.


"i just...can't."

I left the ball there and posted on our barn's facebook page that anyone was welcome to play with it which sparked the idea of a soccer game. Hopefully that comes to fruition soon. Maybe seeing other horses play with it will encourage Bobby. I want fun Jolly Ball videos!

Of course, after leading you on about being home and riding again, we got another inch of snow overnight and it's snowing like crazy right now. So I'll be shoveling the driveway again, and hopefully I'll be able to get out tomorrow.

Also, holy shit this was a long post. My bad.

Sorry I'm not sorry.


  1. We had a giant jolly ball in the indoor for a few weeks while they were desensitizing the foal to it and Tris never cared. I spent a day walking him around and into it to try and play soccer and he just didn't care. He would push it around with his front legs if I steered perfectly, but otherwise he would duck out of it, figuring it was easier to walk without a big ball hitting his legs.

  2. Henry has a smaller jolly ball in his stall- I always find it thrown out of his stall or in a neighbors stall.

    Welcome back! I am sure Bobby is happy you are back :)

  3. Bobby does not seem to be properly appreciating his Christmas present. Maybe he wanted it in a different color?

  4. Hahhaah Simon would have the same reaction to the ball. Soccer sounds fun though!

  5. I wanna play soccer with the big ball!! Too fun!

  6. Val mostly ignored his g-j-b too. Cookie bribes persuaded him to touch it with his nose - that was the extent of the interaction.

    A plus was that it scared him when the wind would randomly move it around, so I have to store it somewhere in all it's giant round glory, because who wants to blow that thing up a second time... ;D

  7. Oh Bobby! Soccer sounds like a fun idea!!

  8. Ashke loved his . . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_w1jmBOiNDA

  9. A soccer game sounds like a blast! Please record the soccer game if it happens!

  10. You're so funny, I love reading your posts!

  11. Horse soccer is like the best thing ever. My horse Jazz and I were champs at it, lol.

  12. My little red filly loves the ball, but the semi feral mare would rather die than look at one.

    Or as the case were, a giant soccer ball saved her life this past summer by causing her slip and fall during her bad displacement colic. The weirdo.

    But now she is even more terrified of the danged balls. Because you know, soccer balls rank high on the white horse-eating list.

    Love Bobby's expression with the ball. Ho dum, ho dum.

  13. I just posted a Hue and Jolly ball vid as well. Though his is just a normal size for in his stall during his stall rest. Love the last picture :)

  14. Sorry I'm not sorry! Do you watch Shahs of Sunset? LOL. Bobby is a little cutie pie floaty and flagging! I love me a boring OTTB but Bobby is mos' def not one!

  15. I so want one of those balls too...haha so much fun


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