Saturday, December 7, 2013

The best at posing?

Well, I don't think we'll go that far, but we trailed Bobby up to the house for Christmas pictures this morning and he actually deigned to put his ears forward for most of the pictures! We got a couple of inches of snow last night, but it stayed warm enough that the roads were cleared to perfection in no time. The light was pretty awful, but Hubby and I are leaving for IL for a week tomorrow and today was our last chance to get them.

Without further ado rambling, here are some of the best:

i borrowed spyder's bridle because neither my hackamore or micklem are pretty.
the whole fam damily
we went through literally an entire bag of peppermints in an hour.
my brilliant "plug in the horse" idea failed.
i wasn't going to trailer him over in the dark though.
so cute!
oh, bobby. even when posing you look so dumb.
cantering around the back yard
past the apple trees
by the oak tree

I will have posts while I'm gone! I'm actually kind of a prepared blogger at the moment.

Kind of.


  1. That second photo is beyond adorable :)

  2. Great pictures!! Bobby looks so cute in his hat!

  3. Great pictures! Bobby is such a good boy. If I tried to put Christmas lights on my boy, he would jump out of his skin!

  4. Those are so adorable!! I especially love the first three! Bringing Bobby to your house for a photo shoot in the pretty snow, what a great background!

  5. So cute - love the red and white polos. I wish I were a prepared blogger...sigh...

  6. Love the pictures!! What a perfect setting too!

    Have a great trip :)

  7. Snow, how perfect for the photos, but not enough to ruin travel. I love your house! Safe Travels!

  8. Great pictures! I love that you had "pretty snow" to take them in, our snow looks horriable

  9. I love your house!!! Y'all look great :)

  10. Love it!! Photos w/ everyone are SOOO impossible! Great job :)

  11. Love all the photos, especially the family portrait & the Santa Hat headshot!


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