Sunday, April 1, 2012

Three whole days!

Three days without any word of the exciting things that go on in my life?! How have you lived? Never fear. I have a brief post for you to bring you back to the goings-on in my pony life.


grazing while i set poles.
It was cold and drizzly and kind of crappy. I brought the dressage whip out with me to work on the cross cantering. I've been trying to ride him with a whip in my hand just so he gets used to it again. I've been giving him one tap behind my leg when I first ask him to trot just so it means "Go" and nothing else. He learned that lesson really quickly and all I have to do is squeeze now and he trots off like a smarty pants. After a couple of unsuccessful tries at getting him to canter correctly to the right, and one 20m circle that was really good, I got off to bring my saddle forward. Story of my life. Just when I think I've got the girth tight enough, it seems he's blown out an extra inch.

So I drop the girth on one side. Bring saddle forward. Reach underneath him to do girth back up. Bobby takes offense to this and steps sideways as I'm pulling the saddle towards me. The result:

I know your first reaction is :O ... and your second reaction is, "What the fuck kind of cheap ass saddle is that?!" Well, it was only supposed to last me a year and it fit us both really well! Not that it matters now! Since I only got it two weeks ago, I emailed the place I got it from and they're trying to get ahold of the manufacturer to see if we can't work something out. Meanwhile, I'm yet again borrowing an old Stubben from BO.

"uh oh. am i in trouble?"

I rode with Sarah. Bobby went really well. I think he was trying to make up for me bursting into tears of my poor, ridiculous plight. I jumped him over the tires a few times, and a couple times over the 2'3 vertical on the circle. We trotted the poles a couple times and called it quits while we were going good.

simon playing fetch with himself.
Saturday Robert had off. Just because he was about due for one anyway, and because it was freezing and rainy and I amazingly had other things to do.

Today, I only managed a quick ride (twenty minutes) in the outdoor before it started raining/sleeting/snowing with a vengence. Um, what happened to eighty degrees?? Regardless, it was all super work and I managed a w/t/c in both directions with minimum problems. I had to switch his back leg over cantering to the right, but I only made half a lap of the arena to avoid a temper tantrum before coming back to the trot. The past couple of times I've cantered him that way now, when I bring him back to the trot he wants to immediately canter again, so I've been doing a little sitting trot to slow him down, and then make him walk and halt before doing anything else.

headed back to the barn in the freezing monsun.

falling asleep while i put my stuff away.
So really, nothing very exciting, minus the saddle fiasco, has been going on. Things could be worse!

dakota and darcy two seconds before the Crazy Play button was pushed.

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