Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bobby has his game face on.

"i iz ready to be smart horsie tomorrowz!"
Oh, jeeze. We may have issues.....

I went up to catch him this morning and he and Spyder were playing tag in slow motion. "I'ma gunna get youz! Heyyy, slow down! Youz are going toooo fast!"

lamest racehorses ever.

phew! all tired out.
Sarah and I didn't feel like doing anything constructive, so we both dicked around in the arena for awhile.

just because.
We ended up going to one of this long, not very steep hills out behind the xcountry field and having a race. Bobby lost. And I was getting after him to go. But he lost by a lot. Don't challenge a Quarter Horse to a short race!

But in regards to actually accomplishing things, he's all trimmed up and the trailer is ready to roll first thing tomorrow. Fingers crossed we don't die!


  1. His expression in that first picture is priceless....
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. Love jumping with no hands. So fun.

  3. I love jumping with no hands!!!! Its so awesome, I love that photo :)
    Good Luck!!!


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