Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All sorts of things

I'm watching Untold Stories of the E.R. and there's a guy with a camp stove attached to his penis. What. The. Fuck.

So. Anyways.

My lesson this morning was good. We worked on a lot of lateral exercises and counter bending and straightness. BO gave me a few exercises to work on until the next time I can afford a lesson. Hopefully that won't be too long from now. We also worked quite a bit at the canter since we were in the big outdoor.

Bobby kept cross cantering behind to the right and BO thinks the chiro might have adjusted one side of his pelvis more than the other, or once he got adjusted, one side feels better than the other. He definitely started doing this a lot more after he got adjusted. Probably another vistit from the chiro is in order, but I'll have to talk to Hubby about that. I might just try to get by with a massage instead.

BO's correction for this was to drive him forward with my seat until he basically ran into the correct lead behind. The only problem with that was, he didn't want to come back down from his mad race around. Unfortunately, I didn't have my spurs on because I did a power tack and didn't have time for them. That's usually how I correct it. So that will have to go back to the drawing board and get worked on. Overall though, plenty to work on and some things to take away.

they're in their ugly stage right now.

"food lady? why are you on the ground?"
Look how big my cheeps are getting! They're up to ten minutes outside during their daily cage cleaning time, except when it's really cold or really warm. Then they either stay inside, or get to stay outside as long as they want until they start to get cold.

I saw The Hunger Games last night! I had no particular interest in it before and only read the first book the day the movie came out. I read the second book today (they're an easy, quick read for anyone that hasn't read them yet). I decided to jump on the bandwagon to see what all the hype was about. I thought both the book and the movie were pretty good. Nothing amazing, but not awful. I liked the second book better. Hubby really liked the movie, but hasn't read the book yet.

darcy gets bad allergies in the spring.
ignore her stoner stare.

I took my puppies for their daily romp in the park, and then since it was so nice out I got a smoothie at McDonalds and got the puppies some icecream.

Smartest dogs in the world searching for their Kong ball:

The best way to eat icecream when you have no fingers? Just eat the whole container!


  1. My dogs would kill for ice cream. Your lucky beasts.

  2. I love untold stories! I've seen that one. My favorite is when a guy had a vibrater up his butt and couldn't get it out. So funny, he ended up having to have surgery bc it was so far gone. He went as far as to pay in cash, use a fake name all so that it wouldn't be traced back to him.

    1. hahaha, really, how does that stuff even happen?!

  3. I had to comment when I saw the pic of the baby chickens! I am obsessed with wanting chickens - specifically black and white ones. My family is totally against it...we live in a small redneck type town - I don't think anyone would notice a few chicks running around :)

    1. You need to get big chickens so you don't have to have their stinky selves in your house as babies! But you do definitely need some!


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