Thursday, April 5, 2012

Catching up on another dude.

A little over a month after I got in touch with Gold and Blue Box, I had horse racing on in the background and heard the name Unbridled Danger. I was all, "Whaaa?" because I worked with an Unbridled Danger in the summer of 2006 when he was a 3yo. So, six years later, there was no way this was the same horse, right?

I recognized his barely faded big grey self as soon as he stepped on the track. Still gorgeous, and still racing. He was making his one hundred and tenth start!

Even I was kind of like, "Hmm....I don't know about this" and I love seeing older horses racing. But I know who he was with as a baby and how long most of those horses stick around before they break down. He's also by Unbridled's Song who is not renowned for sound babies. Fortunately for him, he'd long since been removed from there and was doing very well for himself.

Out of the 110 races he's now been in, he's won 8 times, been second 10 times, and third 13 times. He finished fourth in his last race. He's earned $334,574 and seems perfectly happy with his job. I think it's a testament to the good care he's had that he's been around so long and is still sound enough to race consistently. He averages 14 starts a year and the only two years he hasn't had a win were as a 2yo where he started only twice and was third once, and as a 6yo where he started 24 times and was third 6 times.

I added him to my Equibase Virtual Stable to keep track of his work outs and starts. I might just be nosey and get in contact with his owner/trainer to see if they'll let me know when he's done racing--if he doesn't get claimed. Not that I can take on another horse, but I like to keep track of everyone and Unbridled Danger clearly deserves a good home when he's done making left hand turns for a living.

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  1. How cool that you found him! I love his coloring... you will have to keep us posted if you get in contact with his owner/trainers :)


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