Friday, April 20, 2012

Going Cray Cray!

I'm out in Suburbia, Illinois for three more days and I'm already going crazy surrounded by fat, ill--mannered dogs, nuerotic cats, and my teenage brother who thinks a balanced diet is Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos washed down by Dr Pepper. Not to mention the fact that the entire population out here either drives Cadillacs or Mercedes and I'm flossing in my Saturn. Represent.

Needless to say, I can't wait to get back to rural Pennsylvania and put on a tshirt and dirty jeans again. I wore a sparkly silver scarf yesterday, you guys! And today I'm wearing an article of clothing with the word "boyfriend" in front of it. Being a suburban snob is mad hard work.

So to get a minor pony fix--since I didn't have the foresight to pack my boots and helmet and take a lesson while I was out here--I went to The Riding Store for some retail pony therapy. I've been going there since we moved to IL when I was eight. I always make a point to visit when I'm out because while their stuff is definitely priced a little higher than most, their selection is amazing and the people are super nice.

I went in for just a dressage pad, but since the sales woman told me everything in the store was 10% this week, I got a pair of black fleece lined bell boots, too. Bobby destroyed his last neoprene pair by overreaching and the rubber ones rub him raw, so I've been borrowing a pair of the barn's. He hasn't whacked these enough to cause serious damage, but I'm sure it was coming.

I also got him a white dressage pad to show in. It's a Lettia McFancyson that was already on sale, plus the 10% off on top of that. Heck yes!

I could have gotten soooo much more, but I contained myself. They had a gorgeous Waldhausen (my fave kind of pads) hunter green AP pad with chocolate cord trim and cream piping, but it was $63. Since I already have half a dozen AP pads, I really couldn't justify it, but it was sooo pretty. Plus, they have walls of horse boots that I had to touch and play with. They also have a big Mattes display wall so I spent my time looking at other pads while groping the samples of merino. Sooo soft....

Now I have to sit here and put the bell boots on the dogs to amuse myself until I can go home and ride. Keep blogging, everyone! You're the only ones keeping me sane!


  1. Ah, crazy I was just at The Riding Store on Wednesday when I was back home for a little (I grew up in the suburbs although I would like to mention my family is currently rocking a 15 year old Dodge Caravan).

    I'm not sure where exactly you are, but I LOVE Saddler's Row.. it's huge and I remember their prices being good.

  2. That is crazy! I've never heard of Saddler's Row--where's that at? My mom lives in Naperviller.

  3. The boots and pad looks really nice. Can't wait to see them on your horse :)

  4. I stand in tack stores and grope Mattes pads, too. It's ok, we understand :)

  5. The Riding Store! Oh, wow. I haven't thought of that place in ages, but I'm pretty sure I still had a coat bag from there up until a few years old stomping grounds!


    It's a bit of a hike from Naperville, but if you are super bored might be worth checking out. I used to play badminton at Naperville Central twice a week in high school by the way.


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