Monday, April 9, 2012

Bit help!

Bobby didn't get worked yesterday because Hubby and I were to busy being cool kids and playing with our toys. Ok. Maybe the part about being cool kids is a lie. Buuuut....we took our (free!) boat out on its maiden voyage on the Susquehanna. It was pulled along by our very own new (as in '91) F150, driven by yours truly. It was my first time pulling anything behind me for longer than just moving things around driveways (and farm equipment--I can pull anything down the road if I'm in a tractor), and I neither killed any pedestrians nor took out any parked cars. Small win!

the puppies first time on a boat. they weren't too sure at first, but
after their daddy comforted them, they settled down.
We stopped off at one of the islands in the river and explored a bit. The hound dogs were thrilled. Water on all sides to play in, an infite number of sticks, and all sorts of smelly things to roll in. Darcy was also convinced shells are edible.

"best day everrrr!"

devil dogs fighting over sticks.

darcy always wins.
Pig jumped in and out of the boat on command like she'd been doing it forever. Darcy the Princess, on the other hand....

"um, you are coming back to carry me to shore, right?"
Today I took Bobby to the indoor to avoid the gusting winds and do a little dressage school. I only worked him for about twenty minutes at the walk and trot because he was doing so fabulous and I want him to think happy thoughts when he gets worked. Trotted right off with the tiniest touch of my leg, didn't hollow out his back a single time, didn't get fussy when I picked up contact, dropped right back to the walk and halt with just my seat....just all around perfect.

This is where the bit help comes into play. I used his jumping bit--the slow twist loose ring. He goes amazingly in this bit. He's so light and relaxed and his jaw isn't clenched and he listens to every teeny tiny thing I ask him. However, this bit obviously isn't dressage legal. SO. Any suggestions of a legal bit that will be as perfect as the slow twist? And if you have one laying around, do you want to send it to me to try? I'll paying shipping and send it right back! I don't even know where to start, and I don't want to buy a bunch of bits that I'll never use.

i need an ecogold dressage pad.
but robert looks cute in red.


  1. Maybe something a bit thinner with a single joint? I dunno.

    1. I just ordered a plain loose ring snaffle off of ebay for $5. I can't believe no one in the barn had one laying around!

  2. I have got a pretty big bit collection that I don't use, but I don't think I have any O-rings. I can dig through it and see if there is anything of use for you. I'm a tack hoarder. And I probably wouldn't notice if stuff left and never came back!
    I am using Myler comfort snaffle with Pinecone. We always used and showed in them for dressage so I'm assuming they are legal. But then again I'm in North Dakota and I wouldn't be surprised to see someone riding in a western curb bit for their dressage tests...
    My old riding instructor had us all riding in the comfort snaffles because they don't have that nutcracker action like a normal snaffle. She said that they were perfect for TB's since they have low palates. I've never had him in anything but and I've never had any problems.

    1. * in anything but the comfort snaffle


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