Monday, April 2, 2012


I bought a dressage saddle today! Sarah brought her old Thoroughbred brand dressage saddle for me to try. I didn't think the fit was 100 percent on Bobby until I stuck my wonderful, amazing Ecogold pad under it and I decided I'd take it....for $70! I know, I know. One day I'll learn. But that day certainly isn't this one!

However, the one bugaboo was that we couldn't get the fucking stirrup leathers through. So I was like, "No big! I'll ride without stirrups. I'm due for it anyway." And by due, I mean about four years over-due.

Ohh, my poor, pathetic thighs! I didn't even canter. I just did a bunch of sitting trot (Ohh, my poor, pathetic core!), some posting trot, and a whole lot of walking. New goal: One ride a week without stirrups. You can do it, you flabby beast.

Also, I heard back from the manufacturer on my busted brand new saddle. No warranty except for on the tree. Grr. So I'm looking to see if I can find someone to stitch it up for me. In the meantime, I'll be dressage-ing in this old boy, and I'll borrow one of BO's Stubben's to jump in.

Also again, I'm having a daily debate with myself on whether or not to push for a BN debut for Bobby at Burgundy Hollow first out, or only do Elementary/Starter. I'm going to wait until we school on the 15th (penciled in, mind you) to send in my entry, but I'm rather conflicted.

A) Everyone says every horse can go around a Novice course. So why shouldn't Bobby be able to go around a BN course? Every horse can! It's a walk in the park. Only....I'm kind of making myself anxious over the thought of it because of his temper tantrum when I tried to jump any real xcountry jumps with him last time out.

B) Elem. would be a good confidence builder for him and an easy debut. But....every horse should be able to go around a Novice course! Why am I such a failure that I can't get my own very large OTTB around one when he could literally step over half the jumps?

So. I guess will see next weekend how he's doing. I'll probably head up to the xcountry field on Wednesday to have another check-in on his brain.


  1. Why should every horse be able to get around a novice horse? Certainly very few should be expected to do that their first time out, particularly if they're prone to throwing massive tantrums.

    I'm riding Mr. Novice Course himself and we'll debut at BN. He'll probably be bored, but he can cope.

  2. I was schooling novice w/ my gelding when we debuted at "tadpole" level (18"-2'). It was nothing for him, but to me it's so much more important for a greenie to have a confidence building experience their first few times out than to push for anything.
    Good luck! =)

  3. Psh, I'm just psyched when me and my ponies are still together after cantering a ground pole...


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