Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Impromptu change

I started off in the arena with Bobby, but he wanted to plod along at the walk and rushrushrush at the trot and canter. To prevent the tug of war that was about to start, I gave the finger to arena work and headed out to the trails.

I started off feeling like it was going to be one of those days where I left the barn with absolutely nothing accomplished, but I decided to focus on hill work and actually get something out of our ride. Robert was a super star. He trotted up and down big, scary hills like an absolute pro. He started off going down the first hill a little sloppy because he kept glancing back at me, but I kept giving him leg and he eventually gave up hope that I'd change my mind and got down to business.

He's kind of a pain in the ass sometimes. It's like he relies too much on me when he should figure things out for himself--such as trail work. But he shuts his brain off when I wish he would let me help him out--like jumping daunting 2' cross country jumps.

Regardless, he didn't put a foot wrong the whole ride once we left the ring and he got fawned over most suffeciently.

Speaking of feet, while I was waiting for Bobby to finish his dinner, I was talking to the farrier who was putting on the coolest shoes ever on Gabby. Have you guys ever heard of Happy Hoofwear? The shoes are awesome! The farrier let me play with them. They're super thick plastic, but you can literally bend them in half. They last six months and are just as sturdy as real shoes. The big thing is that they let the hoof expand just like a barefoot horse. I just might have to put them on Bobby when he gets done in a month.... Now to decide on the colors!

BM said I'd give Bobby a complex if I chose pink.


  1. Those shoes are so cool. I'd have to do gray or black for shows but for pleasure I'd do purple.

  2. They last six months, but the horse still needs trims... how does that work?

    1. They don't wear down as fast as a steel shoe does so you don't have to pay for a new shoe as often. Or so the farrier tells me! ;)


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