Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Grown Up Horsie jumps a course!

I was all set to rig my camera up on the fence to video our jumping until I got to the barn and realized I'd forgotten it at home. Fail.

I decided against the xcountry field today because no one was around to go up with me and I value my life, and because he got a good workout yesterday so trotting around the hills out there was kind of a moot point. But I did want to jump, so I headed up the outdoor and made a little baby 2'3 course. Only five jumps because I wasn't brave enough to include the monster coop in the line up. But none of the jumps were just straight approaches and canter off; each was either part of a line of on a diagnol.

skillz at paint.
start at red, then green, blue, and yellow.
I warmed him up on a loose rein and let him stretch out and cruise along at the trot and canter. He's being lazy at the walk and I have to remind myself to get after him. Walking is the time to catch our breath, not the time to let a snail race past us!

I started off trotting each jump indivdually to guage his mood. I shouldn't have worried because he was totally gung-ho and very well behaved for each fence. Then I started sticking fences together. First the gate to the tires. Then the gate to the tires to the blue vertical. Then the bending line of cones to barrel. Finally, I glued it all together and let him rip.

Well, sort of. I choked him back over the first two--the gate and the tires--but I was a fast learner for once and let him out a notch as we made the circle to the blue vertical. He took that one like a fucking dream. I actually yelled out "Perfect!" as he went over. He literally could not have done it better. Landed on the left lead like an old pro, made a beautiful circle to the bending line, listened when I opend up my outside rein to get him a little farther over as we were jumping, and bounced over the last jump in a solid four strides. Yay, Robert!!

He had two very minor mishaps. The first was when I came to the blue vertical on its own as I was warming him up jumping. I didn't have him forward enough (Do we sense a theme here?) so he ended up basically on top of the fence before he took off and knocked the rail down. The second was our first time through the bending line. I turned him for the first fence too soon and had him too far to the inside so I missed the line completely to the second jump. He had his ears pinned at it and I think he would have jumped it from the awful, awful angle we were at, but I didn't feel like losing my leg to the standard we were face-to-face with so I pulled him aside and came at it again.

Overall though, super pony. He'll get tomorrow off since he worked hard for the past two days. Dressage school on Friday and to the xcountry field this weekend!

No Baby Horsie moments today!

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  1. Awesome!! You guys are starting to put things together.


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