Monday, April 30, 2012

Back to the real world.

Sigh. Now that Rolex is over, I have to crawl back out into civilization. I royally fucked up my back Saturday morning, so it was the perfect excuse to lay on the couch all day long and watch xcountry, though I could have done without the pain.

Speaking of pain, I won't even get into Friday's ride but I will say that once it was over, I was more than happy to give Bobby the weekend off.

Sunday, Hubby and I stopped by the barn on our way to do the one real grown up thing of the weekend and got seriously distracted by the awesome weather.

"let's go eat grass over there!"
"out of my face, you mule."

safety first.
picking at bobby's legs.
Hubby "fixed" the "broken" ATV while I grazed and annoyed Bobby. How was the ATV broken, you ask? The kill switch was flipped over and no one noticed. Good thing Hubby is such a mechanic. After hanging out in the grass for awhile, we were like, "Who wants to just sit here when it's soo nice out?!" So Hubby tacked up Dollar and I jumped on Bobby and we went for a little thirty minute ride.

i forgot my riding boots at home. don't judge.

avoiding fallen logs and hanging branches. someone needs to go
through with a chainsaw!

bobby flips shit at this log from more than a walk.
dollar jumped it like a total cutie. dear bo, can i borrow
your plod along beginner lesson horse for eventing?

hubby making my crappy camera look fancy.
We hung around stuffing the ponies with cookies while talking to BM and BO for awhile. I have a lesson scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, but other than that, I don't know that I'm going to be doing much riding at all--maybe not any. Bobby was such a tense, hot mess all last week that now his back is sore. Massage Lady can't get out until next Saturday so I'm going to put all my remedial skillz to work to hopefully get him feeling a little more comfortable by Sunday--our first show of the year!

I have very minimum goals for this show: Stay in the dressage arena and not have the judge ring her nice little bell and tell us to go home; not kill or seriously maim anyone in any of the warm up areas; no backwards motion in stadium; and interrupt the flow of xcountry for others as little as possible. Doable? Ehh.....


  1. I like your goals. Best of luck with them!

    PS That last pic is super cool.

  2. Good Luck on Sunday.
    Your 30 minute ride looks like fun :)


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