Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The weekend in pictures

So what if it's Tuesday. My lack luster goals post got precedence. Since it's cold outside (has anyone else in the northeast mentioned that yet?), and I'm lazy, it's just like I'm bringing you a wordless Wednesday post a day early. You're welcome.

You're welcome that you don't have to read a boring ride recap of the one time I rode.

the weather channel was all, "it will be warm this weekend!"
the real weather was like, "lol jk"

i got bobby an appointment to be poked for friday
me: and i told her, it's not like i'm going to just bang the whole barn.
sarah: things only horse people can say...

sharing a fake flower bobby pilfered from the flower box

reason #1 why pig doesn't get to be a lead dog

the puppy takes the connector and hauls her stupid sister along


one of the many pictures of this pose i took as S and I stood there
LOLing at bobby's expense

patented bobby face

skull cap purchased. i have converted her to event world.
and then i got on and beat her horse for her. that's what friends are for.

a dog was jumped. it happens.

fundraiser dinner swag

so sad she has to get her double dewies clipped every week

and then my exhaust pipes tried to fall off

and succeeded.

photo bombed by favorite turn out buddy kotah

deer crossing

a sneak peek at our first dress up. bobby freaked out about me carrying a gun

so i had to set him straight

my horse is so good i let him walk himself to the arena

until he gets sidetracked and goes to play in the snow bank.


  1. I love your WW. Your dogs are awesome. I briefly considered teaching mine to skijor. He doesn't understand pull, though. I love the badass winter sports you do!

    PS - accidentally jumping your dog is awesome!

  2. Adorable :) . Love the skijoring! Can you do a post on how you taught your dogs to pull?

    1. They learned the command "Hike up" when we put them in front of a dog sled with a lead dog that already knew all his commands, so he was able to teach them what everything means. Hubby helps them out by pushing himself along with the ski poles most of them time, but once they get trucking, they can pull him on their own. Mostly it's just having a dog that likes to run like a maniac!

  3. So many lols!!! I love your exhaust pipe fix! Fencing wire also works great;)

  4. I lol'ed at the "YAY IM A DOG"

  5. There's a Bobby in the snowbank! lol

  6. I'm excited for future dress up shots!

    Your dogs are hilarious and so cute :)

  7. lol sometimes the dogs get jumped... it happens indeed. can't wait to see the dress up pics!!!

  8. Must get that shirt. That's awesome.

    Also, I just have to say, you've done such a good job with Bobby.

  9. Such an adventurous weekend!

  10. Fun weekend! Also you are hilarious.

  11. "It's not like I'm going to bang the whole barn" <- BWAHAHAHAHA



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