Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Stock Tie Shopping

March is my month of show gear restocking. I compile all the lists I made last season and over the winter when there's nothing better to do than makes lists of all the horse things you want, and then I make one grand master list.

I start with all the boring basics that I used up: liniment, vet wrap, electrolytes, probiotics, bute, shampoo, show sheen, inevitably a new sponge because I've lost mine or Bobby has "played" with it to the point where I can't ignore the chunks he's eaten any longer, and any braiding products I've accidentally thrown away.

Then I move on to the fun things: breeches, bridles, saddle pads, gloves, boots, helmets, ALL THE SHOW THINGS.

I usually narrow this list down to one or two things that I really need want and splurge on that. This year brings about dabbling in a new discipline, so I actually got to expand  my list instead of narrow it. Yay, MOAR SHOW THINGS! I was able to finally buy my new show coat I wanted over Christmas but couldn't afford at the time which will cross over to every discipline I show in. I also picked up some nice tan breeches that don't have bleach stains or tears in the legs like mine do, and a really nice show shirt that Lauren approved for the hunter ring.

I crossed my custom cross country saddle pad off the list (Hurry up and get here! I want to play with you!), made a mini list of some little things I'm sure I can pick up at our local tack swap in a couple weeks, and found myself left with only one thing.

My current stock tie is small, boring, ugly, and chokes me out. Obviously it had to go. I took to etsy and plugged in "stock tie". Wowwww. So much pretty. Such sparkles. So expensive for cheapskates.

These are some of my favorites, with links to their etsy pages in case you want to buy one (or all of them) yourself:

Bad Habit Stock Ties


Lasting Impressions

Dressage Stock Ties

Dara James Designs
Dara James Designs

I really need to figure out how to do more with my sewing machine than sew a semi-straight line over a rip in my horse blankets so I can make my own.

For the record, I ended up going the cheapest route, but still picking up a little bling.

from ebay


  1. So much pretty! I ended up getting my stock tie from Etsy last year from a store called Stocks and Bonds. Now if I can only figure out how to tie the flippin' thing in a reasonable amount of time! :)

  2. Wow some of those are... interesting. I got a custom tie too, mine from Bayberry Customs. She's very reasonably priced and easy to work with, highly recommend. It's probably easiest to contact her through her facebook page - The Bayberry Horse - if anyone reading this is interested. She can make pretty much anything. Mine with double piping and a textured fabric was $35.

    Some of those stock ties are truly bling-tastic :)

  4. So fancy! Love the bling on the one you chose - not overwhelming, but enough that maybe the judge will see a sparkle.

  5. Those are some fancy ties! I like the one you found on ebay the best!

  6. *sigh*
    I really love stock-ties...

  7. Sooooo pretty... I really like the one you chose!

  8. Ahhh some of those are crazy! Is it weird that I'm kindof obsessed with the idea of making my own stock tie and tying it myself? I love the way a stock tie looks when it's tied properly (or like an Ascot)!

  9. I need the grey paisley one. Need. But buying new show clothes is always so fun!!

  10. Love the lasting impressions! I bought mine on ebay, its blue polka dot...but a tie one, which I regret hahaha

  11. i actually like the one you got the best!! i guess i need one of these things too... it's been missing from my dressage ensemble haha

  12. I'm wanting that first one really bad! All the bling and colors!

  13. Thanks so much for featuring an Equestrian Pzazz stock tie!
    We have heaps more designs on our Facebook page :)

    1. Now I'm going to have go drool over the rest of them!

      Here's Equestrian Pzazz's facebook link for those interested:

  14. Omg. That first one is gorgeous! I like the extra color. My mother bought me this gorgeous stock tie while she was in Ireland. It's a horse made out of Connemara marble. I love it, and it ties in so nicely with Guinness' Irish racing background. All that bling would overwhelm it. Plus, I'm cheap. Too many nice things and my cheap stuff starts to look ... cheaper. ;)


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