Monday, March 30, 2015

Boo, Hiss.

First of all, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone that reached out to me following my tragic news over the weekend. Is it really that tragic? Am I being a little melodramatic?


Worst. News. Ever.

almost as bad as it being 25* at the end of march. da fuq.

The deal is that Hubby, who works for one of the top Ag companies in the country, got a call on Thursday afternoon to drive up to New York for a meeting first thing Friday morning. The company is buying a new plant in Marion, and Hubby is going to step in as the manager.

Now, yay, so happy and proud of Hubby because being manager was why we moved in the first place. But I told him that once he got promoted, we could move literally anywhere in the country as long as it wasn't back to New York. So I haven't been taking this very well.

On top of that, they want him up there by April 8th. That's less than two weeks to relocate all our shit four hours away. Not cool, guys. Not cool at all.

We have a horse, horse trailer, a truck to haul the horse trailer, my car, Hubby's company truck, a boat, two dogs--one of whom is extra large sized--and two cats to find a home for in that time period. Essentially my stress level is through the roof, and I may just set up a box somewhere down here and refuse to come out of it....ever.

more flat pictures? sure thing.

I told my BO and best barn bud Sarah on Saturday, and it was pretty much the worst ever. Sarah and I spent our ride bemoaning all the things I'm going to miss by moving--having someone calmly change course when Bobby is about to fly backwards into them, someone to commiserate with when my fat roll gets pinched in my belt, no more swimming in the creek with water horses, no one to talk shit with, no shared locker to plunder when you need to steal borrow something, and on and on.

who am i going to beat my horse with?!

Bobby and I did get a little jumping in, but half the standards were still in storage, so it was only over a few verticals. Bobby had a minor case of the stupids for most of the ride, and did a lot of his favorite rocking horse canter-in-place nonsense before the jumps, but he was in a bit of a mood the whole day.

I got some helmet cam footage, which would have been even better if the moment where I smacked myself in the face with my reins over a fence had actually showed up, but sadly it didn't.

I brought up a couple of usable standards the next day since J hadn't actually fixed any of the ones he'd brought down over the winter and made a couple of the verticals into oxers. Sadly the outdoor's footing was frozen fucking solid, so we couldn't ride up there.

We were forced down to the indoor where I had zero ambition to do anything. We jumped a little 18" vertical a few times, but that wasn't even fun.

prepping for a training move up.

Before too long, we wrapped it up and went outside to take some sad goodbye pictures with Sarah and Memphy.

my poneh is handsome sometimes!

Today I wanted to make use of the jumps I had set up yesterday, but Bobby quickly picked up on my bad mood and threw a pissy fit over pretty much everything. He kept locking onto the wrong jumps, throwing a tantrum when I'd pull him off of them, and then throw another tantrum when I'd point him at a different fence.

So I got off, knocked everything down to itty, bitty, baby jumps, and we spent forty five minutes walking jumps. I was feeling more than a little pissy myself by the time we were done.

On the plus side, my BM made me this most amazing painting ever:

complete with bobby tail hair.
way more bad ass in person.


  1. Sorry to hear about the relocation :(
    But I do love that painting of Bobby!

  2. Boo! That painting is awesome though. And so are those pictures. Sigh, I hope all goes well.

  3. New York doesn't sound fun. :( A friend of mine is moving to NJ soon and worried about finding a barn, plus a place for her and her two big dogs to live. It is hard. :/

  4. That Bobby painting is amazing! I'm sorry you have to move back to NY. It's frustrating to have that be the ONLY place you don't want, but that's where you have to go. I'm no help but you have my long distant support!

  5. Boo. I'm sure something good will come of it, though. I hope at least the move goes smoothly. As much as it can, anyway.

  6. You situation sucks. A lot. I'm really sorry you have to go through all of this.

  7. I has a case of the sads for you :(

  8. UGH! I can only imagine your stress level! I really hope that things go as smoothly as possible for you guys over the next couple of weeks. I hope there's a big silver lining to be found in this befuddlement!

  9. That is intimidating and awful. The painting is gorgeous tho...

  10. You can totally have a meltdown and we'll all support it. Jeez that is a short time frame. I just google mapped the only eventing barn I know in upstate NY and it's four hours from Marion so that does you no good. Google did turn up a whole bunch of barns around there, which I'm sure you've already figured out.... Good luck, we will totally hold your hand in what is sure to be a stressful few weeks.

  11. The box idea sounds legit. I'd do it.

  12. So sorry you only have 2 weeks to relocate. We are doing the split reloc, he is going onwards w/o me for the first 3-4 months. There is no way we could relocate in 2 weeks and be sane.

    Awesome picture from the BM though!

  13. Amazing pairing! But everything else totally sucks :( seriously. You have every right to be in a pissy mood! Hope it ends up going smoothly!

  14. Leaving barn friends is the absolute worst! Certainly not much time to wrap you mind around everything!

  15. Moving sucks big hairy BALLZ. Always. No exceptions. *sorry*

    Your BM has serious chops there, gorgeous painting.

  16. :(

    But that painting is awesome!

  17. Ugh... But at least he'll be handsome no matter where you go!

  18. Next time I'm back home visiting the fam I'll come visit you! Maybe scoop you up and we can drive to Balston Spa and see My Heather!

  19. Ugh, sorry you're having to relocate! Especially so soon. :( Love the painting!

  20. Sorry to hear about your location! I would hate having to move further north, I so desperately want to move south!

  21. :( wishing you the best of luck!

  22. that sucks about the move...but where in NY? Maybe close to me??


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