Monday, March 16, 2015

Racehorse Robert

I am currently in possession of one very fit Thoroughbred who has nothing to do with all his energy. The situation is further aggravated by the fact that his paddock is currently a mix of ice, slush, and mud so he can't run around with his friends without falling on his face. The trails are the same consistency which rules out a romp in the woods. 

Plus he really likes to nap to make sure I'm not getting shorted on the energy train.

all. the. time.

Our two flat rides over the weekend were super fancy. I think we might have broken the world record for longest period of extended trot in one go. This was after the world's longest hand gallop that did nothing to satisfy Bobby's crazies. 

We did get one or two productive things done over the past two days. Like....his half pass is really starting to improve at both the trot and canter. And his leg yields on the left were spot on instead of tense and crooked. We even trotted a line of six poles yesterday. We also cantered and jumped through those same poles a couple of times because event horses jump all the things always!!!!!! (Video on my facebook page if you want to laugh at us.)

But mostly I spent the weekend letting Bobby get some of his sillies out as much as he could in the indoor. We had a trot race against Memphis that Bobby made sure he won because he not only is he the fastest Thoroughbred, but also the fastest Standardbred, and no one will beat him ever because racehorses are the fastest all the time always!!!!!!

Are you sensing a theme here? Someone is ready for some cross country.

he's even getting blanket rubs on his tail. go away, winter!

To mix things up, I pulled out all his driving gear this morning. He was pumped for the change. I was standing at his head holding the bridle in my hand talking to BM, and he kept bumping me with his head. I absently patted him thinking he was being his usual nosy self, but as soon I lifted the bridle up to put it on him, he stuffed his face in it and practically swallowed the bit. Dude loves his driving outfit.

I ground drove him down to the indoor to hook him to the cart, which he would not stand still for to save his life until he got a smack in the chest to go along with me constantly yelling at him to "STAND, BOBBY!" That's why you should never hook up without another person, kids.

we even trot downhill now.

We did one loop around the ring just so I could make sure he wasn't going to freak since he hadn't been hitched since...last August? He didn't care in the slightest so we marched right out to the driveway and walked and trotted up and down it about a dozen times before calling it quits. 

I stopped to talk to BM as she was leaving and got out of the cart to adjust one of the straps on his breast collar. Bobby was being a pig about standing still because driving horses get to trot all the time we never stop ever because we are so fast (!!!!!!) and he nipped my hand. I walloped him in the chest again, and we didn't have any further problems with standing quietly for the rest of the drive.

distracted horse text break

He was also having difficulty with pushing the cart around to change directions. He's never been very good at this, and he's only had maybe four or five drives with someone going solo in the cart so I can't blame him. 

The problem is, he has to come almost to a halt and do a turn on the haunches to push the cart over instead of just making a half circle. That's hard to do when you just want to keep trotting because you are so fast you're the best trotting Amish horse in the whole barn never stop trotting or at least power walking!!!!!! I had to get out the first couple of times to help him, but he did get it by the end. 

I also forgot to dig out a nose band for him, so I'm grateful he did politely come back to the walk and halt when I asked him to. He can get a little bargey without one, but I think he was so happy to be doing something different today that it didn't matter. 


  1. Bobby is just the fastest amish thoroughbred standardbred racing dressage carthorse ever. That does the cross country.

    1. Haha so impressive! What a character! :P

  2. I think they are all just going NUTS for warmer weather and more turnout.

  3. Go Bobby! My guys would kill me if I ever tried to attach a cart to them lol

  4. Multi-talented pony! How fun that Bobby drives. :)

  5. I love that Robert does All The Things!

  6. haha Bobby is pretty much the best at errything!

  7. Yay Bobby best driving racing everything horse!!


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