Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Flatting

I tried to resist it, but Hubby got me sick this weekend. Boo on you, Hubby. To pay him back, when he asked if I wanted him to go to the barn with me, I told him no. How's that for punishment?

Actually, I just couldn't bring myself to watch another video of me doing circles in a dusty indoor with a fuzzy camera. I don't think anyone else has said it so I will: I'm ready for winter to be over now, k thanx.

When I got to the barn Saturday, Bobby was passed out--like totally committed to his nap and nothing was going to rouse him. I thought that was weird since he usually takes his "My God, is that horse dead?! Oh, he's just snoring." Nap right after he comes inside in the morning. Turns out the farm was so iced over again that it had taken J all morning to get the hill cleared enough to bring the horses down and Bobby had only been in for an hour. As such, during his longe he was a complete slug and just wanted to snuggle in hopes it would convince me to let him go back to bed. Sorry, Bobby.

all you guys get is random pictures from this weekend, like this one.
my chickens were freed from their house for the first time this winter today.

Once I got on, he was his usual self. Slightly uncooperative, but not in a malicious way. He has picked up this awful new habit of leaning on my left rein no matter what direction we're going in. I finally ended up grabbing the edge of my saddle pad with my left hand and letting him fight against himself. After about three laps he got the idea and lightened right up. Clever pony.

He only had one moment of throwback Bobby when I asked for shoulder in, and he deemed it too hard so he went flying backwards. How I missed that evasion! I told him we'd do some stretchy trot instead and we ended up trotting around forever because he was so lovely.

the kelpie shows off her extended trot.

Despite a sinus headache and free flowing snot this morning (you're welcome for that visual), I went to the barn anyway. It was almost fifty again, and it's going to go back to the twenties all this week--I want to get in my rides in warm weather!

Bobby had another warm up longe which I'm really falling in love with. I get to see what kind of working mood he's in, I can look for any shortness, and it really is helping him with his strength. He wasn't able to hold the canter for more than a few steps when we started, and then that went to constantly changing behind, and now he just cruises along until I ask for the trot. I know it's also coming from the under saddle work, but the low stress longe work gets thumbs up from both of us.

the pig dog helps hubby with a project.

Our flat work was pretty boring and short. More lightening of that left rein and really going balls to the wall forward at the trot. We finished with a fabuloso canter that was so dreamy and soft. His canter can be tough to sit because he can get really big and jumpy up front, but he was so soft in the contact and forward flowing that it was kick ass today.

BO was in the barn when I got done and she asked if I wanted to ride another horse. I was all, "I feel like my face is trying to blow out of my skin." and sneezed a thousand times in a row. She was like, "I'll take that as a no." Then we debated about what blanket to put Bobby in since the cold snap is supposed to start tomorrow. I finally decided to go with a no-neck one more night which means I'll have to go to the barn tomorrow to do another switch. Hopefully I haven't drowned in my own mucus by then.

bobby finally got his own ribbon rack!


  1. Gotta love free-flowing snot ;)

  2. You have chickens? JEALOUS. I've always wanted some. Husband is not a fan.

    I'm with you on the over winter thing. Cabin fever is here!

  3. Winter, we surrender please leave!! (I was right there with you this weekend on the sinus infection and snot front. It makes riding so much fun!)

  4. Ah hope you're feeling better soon!

    We were at 70 this weekend, it was're welcome to come visit! ;)

  5. I hate the fun! Love the ribbon bar!

  6. Ribbon rack is awesome, sorry to hear that you're under the weather but yay that lunging & Bobby are going well! :)
    Hope you feel better soon

  7. Love the ribbon rack and FREE CHICKENS!


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