Monday, February 3, 2014

Completely Non-Horse Related Travel Questions

Who wants to do some wedding planning for me? Yay, all of you!

That's right--after five years of being together, and four years of being engaged, Hubby and I are just going for it. Hubby wanted a ceremony. I wanted absolutely nothing because I'm anti-social and I hate everyone, but mostly Hubby's family. We sort of compromised....and by compromised, I mean I WON.

We're going to do the whole court room yada yada, sign here, and follow with a small "party". Dudes, if I could just mail something in and not tell anyone, I would. Is that possible? Do you even have to go to a government building? Someone look into that.

But my travel questions for you guys is: Where do we go afterwards? I was all, "Yay, let's finally go to California where ninety percent of my family lives!" But that's not going to happen for various reasons. Whatevs.

There are very few parameters. It's going to happen in early to mid March so we want to go somewhere where the weather isn't going to be too awful around that time. (I was also all, "Yay, let's go to Maine! I've never been there before!" and Hubby was all, "Bad idea.") Hubby was thinking North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia, or spreading out over a couple of states/areas. At that point, I was already exhausted by how much effort this was requiring and stopped participating. Hmm. Maybe I vote for another four years before we pretend we're going to do this for real again. 

So anyway, who has some suggestions? Any towns down south to visit? Any place not to visit?

because it's snowing its balls off this morning, here's a throw back
of darcy and baby pig dog in their first snow ever.


  1. Oh, I vote for trail riding in the ocean at Amelia Island - Kelly Seahorse Ranch!
    Friendly, professional, and very safety oriented! I loved it! Who cares if that means going into Florida, right? ;)

  2. I vote North Carolina :) March is a little chilly for the beach, but it also won't be stupid crowded then. The mountains are gorrrrrrrrgeous and if you're more of a beach person I can recommend some places. Parts of coastal NC even have wild ponies :)

  3. Come to california and lets get dizrunk!

  4. Hi, Georgia.

    Okay, so early-mid March? Ocean is going to be still a little too cold. But being as this is my neck of the woods...

    Atlanta: Meh. The Georgia Aquarium is freaking AMAZING, if you like aquariums. And don't mind shoving kids out of the way. Zoo is also pretty good and they have the Coca-Cola Factory, which is fun, too. Even though y'all Yanks only drink Pepsi, right? :)

    Charleston, SC: Freaking gorgeous. I think a bed and breakfast would be awesome here. Carriage horses (I've posted about them before - I never could find their water supply), a few small tack stores, certainly more "horsie" than my city. I don't know what attractions it's got, but there's the beach, the warship, the oldest tree (Angel Oak), southern food, etc.

    Cumberland Island, GA: This is only super cool because there is a herd of wild horses on this island. It's almost to the Florida line.

    Various beaches: Hilton Head Island, SC is pretty nice. It's between Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA. There are a couple of barns that offer trail rides - I think this is only interesting if you've never ridden through maritime forest. Jekyll Island, GA is super secluded and doesn't have much. Myrtle Beach is a bigger "party" spot, but there might be spring breakers or no one. Tybee Island is outside of Savannah (my city). It's quaint, but doesn't have a lot - most people drive into Savannah.

    Savannah, GA: lots of restaurants, lots of drinking, carriage ponies, haunted tours, cemeteries, the beach in reasonable proximity. Kayaking is pretty big here. Seafood. Paula Deen.

    Helen, GA: This is good if you like Germany. It's like a little German town stuck in the northeast Georgia mountains. In that regard, you'd also be near Tennessee, which has some shit. I've heard. Also not too far from Athens, GA, which is a nice college town (University of Georgia).

  5. I loved Savannah and there is also a little beach called Tybee Island near there that my husband and I really enjoyed. It will still be pretty cold in March, though. Oh and yes, the Atlanta Aquarium is pretty fantastic. I also loved Charleston, SC and there are a lot of really beautiful places in Tennessee and North Carolina. Good luck!

  6. I third CA! Barring that, I recommend Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. The ocean water is WARM, the town is cute, and it's not super crowded.

  7. Come to Australia! You can stay with meeeee

  8. I vote Aiken, SC. For obvious reasons. Hubs may not be a fan.

  9. Haha as a native Mainer, I agree, no Maine in March. However, summer is gorgeous, so if you're gonna go, go then!

    Unfortunately, that's all the travel help I can give you... But congrats and have fun!

  10. Awesome...we did the small wedding thing, just a justice of the peace, it was great. No regrets!.

    Wait until April and go to Rolex! haha...seriously though, I have no recommendations for the US but there is lots to do in Ontario ;)

  11. Bring a trailer and come to North Dakota! I can send you home with some thoroughbreds as a wedding gift! But it will be North March... and no one likes ND in March.

  12. PA is one of the states that allows self uniting marriages. You just have to have two witnesses who sign in place of the official. Just a thought if you really want to avoid the government buildings :) I work in a benefits office so I see the self uniting marriage certificates all the time.

    As to the travel, I highly recommend Charleston, SC. Savannah, GA is also really nice. And there's always Aiken, just maybe don't tell hubs.

    But whatever you decide to do, Congrats!

  13. If you can't go to CA, I vote for going all the way South to Key West, or somewhere like that. Honeymoons are meant to involve drinks on the beach. Its a rule, I swear :)


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