Thursday, February 13, 2014

TBT: Farm Life

Since the latest bout of fucking snow is coming down, BM and I have to cancel our Thursday dog sled team meeting. I can't get out of the driveway, and I'm certainly not driving down our unplowed road as it continues to snow its balls off.

Instead, I figured I'd do a post of some of my favorite pictures from when Hubby and I were farming in NY before we moved down here and became rural suburbanites. I swear that's a real thing.

we did a lot of relief milking for our fabulous neighbor.
the kelpie was always willing to help feed the calves.
my pygmy buck, napolean, ruled the homestead.
my exceptionally expensive pygmy mama and her twins.
just a goat in a truck.
hard working farm dogs.
baby goats with the wrong mamas.
checking the bee hives.
my brother on storm.
out of our entire raised bed, i grew one flower.
storm and napolean were besties. they were constantly harassing each other.
4' of snow in one day. bring it, pa.
proof we lived in the middle of nowhere: while we obviously had fencing,
storm and the goats had free rein of the entire property. 
storm helping bag and tag corn for the goats 
we bought him for me, but he liked men so much more. hubby rode him a lot.
my awesome pig barky drinking her morning goat milk.
she knew how to sit on command
the fat cat with his chickens and ducks.
baby goat out for a ride.


  1. Maybe it's the four hours of sleep I got last night, but I spent a solid five minutes trying to figure out the "hardworking farm dogs" picture. There are feet...where there shouldn't be that an upside down dog in midair?

    1. That's a 70lb German Shepherd puppy getting mauled by two 40lb cattle dogs. He was a complete pushover. Literally!

    2. Haha, that's awesome! Those are some fun pictures.

  2. What great pictures. I don't know why, but the bees were cracking me up!

  3. Bahaha love these!! Favorites include a goat in a truck, baby goat going for a ride, and the second piggy picture. A sitting pig? Come on now. I wants.

  4. Love this, I also love and miss having pigs!

  5. That sitting pig & piggy-backing goat are the awesome!

  6. Awesome pics! Looks like life was a lot of fun.

  7. Great pictures! Also stumped by the farm dogs picture at first. :D There are future plans for (very small) pigs here at the farmette, and chickens this spring.

    Did you love having goats? (so cute) I've heard they tend to escape a lot, and destroy all the things...

    1. If we hadn't had so much acreage in such a remote area, I would never have had them. You can't keep them in ANYTHING they don't want to be in. They're the most ridiculous escape artists on the planet. I did love having my pig though!

  8. I now feel like I have to take up the hobby of goat stacking. Great pics!

  9. This is soooo fun!!! Look at all the baby goaties!!

  10. Great photos. Gotta love that pig~


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