Thursday, February 20, 2014

One February goal crossed off.

Yesterday was supposed to be the big unveiling of our long-awaited spring weather.

"It will be fifty degrees!" they said.

"It will rain and melt all the snow away!" they said.

So I was obviously expecting warmth and rain when I woke up that morning. Instead I looked out my bedroom window and saw this:

Hmm, Mr Weather Man. That doesn't look like rain to me. That looks like MORE FUCKING SNOW.

We got another inch before it stopped falling...and then it did get up to 50*, but why even bother at that point, stupid bitch weather? I had a long frolic in our woods with the dogs while wearing a t-shirt (because weather above 20* is summer in my mind at this point) before deciding I was just going to go ahead and get my car stuck in the driveway on my return home--again--because we really needed groceries, and I wanted to ride my ponito.

also, the heatwave caused this massive icicle to fall off the roof and kill the trash can.

Unfortunately, because I had to wait for the roads to get plowed so my stupid Saturn had a chance to navigate us into town without dying, I got to the barn just before a wave of lessons started. I got Bobby speed tacked and hustled down to the arena. I let him have a good stretchy walk before sending him off into a forward canter on the buckle while in half seat; forget trying to canter when there's lesson of geriatric beginners (and I really do mean no offense there) who don't know how to steer.

By the time the three lessoners came down, Bobby was trotting lovely. He was relaxed, forward, and comfortably on the bit and round. We continued on our 20 meter circle to give the newcomers enough room to roam around randomly while preparing to mount when suddenly I hear this nasty crack and look over to see the woman lessoner flat out on the ground. She's in her mid-sixties and has MS so she needs help mounting, but apparently something went wrong and she ended up on the other side of the horse.

I got off to hold the three horses while the two lesson men helped lesson woman sit up and catch her breath (she'd knocked the wind out of herself). Once she'd recovered, she actually got back on and took her lesson, albeit with a lot more walking than usual. I was impressed.

Bobby was back to his usual charming self by the time I remounted. We were tracking right, and he decided he was quite incapable of softening or even really listening. It was frustrating because despite BO's attempts to help me out and keep her students on the rail so I could work around them, I just couldn't make it work. I almost gave up and quit, but we switched directions and Bobby deigned to focus again. We even got a "He looks good" from BO.

Today I did this:

he is so awkward and ugly in pictures. i swear he looked cute in person.

Pulled mane! Bridle path! No more goat beard! LOVE NAKED HORSES!

I had two pairs of fresh blades to work with, and I needed both of them to their dying breath to finish the job. I'm actually sending them back out first thing tomorrow so I can go over any lines (mostly on his bum). The clinic I'm doing at the end of March is hosted by the local pony club, and I don't want them to kick us out because my horse looks like a shaggy donkey.

The best part is that I was planning on buying a neck cover that I could technically afford but not really, but BM was all, "Go get the filly's blanket! It doesn't fit her and no one else is going to use it." So now Bobby is outfitted with a heavy weight Weatherbeeta with attached neck to use when it drops back down to the teens next week, and I didn't have to spend a dime. Yay!


  1. That is definitely NOT rain. Weatherman fail :/

  2. I hate weather jokes. Also I'm glad I'm not the only person who owns a cute horse but can't seem to prove it via full body photos.

  3. Trash can-0 Icicle-1

    Also, I'm with Alicia, my horse looks atrocious in full body pictures!

  4. Yikes!
    The size of that icicle and those guys outside your window! We've been crazy lucky with "winter" here this year *knock-on-wood* I haven't just jinxed things & shall say no more to avoid Carly-wrath...which to be fair would be totally warranted considering rubbish weather you're dealing with.

    Yay for Bobby behaving, clipping & rug'age - gotta love a neck attachment! I know I do anyway, wouldn't have a turnout rug without one anymore - so much easier when I can only ride in evenings to not have to deal with soaked horses after afternoon outside

  5. Lol, Geri beginners, I had a jump lesson around those this week ,worse than kids because kids are oblivious, adults just give you sheepish look or snotty look like your path of jumping its in their way of meandering at the worlds laziest trot.

  6. I wish I had naked horses...but I still think good ol' Bobby looks cute!

  7. Love the clip, and no worries I can't seem to take a good body shot of Diva to save my life!

  8. Good body shots are an art form. I've concluded that to get it right, you need a real camera and three people. One to hold the horse, one to get the pose right, and one to use the camera.

  9. we had the same weather promise...they lie.


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