Friday, February 7, 2014


Yesterday, I started Bobby off with a longe. He was workmanlike.

After his longe, I got on and trotted for a bit, then cantered in half seat, working on opening my hip angle to help me sink my weight into my heels more. That was good, too. 

I set up an X off of the two big traffic cones to make a jump identical to the one I longe him over. I worked on staying in half seat the entire time instead of sitting the last couple of strides. That was successful, and while Bobby got quick in the canter, he listened to my half halts and let me correct it. So that was also good.

"you're quite sure those are empty peppermint wrappers you're throwing away, right?"

Today Bobby was only on the longe line. I worked him for half an hour. He had some ear pinning when first asked to canter, but it was cold and he might not have been completely warmed up yet. Nevertheless, he was obedient. 

I took some video of him going over the X and the vertical (around 3'6") to show you guys since there's nothing exciting about longeing.

And here are some crappy stills from his jumps because he looks cute:

I made him trot for another ten minutes after he was done jumping, and then put his cooler on and put the jumps away.

ground tied like a boss.


What the fuck would you guys do if every Bobby post was like that? I would fucking die of boredom from myself!!

Also, FUCK, I am so hungry for some Lucky Charms!!

I would just like to point out that not every ride I have on Bobby is a complete cluster fuck. I don't drive him to insanity every time we jump. We make forward progress all the time. We often even get along both on the ground and under saddle.

But that does not make for a fun blog, and so I choose to focus mainly on the negative because it's a better story. And I can included Breaking Bad gifs. And that is a win-win for me.


  1. I haven't had Lucky Charms in years, yum! I totally love how Bobby makes 3'6" look like no big deal:)

  2. Lol I've said this on my blog before but status quo and steady progress does not make for exciting content :)

  3. I get it :D That's why I choose not to write about 80% of my rides, or my blog would be a long list of how much I love my horses.

  4. Very true. I love having good rides but they are kind of boring to write about.

  5. Nice form Bobby! You deserve some Lucky Charms there Carly.

  6. LOL, it doesn't have to be ALL drama to be good!

  7. Boby is one fancy ass motherfucker he is!! Those toes have twinkle. I think he's ready to rumble this summer.

  8. Hey, status quo may not make for super exciting blog content, but given the last few rides you've had, I'm sure it's nice to have a low-key Bobs once in a while :)

  9. He's just stepping over that fence! Now I'm craving some lucky charms...

  10. His form is looking good there!


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