Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Random Crap for Sale

Well, I am a poor person so the few nice things I have are never getting sold, but in case anyone is looking for some random cheap things, I'm purging my at-home tack trunk to make room for my winter blankets. How optimistic is that?

It might take me a bit to get them shipped out as going to UPS is a journey in and of itself. My post office sucks, so I'd prefer to ship from there. If interested in anything, leave a comment or drop me an email at: starkeycarly @ gmail . com

All prices include shipping unless going international.

Royal blue AP saddle pad:

Tuff Rider brand. Only used for shows and a couple of cross country schoolings. Very clean, no wear on outside of pad, just a little staining on underside. $17.

Shaped show pad:

No-name pad. Baby pad-like material. Brand new. Has never been on a horse. $10. Sold.

Centaur Fly Sheet:

shipping for kitties is extra

78", but was plenty roomy for Bobby who wears an 80". Has minor staining along inside of shoulders, but otherwise pretty clean. Has D rings for leg straps, but doesn't come with them (I have no idea where they are.). $40.

Longeing halter:

Brown nylon with fleece along nose. Three hooks on noseband for longe line. Cob sized, though it fit Red's dainty TB head well. Does not come remotely close to fitting Bobby's head. $15.

Shoulder guard:

Has some ghetto stitching where I had to make a few cuts to untwist the elastic after a wash, but it's structurally sound. ;) Plenty roomy on Bobby's big shoulders, but it was getting too tight along his big ribs. Would easily fit any normal sized horse. $20.

Saddle carrier:

I guess that's what you call this? Heavy canvas outside, really nice thick fleece lining. Zips closed. Fits both my dressage saddle and jumping saddle. $40.


  1. I'll take the $10 baby pad of your hands. I'll email you :)

  2. I need to do this again too. I desperately need more space in my tiny apartment... and more money would be good too.


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