Sunday, February 16, 2014

Jumping, with video

I lied to you. Hubby and I did eventually make it to the barn on Saturday. As I said wrote, as soon as we got home from our aborted attempt (Thank god for auto spell check, by the way. My fingers are apparently dyslexic today and can't make letters come out right. I spell real good, derp derp.), it stopped snowing. Hubby attacked the driveway with the snow blower while the puppies and I stood around staring at Hubby's sideways truck that didn't have the cajones to climb all the way up the driveway and instead almost went sliding off into the abyss.

But with my man muscles I've acquired from shoveling so much mother fucking snow this winter, I was able to dig the stupid thing out and stood in the middle of our road to "watch for traffic"--as if we have traffic on our backwoods road--as Hubby went blasting out into the road for driveway ascent number two.

And like a magical anti-snow fairy wand, the roads were cleared to nothing more than wet within the hour and I forced Hubby back behind the driver's seat to spirit me off to the barn where I promptly face planted while walking up the hill to retrieve Bobby from his paddock.

With Hubby there, I was feeling rushed for a warm up because I didn't want to bore the poor dude too badly. So I cut the longe session short and didn't take as much time at the walk as I usually do. As such, Bobby and I never really got on the same page. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't a particularly productive ride.

Hubby did attempt to take video, but he blamed the camera for going in and out of focus....and wobbling all over the place. Really, Hubby, I think the camera blames you. I'm going to spare you half a dozen videos of me trotting in circles where you'll be gripping your seat to try to keep your balance and will constantly be checking your face to see if you're wearing beer goggles. Have a shoddy video still instead:

Holy fucking word vomit! How did that get so out of hand?!

Don't worry. I'll reward you with jumping video from today!

A cross rail:

A two stride line (Where he looks very fancy in the video still. My goodness.):

The two stride line with the 3'6" vertical thrown in at the end, and where Bobby proves that he only stops at fences when his brain is ready to explode, even if he should say, "No, thank you":

And the 3'6" vertical on its own:

We'd actually gone over the big vertical several times before sticking it on the end of the line, and neither one of us had any issues with it. I don't know how those didn't get videoed. They just don't exist; I'm not withholding them, I swear! After the deer leap over it, we came around again and got in a little long causing him to tap the rail down with his hind legs. I started to psych myself out over it after that, so when we came around in the above video, even though it wasn't perfect, I was okay with ending it there.

It was a good jump school, and watching the videos gave me a few things to focus on:

  • Solidify the lower leg, as always.
  • Fold more over the fence. My upper body stays too upright because I've gotten very defensive thinking we're going to bite it over every jump.
  • Re-learn the auto release.
But there were a few good things, too:
  • We didn't die, fight, or have a melt down at any point.
  • Bobby looked super cute in his jumping boots that he's finally grown up enough to use--now that he won't clobber every pole with them on.
  • He liked his new leather curb strap better than his chain one that came with the hackamore-- I had that wrapped in vet wrap like the Ghetto Queen I am.
I have adorbs pictures of Bobby the Snow Monster as well, but those will have to wait. You've gotten enough media already, you spoiled children!


  1. You guys look great, and 3'6" in February wow! With no indoor I'm just looking forward to some walk and trot soon:)

  2. He does look fancy in those video stills!

  3. What a good boy for jumping 3'6" from a near stand still! Glad you could get out to ride after all.

  4. Yay Bobby & C, you guys look great. Can't wait to see B's snow monster pics.. talk about bribery to return to the blog (like you could really get rid of us)

  5. Holy fancy!!! Gosh he makes those jumps look tiny.

  6. You giving him pats on the neck made me smile. Good Bobby.

  7. Looking good! He makes the 3'6 jump look like nothing!


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