Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Goals

One of my goals for 2014 was to make myself monthly riding goals--goals that will progress us towards moving up to Training this year.


"how about make a goal to never let your blades get this dull again?"

1. Have the chiropractor out. Ha, I'm only putting this one in because I know it's going to get crossed off. Positive thinking, kids.

2. Jump 2'6" in the indoor three times. Ugh, I hate jumping in the indoor. Take away the first week of January--the week waiting for the chiro appointment--that means only having to jump once a week the remaining three weeks. Remember, this is a progression. No sense going for 3'3" in the indoor right off the bat. Or so I'm telling myself.

3. Strengthen the counter canter. It's there. It's confirmed. It just needs to get stronger so Robert can hold it longer.

4. Pencil out our show schedule. Well, durh. Maybe I could better work backwards if I had a starting point.

God, these goals are so fucking lame. No wonder I never did monthly goals before. I'm so boring. Goal number five: make better goals next month.


  1. Happy 2014 to you and Bobby!

  2. Looking forward to reading about the bobby adventures in 2014!

  3. I think monthly goals are a good idea! :)

  4. Not boring, it's all building blocks!

  5. Sometimes I put goals down that I know I will hit just so I don't feel my self esteem being crushed later ;) Your goals aren't lame!

  6. Those aren't lame goals at all! It makes a lot of sense to piece out bigger goals into attainable check points! You go girl!

  7. Good goals! One for jumping, one for dressage, one for health, one for organizing, and a bonus!

  8. I think sharp clipper blades are a good attainable goal for you to start the month with haha

  9. Haha, January goals always seem so ridiculous! Those all need to be done to get better, though.


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